• theultimatephilipino 1 week ago


  • Dayne Close 1 week ago

    Waiting for him to make the Sword of the Cosmos.

  • shelbyvcobra 1 week ago

    Like the video watch it tomorrow

  • Sherlock Breust 1 week ago

    Etho, you were able to create fluid animated blocks with your wand. Can’t that make essence animated blocks? They might worth more than they cost. Don’t know.

  • minipancho94 1 week ago

    why not just set up a comparator to the bedrock tank and disable the pipes to it, and enable a pipe to a garbage can/void pipe once the barrel reaches a certain volume?

  • Esperologist 1 week ago

    To speed up the transfer of fluid out of the ender tank, you might be able to put it on top of the drum and switch it to ‘dump into the container below me’ mode (I believe wrench the nob on the front). Also, I wonder if the ender tank (or a buffer drum) could be read by a comparitor (or other detection system) to be able to stop the timer should there be a surplus of essence. Thus, preventing the whole ‘experience orbs of abundant crashing’ thing.

  • CoolCheese’s Channel! 1 week ago

    132 auto spawners?? Is etho crazy

  • OOBLI 1 week ago

    24:55 RIP Taxes

  • ThePenguShack 1 week ago

    2 Episodes per week! PLEASEEE!!!

  • Walt Beasley 1 week ago

    Your teleporter kept jumping to World 13 and NOT 15.

  • SwoolyGoon 1 week ago

    Could you pit tge despencers in a 3×3 square?? i just think it would look nicer

  • Purple Banana 1 week ago

    What do you think of playing Factorio after this series?

  • jDovey 1 week ago

    Could you add more grinders higher up on the spawn chamber to help cut down on the number of entities? Just a thought

  • Kaketrol 1 week ago

    Cool episod Soaryn, no wait Etho? This crazyness is what makes modded fun

    Kudos for still going strong on this modpack

  • Sham 1 week ago

    please sort your ME system by # of items please

  • Howl 1 week ago

    Taxes in the XP farm. Hahaha

  • Dylan McKiernan 1 week ago

    The advantage is if you run out you can make more but it’s sorta not great cause you just keep one of everything and your fine.

  • zoids3637 1 week ago

    You should add more mob grinders higher up the column so the mobs don’t have to wait till they drop down to die.

  • Simon Josefsen 1 week ago

    Dear Ergo. you can upgrade the transmutation tablet to make it waaaaaaaay better!

  • ashley cheung 1 week ago

    Switched to 13 at the last moment. Welp not too much of a problem now.

  • Jebbuh 1 week ago

    Did no one suggest essence fluid cows?

  • Boris Verhaar 1 week ago

    Use the living wand thing on liquid essence then you have it in item form

  • Noam Tashma 1 week ago

    You should put the diamong and emerald thing on the left side, since the left side gets better service from the pipe

  • ekn408 1 week ago

    I better see another episode in 2 days XD

  • Nerd117 1 week ago

    For liquid priority, I’ve always used open block tanks. They can be stacked to form a multiblock, but fill up from the bottom first. That way, I set highest priority to the bottom, and have a trash can pulling from the top for overflow protection. They look kinda cool too

  • Stefan Nilsson 1 week ago

    you could set up a device that turns the timer off when the drum becomes full

  • Jennifer Carroll 1 week ago

    The transmutation table can hold very large amounts and you can make a transmutation table which is portable

  • 69’s not my favourite number. 🙂

  • That dialling mishap was one of the worst cringe moments for me yet. 😛

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 1 week ago

    The endothermic pump is almost lag free, since it replaces the fluid blocks with cobble.
    Not _entirely_ lag free… but as lag free as that sort of thing can be.

  • josephpollak19 1 week ago

    im happy i wasnt the only one who cringed when etho kept selecting id 15 before the coordinates xD

  • Anthony Duncalf 1 week ago

    Etho, after fighting the chaos dragon for fun, it can be a pain to get the chaos shards. Instead, make the ‘world breaker’. Its a pickaxe that can convert to a hammer with fortune X. You can mine straight to the core of a chaos island and mine the shard without having to fight the chaos dragon. This gives you more shards per island rather than 1.

  • Anon Ymous 1 week ago

    Nice 👏😏

  • connect both side of the singularity farm so the extra from the left side helps the diamonds and emeralds and the ones that aren’t continuous on the right side

  • Erzhan Smith 1 week ago

    I’m just waiting for Etho to finally hit 2 million

  • Robert Williams 1 week ago

    Are you going to do more moded Minecraft after project ozone

  • Cookie Muncher 1 week ago

    Autonomous activator, right clicking into an open blocks tank then extracted into sewer.

  • Marijn R 1 week ago

    Item conduits from Enderio can be set to a priority, fluid conduits cannot unfortunatly. However, there is a very simple solution. A vanilla one! Comparator on the endertank, transmits a signal into the the timer to shut it off.

    P.S. Next time somethin dont work correctly, look at your screen, retrace your steps, and you will notice that you dialed the id 13 dimension twice. Or, in fact, you didnt dial at all, you clicked id15, then clicked the teleporter at the top. Reverse that order, teleporter first, then id15 and you dial correctly.

  • Ice Gecko 1 week ago

    You might be restricting the spawn area of all those spawners…

  • gmodplayer55 1 week ago

    People keep takling about that bedrockium thing, i tried to make a World of bedrockium and pumped it to the overworld, but when i used the casting basins to make the blocks, Then the lag started

  • TheGhostOfAGamer 1 week ago

    You were going to ID 13 not 15!

  • gmodplayer55 1 week ago

    Making a essense dimension and using the pump from extra utilities is most likely less laggy than that farm, and you would not have to deal with a bunch of exp entities lagging your world

  • Erik van Weelderen 1 week ago

    What kind of PC does he have? Like the specs etc

  • Shady Serperior 1 week ago

    Etho, you forgot to count how long it takes for the mobs to drop to where they can be killed! the spawners need to be closer to more grinders

  • rang3rj3sus 1 week ago

    you could raise the priority of emeralds and diamonds on the conduits for the singularity gen

  • nirav sharma 1 week ago

    set crafter to fast mode

  • nirav sharma 1 week ago


  • Lukas Scott 1 week ago

    Hey Etho, I’m working on a project atm (Singing Tesla Coil) and seeing how you tackled your issues in such a systematic and creative way inspired me. Thank you, I’ve been watching you for years at this point and never really comment but keep it up man. You make my nights way better.

  • Shahar Wodos 1 week ago

    maybe add optifine to the modpack? maybe it will help the game

  • Jeppe Falk 1 week ago

    Hey Etho can you put up a world download whenever the series ends? Could be cool to ty out all the stuff you made.

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