• Aris Roket 4 weeks ago

    back in minecraft quit fortnite i need players in minecraft ty❤

  • Ratana Khek 4 weeks ago

    At 29:09 it says animated block at the top is that the shard animated?

  • aaron ong 4 weeks ago

    ETHOOOOOOO 29:10 there WAS A BLOCK

  • Adam Is Just Amazing 4 weeks ago

    Anyone else not played Minecraft properly in years but still watches Etho?

  • Larry Robinson 4 weeks ago


  • Tod Detre 4 weeks ago

    The reason your spawners were out of essence is that you aren’t pulling essence out fast enough. Each connector on EnderIO pipes can only pull out so much. The actual cable is infinite. Just add another connection on the tank and have it extract.

  • NeonREDPanda 4 weeks ago

    Etho if you watch the recording closely, you can see Animated Block pop up at the top when you were trying you find the invisible guy.

  • The Judge 4 weeks ago

    7:24 ERGO forgot to eat before this video. HAHA

  • Aaron Schelts 4 weeks ago

    Can you put the chaos core on a powered spawner and then use the wand of animation on it?

  • TheGame-Spot 4 weeks ago

    Etho you don’t need fo fight the dragon just go from underneath and take the core

  • Alex Trump 4 weeks ago

    Enchant the armor for a cool effect

  • ninodevriend 4 weeks ago


  • Keith Adams 4 weeks ago

    Rending Gale absorbs feathers, and then you can use it to fly. Its not like creative flight though, it pulls you through the air like a plane.

  • alexis miller 4 weeks ago

    can’t you create another EMC collector detached from the main one for the sole purpose of making nether stars singularity?

  • Trove Player 4 weeks ago

    What version of Project Ozone 2 Reloaded is Etho playing?

  • Shawn Crego 4 weeks ago

    Etho if you craft the infinity sword you can one shot the chaos dragon
    also as stated below, the world breaker will mine the crystal and give you 20 shards. and you can mine from the bottom in and not fight the dragon at all

  • Ezillity 4 weeks ago

    29:09 look at the tool tips(thing that tells you what mob/block you are looking at) it showed animated block owner etho

  • Balázs Réfi 4 weeks ago

    There is one more book…save the chance cubes…

  • You don’t need to kill the dragon to mine crystal. You can just mine right into chamber, harvest the crystal and just leave.

  • Happy Ijuko 4 weeks ago

    Is the serie almost finished then? that makes me sad

  • You shift right click on the Dark Matter Pedestal with an empty hand to open its GUI

  • Martin Wessely 4 weeks ago

    make the infinity sword then u can one-shot him and anything else it executes /kill u can even kill creative players

  • 12 13 4 weeks ago

    Day 500 at the start of the video, gg!

  • Sgt Brad 4 weeks ago

    Draconic reactors make chaos shards

  • Jett-patrick Thomas 4 weeks ago

    What happen to hermit craft

  • Ryan Collings 4 weeks ago

    You should get a mod called fps booster it really works

  • Jassie411 4 weeks ago

    I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once this series is over

  • Downhill 4 weeks ago

    Just take a picture of the crafting recepie with your smartphone and look at it for the love of God.

  • Shinrod Dellore 4 weeks ago

    Tell me I’m not the only one who saw WAILA saying ‘Here is an animated block’ at 29:09 … The crystal was here Etho !

  • Etho you can make an animated block of the chaos crystal but its invisible at 29:09 it says animated block I think u didnt see it LIKE THE COMMENT FOR ETHO TOO SEE THIS

  • Tmpod 4 weeks ago

    6:04 “Activates energy 3.5 seconds”
    Cogito etho sun

  • Ethan Moores 4 weeks ago

    Etho look at 29:09, it says there is an animated block which means it probably worked 😀

  • John Bondsoni 4 weeks ago

    Red morning star

    Parks and rec

  • Juraj Šmahovský 4 weeks ago

    You need to put that ender tank on the top and turn it to extract mode to extract automaticaly without pipes…

  • USMC FT BLASTER 4 weeks ago

    ETHO when you used the wand of animation it said animated block on the waila, you can catch a glimpse at 29:12

    Put playback speed at .25x and go to 29:09, it says it there

  • Ikaika Gionson 4 weeks ago

    You can just farm the chaos crystals without fighting the dragon

  • Zartal 4 weeks ago

    Try using wand of animation on crystal again and use hitboxes to see if a mob does spawn

  • andymion 4 weeks ago

    yes, it’s every 1000 and with each dragon you kill the next one gets harder.

  • logan turberville 4 weeks ago

    What you have to do to put the rending gale on the pedestal is that you have to shift+right click on it with an empty hand. After that it opens up an inventory with only one slot in it after that put the ring in the slot and if you want to activate it you have to right click it with an empty hand and i am pretty sure that it will make purple particles if it works!

  • logan turberville 4 weeks ago

    You also need an infinity sword, bow, and pickaxe and the infinity sword insta kills everything including creative mode players unless they are wearing a full set of infinity armor. With the infinity pickaxe you can get much more chaos shards from the chaos shard block this is true because the infinity pick is the only thing i think at least in this mod pack that has fortune 10. And i think that the bow is just good!

  • Kuichio 4 weeks ago

    Does it really make sense for them to be “healing” crystals if you have to destroy them all to damage the dragon in the first place?
    It would seem like that isn’t their primary purpose… Nice video, Etho!

  • TheTommer777 4 weeks ago

    Etho: you should go from the bottom of the island and just dig your way up! Hypno did it that way

  • This Guy 4 weeks ago

    i don’t know why but seeing etho just taking his time looking at the crystal while being hit by everything from the dragon just made me laugh so much XD especially when that’s his first serious time fighting it

  • Rivernumber227 4 weeks ago

    You need to shift click to open the pedistal and you use a rancher I believe for milking fluid cows

  • Legit Hippo 4 weeks ago

    Etho, interdiction torches repel mobs, so any areas you want to keep creeper proofed for sure, place interdiction torch barriers around it and they won’t be able to get in.

  • Matt Gilbert 4 weeks ago

    so, he’s making infinity armor. is there an infinity… guantlet? enhance a golden glove or something lol

  • KLO 167 4 weeks ago

    etho use the fortune pick to get extra crystals

  • kchen075 4 weeks ago

    Vibrantium has a t sound I think.

  • Zach R. 4 weeks ago

    Terrafirmacraft Season 3!! Let’s make it happen!

  • lilbigp 4 weeks ago

    Almost 2million subs!!!

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