• Zahlenteufel1 1 month ago

    btw ü is spoken like the y in typical but lengthened like tyyyypical

  • Wolf_MP4 1 month ago

    day 420 at 26:33

  • John Newman 1 month ago

    honestly project ozone is the only reason i get on youtube

  • SkyFC Gaming 1 month ago

    Weird. I didn`t get a notifcation that my favorite youtuber uploaded…. 🤔

  • Brett Kilner 1 month ago

    Hey Etho if you still are trying new games I highly recommend Astroneer. I feel like it’s a game you would enjoy.

  • Aisaaax 1 month ago

    I don’t like partickles and I don’t like the distorted view. I understand that battlesuit is better, as far as armor goes, but it’s not better for youtube. You can keep it for when you need it, but while you are at your base crafting and doing stuff – just use zivicio armor. You can switch to battlesuit if you go for exploration or a boss fight.

  • Seth Probert 1 month ago

    Battle suit for sure

  • Zahlenteufel1 1 month ago

    There is a mod dedicated to removing particle effects from your face. I think it’s called clear view or sth.

  • Nbert02 1 month ago

    Love the vids looking forward for 2 mill

  • kriiozz 1 month ago

    my memory is too good to be human so in remember to forget. etho can we get some games in …. i dont need fans … just friends on my level …

  • Caleb Bastin 1 month ago

    Ergo is making videos more often!!! YES! thank you!

  • Louis Stubbolo 1 month ago

    I prefer briefs.

  • Error 404 1 month ago

    “We’re down to like 30 (fps)”
    5fps is not laggy
    10fps is playable
    15fps is smooth

  • Zwei Fang 1 month ago

    @EthosLab , try mekanism ultimate logistic pipes, they should do 128 items a second, and not cause you a bunch of lag. use the configurator to set it to pull items on the condenser side by shift+right clicking that side of the pipe. it should automatically pull everything out the output side of the condenser. also to reduce any lag around the mekanism stuff just light up the area of the mek pipes and machines they do light block updates when they turn on and off so if it’s always lit, it will cut down on most lag they can potentially create.

  • Matt Le Boi 1 month ago

    You can always ticket with your fov in the settings to everything looks normal after the permanent speed buff alters it

  • The Illusion 1 month ago

    “Through the magic of editing?” Etho, are you a Scott Manley fan?

  • Lucas Kits 1 month ago

    Ergo, draconic dislocator is definitely the way to go for teleporting. Will save you a bunch of time.

  • Dekuna 1 month ago

    I wonder what the next series will be after this. I LOOOVE me a good Etho 1st episode.

  • Valtteri Vuolanto 1 month ago

    Etho you need to amp up your emc production!! Right now you have enough emc to make only about 5 emerald singularities!!!!

  • Ben Deal 1 month ago

    Too much crafting.

  • Anas ahmed 1 month ago

    Direwolf for the win

  • Spongman 1 month ago

    Only the awakened draconium armor will defend against the chaos dragon. Also: hook up the wireless crafting terminal and infinity card already!

  • ThatJared 1 month ago

    You can just reduce your FOV with the battle suit armor​. It is the superior armor.

  • Witheredfan1105 1 month ago

    Etho, what happened to the baby zombie!

  • Desert Foxchild 1 month ago

    I prefer the new set, but see if you can fly without the helmet.

  • Mr. Snufflegums 1 month ago

    Etho, Infinity Catalysts have an EMC value don’t forget that

  • Consekuence 1 month ago

    can you play pubg or fortnite

  • Michael Sze 1 month ago

    Use battlesuit armor, and you can change your FOV to counteract the speed 3

  • TheMixedupstuff 1 month ago

    Project E is still as OP as Equivalent Exchange.

  • yaksher 1 month ago

    Since the FOV is a permanent effect because speed is permanent, you can just turn down FOV until you upgrade to Draconic Armor. For particle effects, get optifine and turn off potion particles. It should help with frame rate anyway.
    If I recall correctly, battle suit armor is pretty damn strong (though it might get weaker as it loses charge), and given how broken strength is in 1.7.10, the strength effect is like triple damage or whatever.

  • Jo At 1 month ago

    Damn i’ve been watching etho for like 6 years and not once did his mic change or editing style change he just did him and it stuck but unfortunately i haven’t been watching for a while and i just started again and its still the same oll etho.

  • Vampyricon 1 month ago

    Speaking of singularities…

    RIP Professor Stephen Hawking

  • Connorlucky 1 month ago

    You can use the new battle armor and just change your FOV settings! Then you can have all the effects without affecting the video quality.

  • ChaosFactor Central 1 month ago

    Bear in mind etho two things, one if you charge the armor all the way the armor may increase, the increased emc may increase the armor. In addition to that the armor has an emc, so you can emc the boots and possibly remove the speed bonus, or simply make another because the boots may not be as expensive, therefore you can remove the speed warp. My vote is for the battlesuit armor because imo if you’re not going to be upgrading to draconic armor yet, zivicio is pretty shitty armor.

  • OhHyphy 1 month ago

    etho you should keep the gear you already had on during regular play so you dont have to deal with the changed pov and partical effect and use the battlesuit when fighting the gia guardian so you dont have to worry about repairing so frequently.

  • chimneyfan 1 month ago

    You can turn down the FOV to compensate for the battlesuit speed boost, and you can simply just turn off particle effects

  • Anıl Karaşah 1 month ago

    Just turn off the particles from the settings menu lol

  • U’re Mom 1 month ago

    Ergo sounds so sad I hope he’s okay.

  • savdebunnies 1 month ago

    Etho! Good to see you, buddy! 🙂

    You’re going to need more emc than your current star farm can provide… like… a lot more…


    Thank you for the episode and I hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

  • Dewald Bekker 1 month ago

    Try giving a zombie a singularity and spawning exact copies of it

  • Macs Zero 1 month ago

    etho, if you fully charge battle suit , the armor icon will full too
    trust me

  • PyroGambler 1 month ago

    I think the eye of flugel works cross dimensions. Not 100% sure tho.

  • Gavin YoungMann 1 month ago

    its so convoluted i love it XD

  • Kilorelv 1 month ago

    The “purple stuff” is better in my opinion aka zvicio (think i spelled that wrong)

  • Jimmy Wheezer 1 month ago

    18:15 did we just catch etho swear?

  • InfernoSuperNova 1 month ago

    Lambda questchain. Half life 3 confirmed

  • Colton Bell 1 month ago

    I think you should definitely use the battleship for sure. But in the end, if it bugs you that much, keep to what you’re comfortable with. 😉

  • dedZombie 1 month ago

    *ERGO* please put all of your machines to some other dimension, like The Last Millennium. You get all that lag because all of your machines and centralized in one area. It’s not good for the viewership experience

  • Sceppie 1 month ago

    Put those laggy translocators in a different dimension, like the spectre dimension with your spectre key. Chunkload it, dump it in a dimensional receiver thingy, done.

  • ideadomg 1 month ago

    Wow thanks youtube for not only forgetting to give me a notification but also not showing this video in my sub box

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