• LASSERDRILL GAMER 2 weeks ago

    Etho, if you have a second monitor or you can use your phone. You should take screenshots of the big recipes and have them open on your second monitor/phone

  • Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC 2 weeks ago

    Favourite series 😊

  • Mby Arfa 2 weeks ago

    Try duplicating fluid cows with exact copy no.. 😅

  • grizeldiSLO 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone ever tell etho about ME conduits or are those not in the pack? They would greatly reduce the cabling mess.

  • Will Latour 2 weeks ago

    Mu is pronounced “mew”. I use the notation a lot in my biology major.

  • Carter Raymond 2 weeks ago

    *watches all his videos and clicks his advertisements so he gets more money*

  • tom bithell 2 weeks ago

    ‘Something with a neutron compressor, I hope it doesn’t take too long’ famous last words

  • The BlamedSheepMan 2 weeks ago

    At least u only killed one, RIP Ben

  • CreeperArcade 01 2 weeks ago


    Kakashi: Come on, it’s Etho, you know that right?

  • Brook 2 weeks ago

    Use creeper statue for the explosion, if you right clicked it, it explodes and it dont cost anything.

  • AnatoleH1 2 weeks ago

    Ergo you’re so awesome!!

  • Jonathan Cloutier 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho, there is an AE smart cable for enderIO too. It can be placed in the same block space as other enderIO conduits

  • Ferrit Asia 2 weeks ago

    Etho do u care about your subscribers?

  • Jonathan Cloutier 2 weeks ago

    Should also work towards a wand of animation. You’ll get a better source of EMC once done and neutronium/awakened draconium block will be a breeze

  • AZWings 2 weeks ago

    The grind of Avaritia dawns on Etho…DOH!!!! 🙂

  • Alexander The Insane 2 weeks ago

    You used an import bus to try to export things lol

  • ManIkWeet 2 weeks ago

    Etho! You can use a Creeper Statue to automate the Dragon Hearts! Doesn’t even damage the terrain! 🙂

  • Master and Expert 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho… You still haven’t fixed the playlist for this series.

  • I am a Tiger 2 weeks ago

    Etho I feel like you low-key must of worked in software/electrical engineering/technologist at one time in your life. Been watching since around your first round on Mindcrack…You are a smart guy and make me proud to be Canadian. Have a great day!

  • sean ginger 2 weeks ago

    Etho got gas. Go sit on toilet

  • Richard 2 weeks ago

    Hi Etho …love your videos ….I was wondering what are you gonna play next ?

  • M0rg1t0u 2 weeks ago

    Hey etho, I dont know if you noticed this game, but it is absolutely amazing. I’ll be really pleased if you’d do a lets play on……. Subnautica !! Really apreciate your work by the way :)))

  • C Doe 2 weeks ago

    export essense into tank and pull from tank with ender IO pressurized conduit and route that with the other conduits up to the mob spawner…and bob’s your uncle.

  • Pit320 Bull 2 weeks ago

    I’m happy etho Is still going unlike other Minecraft yt

  • Edgy Milk 2 weeks ago

    Etho! Look into the Karat Garden mod, there is a karat carrot in there that gives 9 minutes of saturation and night vision. No matter what you do during those 9 minutes you don’t need to eat so they are the best source of food in the game. You can use veinminer without eating for 9 minutes this way.

  • Edgy Milk 2 weeks ago

    Etho if you store your fluid cows inside soul vials instead of safari nets you can see what fluid type they are without taking them out of the soul vial

  • Hey Etho, you should do a server faction series with team Canada! I think that would be super cool…

  • FackarN 2 weeks ago

    Best legit way of getting EMC, set up a world full of emerald blocks and have an ender quarry quarrying a 3000×3000 area, you’ll never have to worry about EMC again.

  • TheFounderUtopia 2 weeks ago

    Etho, why on earth are you using XP bottles? do you not realise you can pump liquid XP direct from your mob farm and just use fluid conducts to put it into machines like the essence converter? You’ve added a very odd unnecessary step.

  • SolarSand 2 weeks ago

    “I got gas too” Etho 2018

  • HarryYese 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t it ZED-logic controllers?

  • Catamount Cubing 2 weeks ago


  • a dragon from herobrine 2 weeks ago

    Etho wat are you gona do when you did everything able in this modded pack?
    Sorry for bad englis

  • Assassin Gamez 2 weeks ago

    is it possible to get a world download sometime soon???? maybeee???

  • Jedibensilvr 2 weeks ago

    you should try to make an area that you put all the fluid cows in so you do not have go through them all to get to the one you want

  • Joel Kelley-Scholz 2 weeks ago

    i wish you would make these videos more often..

  • Felipe IDK 2 weeks ago

    It would have been easier to import a fluid duct into a fluid conduit

  • benji Bowling 2 weeks ago

    hey Etho, make a world filled with emerald blocks, and just use them for EMC value, maybe run all of the EMC-able blocks through one of them duplicator chests, and make most of the farms for the blocks that you can’t duplicate

  • Kurt Winner 2 weeks ago

    27 lives, that reminds me of Weird Al.

  • JackJack33 MC 2 weeks ago

    Etho maybe you should do an Attack of the BTeam series, would bring back a lot of memories for a lot of people 🙂

  • Will Bonin 2 weeks ago

    Etho are you joining hermitcraft season 6 if you do I’m the number one fan

  • jerry carrasquillo 2 weeks ago


  • 5L4Mdg 2 weeks ago

    Hey Etho, How about doing a new series on Forever Stranded Lost Souls…. it seems to have a lot of changes to the way regular  packs play so would offer a lot of new challenges…. i would love to see it… cheers, and keep up the awesome content…..
    UPVOTE SO ETHO SEES THIS PLEASE…. if you agree of course!

  • Santa Claus 2 weeks ago

    These episodes are the BEST!

  • darkhawk574 2 weeks ago

    Etho, your best bet is to set up a power flower with several watches of flowing time for each metal. This will produce EMC from sunlight, and the watches will increase the tick rate dramatically (1028 ticks/s or more), and is also automatic.

  • Koretke2 2 weeks ago

    my server project ozone 2 ip- Koretke2.aternos.me

  • Marcus Richmond 2 weeks ago

    Ergo there are ender io me cables so you can put all of them in one block.

  • Masterman PG 2 weeks ago

    I think mu is pronounced “mew.”

  • Derek Comella 2 weeks ago

    Etho you should use the Ender IO ME conduits… they can share the same block with the other conduits.

  • Jonathan Ramiro 2 weeks ago

    man i’ve been waiting for this soooooolong more i watches more i love etho’slab!

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