• mr jackthegreat 2 weeks ago

    26:25 ergo you can make a liquid trash can to get rid of sludge

  • Nick Vs Gaming 2 weeks ago

    You should move the rest of the nether star farm to another dimension to reduce lag.

  • Taylor Yon 2 weeks ago

    Hey etho why don’t you make a portal to “The last Millennium” you could set up a big farm there and you will lag less

  • Alex Quintyn 2 weeks ago

    Use the lucky cubes at the end of the series

  • Félix-Antoine 2 weeks ago

    To mine the diamond blocks, you should use a piece of armor from the lootbags which fills up your hunger bar when half empty and use a magical wood pickaxe fully upgraded with obsidian plates so it has infinite durability! With these, you can veinmine the blocks really fast! But the best would be to use a builder block from rftools which is reeeeaaalllly fast and can cover an enormous zone

  • monkeymacman 2 weeks ago

    Quarries in an Emerald block dimension (once you get the dimlet) is far better than nether star farming. You just need to periodically move the quarry whenever it runs out

  • firekirby123 2 weeks ago

    Right. So, I ran the numbers… you would have needed to mine up about a million diamond blocks, with each shiny singularity costing about 22k diamond blocks each. So… yeah…

  • The Iguana 2 weeks ago

    T A L I S – Man
    not tailsman lol

  • Dustin Shupak 2 weeks ago

    you need to use the EE2 destruction catalyst to mine. you can change modes to get much more than you were previously, and you can clear out entire mountains much faster than using your vein miner pick.

  • ROYAL gamer134 2 weeks ago

    Watch ssundee old vid he can tell u how to get unlimited power

  • Peter 2 weeks ago

    Ergo I died when you didn’t choose the left bags!!!

  • tcole379 2 weeks ago

    In the Aether, you can get a Candy Ring from the Slider’s Labyrinth and it removes hunger (it is quite rare and I don’t know if it is disabled in Kappa mode though).

  • Jack Hughes 2 weeks ago

    Try to finish ozone before episode 100

  • Lemonz 2000 2 weeks ago

    998,453 diamond blocks in total which is about 12 chunks

  • Richard 2 weeks ago

    i have no MORE SNACKS ……….

  • Abd El Raouf 2 weeks ago

    Mine the diamond block with a quarry

  • Antony Cappia 2 weeks ago

    The imaginary time block has a rather long range, like 11×11 maybe i don’t know the extact number, so you don’t need that much and can replace some with nether star crops

  • JimJoy 2 weeks ago

    You can still use the veinminer method, you would just need to want a candy ring from Aether bosses. It always keeps your hunger full so you can mine infinite amounts of blocks at the time (depends on config file). If you pair it with player inventory block from whathever mod it was you could just fly around with a magnet and veinmine the entire dimention

  • jamespfp 2 weeks ago

    25:02 — Das Blinkenlights! IT’S ALIVE!!!!

  • Peter 2 weeks ago

    25:20 what we derping lol

  • xElementalWolf 2 weeks ago

    How do you add you hand to veinminer on this modpack?

  • Wow it would be awesome To see you actually finish a serie, but also sad to See it go.
    Anyway, for now ill just keep enjoying them as they come out 🙂

  • DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ 2 weeks ago

    Taking down your super-sonic-mob farm would help TPS a bit too

  • imed maatoug 2 weeks ago

    Etho you can use an Inventory chest from EX2 to do a system to recharge the capacitors

  • Tizona Amanthia 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho what’s your native dimention? is it ID:10T ?

  • Tizona Amanthia 2 weeks ago

    nether diamonds are great, but I’ve seen people augment nicely with an RF tools quarry in a dimension like what you haz. you can set them to quarry HUGE areas.

  • Isaiah Sagg 2 weeks ago


  • Schrambo 2 weeks ago

    You can craft an emerald dimlet

  • luketheboss356 2 weeks ago

    Once you finish with all the quests you should open are the boxes.​

  • daniel noel tan 2 weeks ago

    etho plant the carrots on diamond, gold and etc blocks to grow the special carrots that needed for your quest

  • Raffi Klausner 2 weeks ago

    Mu is “myoo” not “moo”

  • Macdaddypimp1296 2 weeks ago

    One of my favorite series! Gonna be sad when it ends haha

  • B A T C H A T S 2 weeks ago

    There is a better sword that does a lot of damage and reaper 20 a lot of looting and more, The bow is the best but there is another

  • crisis8v88 2 weeks ago

    I’m calling the over/under to finish the quest book at 100 episodes and my guess is under.

  • Hump Day75 2 weeks ago

    When Etho says Tailsman and not talisman 😂

  • Drift 2 weeks ago

    The last 5 days I have spent watching this series from episode 1 up till now. I regret nothing.

  • Carrot Manchester 2 weeks ago

    Your gonna need more singularities than a stack of each Etho

  • LittleWhole Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Etho is the best minecraft youtuber because:A) He NEVER clickbaits.B) He doesn’t even ask for likes or subs, or to turn on notifications.C) His content is pretty high quality.D) He manages to keep a pretty good upload schedule.E) He continues to make videos because its fun, and not for money.In all honesty, Etho deserves a lot more subscribers instead of staying at 1.9 million for years.So do him a favor and subscribe. When I’m reading the comments Etho seems to have a positive influence on everyone.

  • Flare Thorn 2 weeks ago

    you should add another row of energy banks to store more energy for your armor. also make them of the highest tier

  • TorebeCP 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho, why don’t you re-direct all the garbage you are voiding to the EMC crafting? plus the stars of course.

  • Jack Wallis 2 weeks ago

    All this came from a tree and some dirt.

  • Joseph Campbell 2 weeks ago

    I dont think ill ever stop watching you i remenber watcging you when i was 8 im almost 15 now. Imma be in my grave with a wireless charger and one of your playlist

  • jonooh 2 weeks ago

    Etho. You look like a Victoria secret angel with that gear on.

  • ManIkWeet 2 weeks ago

    Etho you can upgrade the draconic flux capacitor with draconic cores too!

  • ManIkWeet 2 weeks ago

    The octuple cobblestone can cause an integer overflow when you put too many into the EMC chest, which makes your EMC value go negative 😛

  • hermanni1989 2 weeks ago

    Etho plays cookie clicker.

  • nick snoeij 2 weeks ago


  • Zeebedee101 2 weeks ago

    Real timely doge meme there Etho.

  • StarstormHUN 2 weeks ago

    Do a gigantic quarry in the diamond dimension! That helps a LOT.

  • TheNames TheGame 2 weeks ago

    Go to the mining world and fly far away and open your chance cubes!!!

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