• aoldudy 3 weeks ago

    That explosion would have made me rage quit. But you are such a good sport etho! My god I love you man

  • Isaac Blakeley 3 weeks ago

    Would animating a nether star block work?

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 3 weeks ago

    So lucky you didn’t throw the endest pearl in the direction of your ME storage drives XD

  • Andrew Petersoon 3 weeks ago

    Etho: Infinity war

  • GamingWithDomen 3 weeks ago

    Etho use looting 10 infinity sword

  • Kissamies 84 3 weeks ago

    6:34 when just everything went down

  • Michael Burgwin 3 weeks ago

    “I don’t want to use chance cubes, too risky, never know what could happen”…..

    “I wonder what this weird thing does? I’ll throw it inside my base”

  • I have a small tip for you to help with the guardian of gaia fight, enchant your draconic boots with depth strider.

  • Aleksandar Trifunovic 3 weeks ago

    Etho, you might be able to use the talisman of repair from projectE to restore durability to your wand!
    Unless, you know, that’s been kappa-fied…

  • Dididi 3 weeks ago

    I can’t belive you are still playing this modpack. I started it because of you on the hardest mod, and finished it like two years ago.
    But I love it anyway

  • angie sweetheart87 3 weeks ago

    Ive been waiting forever for this 😍❤ my fav series atm… can we get two vids this week pweese (i know how to spell please) lol

  • Thibeault De Mulder 3 weeks ago

    @Ethoslab you don’t need 500 spawners becaus each octople is 64 sextuple so i think you would beed about ten. Besides you coukd scrap the nether star farm.

  • Gummi Bear 3 weeks ago

    etho just has a couple stacks of ender superweapons now

  • mdhebert 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this series as much as I do. I was always going to watch it, but I thought watching crafting extreme stuff was going to be tedious. Surprisingly, it isn’t. 🙂

  • Kyle Romanelli 3 weeks ago

    Would a fortune pick work on those block mods?

  • Space Wyvern 3 weeks ago

    Is there “duct tape” in this pack? Because if there is the green, block version then you can repair the wand.

  • Tyler Nauheimer 3 weeks ago

    *Accidentally throws it in lava*

  • Spongman 3 weeks ago

    how to pronounce “Manyullyn”: take all, or some, of those letters and in any order spit them out of your mouth as fast as you can.

    or… Man-you-lin

  • pro gramer 3 weeks ago

    You can one hit the gaia gurdian only with the infinity sword.

  • Optimis100 3 weeks ago

    As for the durability on the wand of animation, I believe there’s an item in ProjectE called the repair talisman which repairs the durability of items so you could possibly use that to repair the wand.

  • Fnassau 3 weeks ago

    reusable enderpearl was my gues too lol

  • don't move 3 weeks ago

    I wonder if it has a function
    *Randomly throwing a blackhole in the base*

  • shimoshamman 3 weeks ago

    How big is your save file?

  • pro gramer 3 weeks ago

    Try using the animation wand on a chest with a block above it so it doesn’t open .It might copy the nbt of the items it has in it.

  • Johnathon Landis 3 weeks ago

    Love your episodes Etho! 😍

  • Dodu Hunt 3 weeks ago

    The only reason the catalyst makers were expensive was neutronium wasn’t it? Which you can now dupe…

  • karx001 3 weeks ago


  • Jillum89 3 weeks ago

    I won’t be telling my grandkids about your grinding for the wand. I will though be telling them about how you tested a bomb in your base 80 episodes into the grindiest pack I know of.

  • Taylor Clingan 3 weeks ago

    suuuuper excited for more videos

  • Alex M 3 weeks ago

    try to put unbreaking on the wand

  • Theo McGovern 3 weeks ago

    Etho, can you please make a chance cube opening island. It could just be a huge cube of obsidian or something. You could make a bunch of compact or giant chance cubes. Just for our entertainment. Thank you so much for this series, I really love it.

    Sending good luck from Myanmar.

    P.S. And isohedrons too.

    P.P.S. You could also use things like the incendiary grenades and that fire staff you got recently inside of it. If it’s too ugly you could just put it in the mining world.

  • TheGhostOfAGamer 3 weeks ago

    I clap for your dumb ways with that pearl thingy. haha

  • Stan van der Voort 3 weeks ago

    Atleast we get SOME sort of chance cube action

  • Mihaitron 3 weeks ago

    Try using some kind of clicker to right click the wand of animation onto a machine

  • Filip Tański 3 weeks ago

    i threw that pearl too, but on my drawers, it was fun

  • Bonedoll Plays 3 weeks ago

    Nice job throwing the endest pearl without considering the possibility that it might actually be quite hazardous. Can’t stop laughing 😀

  • Pranay Singh 3 weeks ago

    Make charm belt and add them with different charms from reliquary, this way the charms u add in the belt and if the belt is in ur inv, the mobs charm that’s in it, that mob won’t see u and u can add multiple charms in one belt

  • Bluexsimando Thunder 3 weeks ago

    iLove your stuff. Hope to see as much PO2

  • Bluexsimando Thunder 3 weeks ago

    im new

  • niko 2: electric boogaloo 3 weeks ago

    The wand of animation reminds me of SCP-3023

  • Yayguys Music 3 weeks ago

    No don’t use the endest pearl etho no

  • DrSnap23 3 weeks ago

    The wand of animation also works on tesseracts, could be a good thing ^^ And I’m pretty sure you can’t uncraft the gaia spirit blocks back into ingots……..

  • RobinTheBrave 3 weeks ago

    cant you make a zombie pick up whatever item (like infinity ingot) and exact copy the zombie?

  • Dustin Hargy 3 weeks ago

    hahahahahha best mistake ever. that was so great etho well done.

  • Mike Schuchhard 3 weeks ago

    Rip Etho base i tough iT was a blackhole. No is was just a big bom

  • eqqos 3 weeks ago

    Dont forget to animate infinity blocks.

  • Ulol60 3 weeks ago

    Build a big emerald plant farm under your base and make so it auto plant and harvest. It will make so much EMC

  • SvenicusGermainus 3 weeks ago

    Etho you should know by now not to throw mysterious shiny things in your base.

  • Jon Brady 3 weeks ago

    wand of animation is more overhyped than no mans sky.

  • ScratchMB 3 weeks ago

    I did the same thing with the Endest Pearl but I threw it at my ME system and it destroyed everything, I had to load a backup haha

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