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  • TheRed2TailsFox 1 week ago

    The biggest ps4 mistake since existing

  • jacke plays 1 week ago

    when better together comes out will you be able to use a mic on servers because it would be complete mayhem?

  • Owen Weyhenmeyer 1 week ago

    #qna do you like doing qna saturdays and I play PS4 but I believe there won’t be a better together update for ps4 and I know this isn’t a question but just because I really really want this to be noticed ???

  • Bobbythekai 1 week ago

    #Q&A do you watch rick and morty?

  • ilovec3po 1 week ago

    #QnA why does everyone call better together an update? isn’t it more of just a new game?

  • CYBERBOLT 101 1 week ago

    I agree with you about the move thing but they can’t just send it here because it would take time to get to the UK

  • miztazz1964 1 week ago

    #Q&A | Do you think there could be a Sesame Street Mash-Up Pack? I have been wondering about this for a long time, since it’s a popular kids show.

  • BoltingLightning 1 week ago

    I played minecraft at 2007 when it was born I remember the old cobble stone messy worlds and who misses the old door sounds 🙁

  • Chris Torrence 1 week ago


  • Chris Torrence 1 week ago

    we lost a good console player 🙁

  • Pika Crafter 1 week ago

    Wait you only need to play 5 hours of minecraft ro get it free? I used to play minecraft 5 hours a day XD

  • Mal1k10ok 1 week ago

    How did u hot key at 2:48

  • Uzzy flop 1 week ago

    wait why don’t you just become a mcw10 player they get the same updates as mcpe

  • Pewdiepie Jr. 1 week ago

    #Q&A I’m a small channel and id like a few tips on how to get better! Thanks for entertaining us for over a year now!

  • Freddy Fazbear 1 week ago

    #Q. What gave u the idea to do the qna? what is your #a

  • Jo Bodley 1 week ago

    the emoji movie is the stupidest idea for a movie I have ever heard and I know about snakes on a plane and sharknado

  • Its Fhritzy 1 week ago

    Who wants to play? PS4=RJM119

  • nova playz 1 week ago

    Q will minecraft wii u get the update ?!?!?!?!

  • SharksRock 6789 1 week ago

    #QnA What will happen to your survival series when better together comes out on XBox?

  • Gaming With Chicken Man 1 week ago

    #QnA When The Better Together Update Comes Out Will 4jstudios Stop Updating Xboxone & Switch? But Will They Still Update The Old Consoles????????

  • KnickerFish 13 1 week ago

    #Q&A If the quote on quote ‘better’ together update is likely not coming to Ps4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox one will proceed not to be updated, what ever will happen to the Ps3?

  • Cliff Bar 1 week ago

    #Q&A do you ever plan on doing a multiplayer survival with subs?

  • joshtheostrich 123 1 week ago

    #Q&A What about Wii u minecraft?

  • TeamXkittyKatZ 1 week ago

    sony has saved us PS4 Players (I feel bad for xbox and switch)

  • TeamXkittyKatZ 1 week ago

    thank you toycat for staying with PS4 news i was worrying that you wouldnt

  • TeamXkittyKatZ 1 week ago

    #QnA I think Ps4 is the best minecraft version but what is your favourite version?

  • Xxxphantomxxx333 1 week ago

    #Q&A What About The Wii U In The New Update

  • imaperson52 1 week ago


    Do you think Glide will be a minigame on one of the new servers? Cause I really love it and would hate to see it go.

  • Hephaestus 1 week ago

    #QnA I was playing windows 10 edition today and a baby zombie was riding a cow. Is this supposed to happen? and has anyone else had it happen to them?

  • Bad Karma Productions 1 week ago

    Wait, what is the release date?

  • TurtlePlayz - Mobile Games! 1 week ago

    #Q&A so physical copies of mc wont switch over? still confused by this please explain

  • Colin Campbell 1 week ago

    Will the xbox360 be able to use the left hand properly like using torches or steak

  • Roman Slave 1 week ago

    For the Sony Only Pony.

    Lies and disinformation spread by Sony fanboys since the PS2 days.

    -Lie: PS2 is stronger than Xbox, because it is capable of Toy Story graphics with the custom EMOTION ENGINE.
    *[Truth: Xbox was practically a next-gen system over PS2. Games like Halo: CE, Doom 3 and Splinter Cell showed a night and day difference between both consoles. The best console multiplats!]*

    -Lie: PS3 is stronger than Xbox 360 thanks to the CELL ENGINE and is capable of outputting 1080p@120fps. KillZone E32005. 😂
    *[Truth: Xbox 360 was slightly more powerful than the PS3 and easier to develop for and had the best multiplats. You could tell the difference in some multiplats.]*

    -Lie: PS4 is 50% stronger than Xbox One, yet Xbox One X(9GB ram) is a *small* boost over PS4 Pro(5GB ram). [WTF? 😶]
    *[Truth: PS4 is slightly, but barely noticeably powerful over the Xbox One. Xbox One X is about 40% stronger than the PS4 Pro.]*

    -Lie: Claiming to have bought a PS4 for exclusives and having a *SUPER DUPER* high end PC for “Xbox” titles and multiplats.
    *[Truth: They buy their multiplats on PS4]*

    -Lie: Claiming PSN is superior to Xbox Live.
    *[Truth: MS set the standard back in 2002 with friends list, party chat, messaging, matchmaking, etc. Name change option in 2006. In 2002 when PS2 owners were gaming on shitty 56k modems, Xbox gamers were gaming on high ethernet speeds.]*

  • Horse Killer Gaming 1 week ago

    If Sony refuses I’m selling my PS4

  • Sweet Koorn 1 week ago

    My long distance girlfriend is playing mc in her phone and I play on my pc lol.

  • Derp Next Door 1 week ago

    Do u have to biy the new Minecraft game to play better together?

  • BENichs the Pheonix 1 week ago

    Hey Toycat love your videos quick question do you think it would ever be possible for bedwars as a mini game to come to console?

  • miztazz1964 1 week ago

    #QnA | What would Minecraft be like as an M or Pegi 18 rated game

  • Nom Nom Snake 1 week ago

    There’s a way to kind of exit without saving
    If there’s a point you want to save at, you exit and copy the world
    If later you want to exit without saving, you go to the main menu and make a copy of the other copy and go into the 1st copy.
    Then, you’ll be at when you “saved”

  • kareem zok 1 week ago

    I live in an averge family that wont let me buy xbox 1 to play MC I love this game by hart and I just got an xbox 360 6 months a go and now to play mc with other people  I need xbox one so what should I do quit mc or something or  find a way to get xnox one what should I do plaz toy cat help me ):

  • GhostWhite11 25 1 week ago

    #Q for disc user on xbox one For The Better Together update will it update automatically if you have the requirements

  • kareem zok 1 week ago

    4J will regret doing this bed rock verion  like if u agree

  • Nutcracker2468 1 week ago

    #QnA What will happen to the PS3 version, Will it stop getting updates?

  • Peep 1 week ago

    #QnA Will console get command blocks and commands because it is fusing with PE? That would be great!

  • SMACHY2012 1 week ago

    #QNA will we be able to share worlds to each other with the better together update

  • RedSTART Symmetry 1 week ago

    #Q&A Will PS4 get the super duper graphics pack?

  • Daniel Carruthers 1 week ago

    #Qna are you supposed to be a kid freindly you tuber

  • Verônica Cristina 1 week ago


  • TheAzer Man 1 week ago

    I CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snivysaur 203 1 week ago

    #QNA Did you know that ocelots kill chickens

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