Welcome to the Negative Challenge. In this series I have to complete


  • Skittle Sofia 3 weeks ago

    Every time I go back to your channel it takes me back to my childhood, my younger self, my child self.

  • Cat Lover 3 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work love your videos!

  • Jade Schmidt 3 weeks ago

    Building time !!!!!!

  • Razel Medina 3 weeks ago

    Stamp make another game in your funland useing the negative challeng

  • Razel Medina 3 weeks ago

    Make a party station in building time

  • veronica zambrano 3 weeks ago

    Can you join my world on the wii u🐈

  • Elisha Mae 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone! I have a question: how can I send stuff to Stampy? Through Facebook, Twitter????

  • Filiz SamsungTab 3 weeks ago

    Smooch is back!

  • Where is terraria

  • Kameron 320 3 weeks ago

    Stampy can you play with subscribers

  • Muhammad Alfiansyah 3 weeks ago

    I hate the griefer

  • TheGamingChameleon 3 weeks ago

    Back on track is a geometry dash level. FYI

  • Zyanna Estwick 3 weeks ago

    Only 400 comments jeeeeeeeeez he used to be pretty popular but this channel is dead i love his vids just saying facts

  • foot lettuce nigga 3 weeks ago

    This channel is so dead

  • PancakePie1518 Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I guess u could say stampy got put through grief the other day……..

    Ok ill stop my dry puns

  • Mingston Song 3 weeks ago

    at 23:42, I’ve been waitig for that for half of the episode.

  • Alfie Wells 3 weeks ago

    who was the greafers?

  • ThatpaperbagGuy 3 weeks ago

    This series is offensive to ps4 players because it is called negative challenge

  • Peashooter Gaming 4267 3 weeks ago

    This series is so boring

  • Phoebe Williams 3 weeks ago

    Play miitopa please

  • Ryan NG 3 weeks ago

    I turned on classic invert colours, so I need to watch a lovely world video inverted. Btw, Smart invert colours doesn’t make too much of a differnece.

  • Scott Sanderson 3 weeks ago

    I love you Stampy 🐱:-):-)🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈

  • Mason Lenahan 3 weeks ago


  • xXSKELLY BONExX 3 weeks ago

    Well, NEGATIF(s) and POSATIF(s) atrackt

  • Jake Bullion 3 weeks ago

    Soz stampy

  • Jodie holliday 3 weeks ago

    Play fortnite

  • TheSanitySeeker 3 weeks ago


  • Muhammad Yusry Hakimi 3 weeks ago

    Follow me faiz_scorpion

  • Yulia Prokopovich 3 weeks ago

    I have an idea! Drain an ocean mounument and build it into a hotel. I have done it!

  • Crash Bandicoot 3 weeks ago

    Stampy, u might not of relized but I think ur enderpeaels are gone, I was watching ur chests but I didn’t seek them in the chests I might be wrong but if I were u I would double check as soon as u think about them because it would be really bad if u have lost them because you’ve worked so hard on getting them
    Who things stampy doesn’t have his enderpearls anymore

  • Mr Black Panther MBP 3 weeks ago

    I sent you a letter to my nana with you on it it got emailed to you

  • Mr Box 3 weeks ago

    Can you please do more splatoon please because your really good at splatoon and you make it funny plus my friends make fun of me for watching you also happy late easter

  • RandomReeceTv 3 weeks ago

    Hello stamps, i have watched your youtube channel for a long time, My favourite video that you have done is ‘Sinking feeling’ mainly cuz i loved big battles and a big battle containing ships is obviously gonna be amaizing. But anyway as new games came out i started to lose intrest in minecraft which meant i started to drift away from your channel, but recently i jave started watching again and i wanted to do a minecraft letsplay series (yes even thow there must be about 6000000000 of these) so i came here for inspiration and i just want to ask a question….mabeye more. What inspired you to do youtube, how did you start of on youtube and how do you come up with ideas for your minecraft builds cuz a brick would be more useful conpared to my brain. I wish you all the best, i hope you see this comment possible reply and continue what your doing cuz ur doin a great job

  • The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe 3 weeks ago

    You should play Terraria again there is new stuff

  • Katherine Liese 3 weeks ago

    If I was the one who had to grief, I would fill your house with cakes, than put a sign giving you a new challenge. Eat a cake every Minecraft DAY!

    Love your videos!


  • Tay Den 3 weeks ago

    Stampy I have a poem for you
    Two plus two is four minus one is three
    I watch your videos
    And I love Stampy

  • Abdullah Zafar 3 weeks ago

    Stampy i dont get whats so fun about griefing its destroying all the hard work of others and me doing it just makes me feel bad than happy

  • JB Fluffy Princess 3 weeks ago

    How many times did stampy say: “But hey” ?

    Comment below if u know.

  • Brendan Tinnelly 3 weeks ago

    Crap video

  • Yen Hoang 3 weeks ago

    I love your channel and I haven’t watch your videos for mounts! This is my first video in mounts!

  • Brendan Tinnelly 3 weeks ago


  • TCB15 ProYT 3 weeks ago

    The next Episode is on my birthday this Friday!! Yay!!!

  • MtdubhsGaming YT 3 weeks ago

    Stampy, just want to let you know that after you beat Ganon everything will restart and you’re gonna have to kill him again

  • AssaultM27 vids 3 weeks ago

    Please bring terraria back

  • Omar plays 3 weeks ago

    i got questions can you mace qna video

  • Omar plays 3 weeks ago

    i got questions can you mace qna video

  • Omar plays 3 weeks ago

    i got question can you mace qna video

  • The Strawberry Nugget 3 weeks ago

    If you say ‘but hey’ one more time I will go insane (no offence stamps)

  • Jenson White 3 weeks ago

    Whole clue mutual vmibuuo diabetes artist point bottom noon queen.

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