• Awaremolten 3 months ago

    Etho, I see that you don’t like to open chance cubes. You can increase your luck by using chance pendents. If you already have some, you can upgrade them to the highest level (I think it’s five) using some lapis lazuli. When you do this, you will have a REALLY high chance of getting good things out of chance cubes. Even if you get something bad, the worst thing that could happen is a zombie spawn or something you could deal with easily.

  • Mrcow64 3 months ago

    Hey ergo use yellorium blocks for you crucibles heat source you will get a 25 multiplier

  • Crowman Gaming 3 months ago

    4:36 “Try to avoid taxes as much as possible.” Etho = tax evasion?

  • Nicolas Balderrama 3 months ago

    Etho have you installed vainminer?

  • Cigarbaby_24 3 months ago


  • Mr.Flufflypants 3 months ago

    Etho, I think you should spend an episode just opening chance cubes…

  • Scoopta 3 months ago

    While the current mod is called ProjectE it used to be called Equivalent exchange and that was for a reason. You’re not making stuff out of thin air. You’re exchanging one item for another.

  • XxCanadianWolf8 3 months ago

    Hey Etho quick question do u live in Alberta???

  • RCTyAnonymous 3 months ago

    make anotehr condenser and dupe them they have emc

  • ColossalDonut5 3 months ago

    Watching Etho mess with one of the more simple mods (EE) was entertaining when he couldn’t figure out some of the UI features

  • Junes Barajas 3 months ago

    is ark not coming back.

  • macwil96 3 months ago

    Keep up the amazing videos maybe you need to invite a couple friends to keep it interesting on your single player series?

  • Jacqueline Andrade 3 months ago

    So nice to see the Kakashi skin :’)

  • Colton Wuertz 3 months ago

    This really is the best series for Etho to please everyone. The automation focus is cool for the people who like his technical side, and those who want to see him do a let’s play are happy because this is still a good lp. Awesome etho, thanks.

  • amine laghmich 3 months ago

    Nice video

  • ben Webb 3 months ago

    another youtube rewind without etho smh

  • TheLimeglass 3 months ago

    Etho have you ever thought of playing on public servers? Something maybe like WynnCraft (RPG) or like Hypixel? I know you said you’re losing inspiration besides this series, so just some ideas.

  • Gaber 3 months ago

    You need a sword that is as op as your bow.

  • Elzito 3 months ago

    If you grow grass on the top layer of the island, it will become a different block so the shifting crust rod won’t change it to stone

  • Modelmat 3 months ago

    Please Ethoslab! I really really really want a series where we build cool looking islands again.

    Also please redo the main island with the ME system in the centre – everything build up around it

  • Put a roof over the entire arena

  • 楊小喵 3 months ago

    You could use a EMC generater

  • Guy Numbers 3 months ago

    Love your vids Etho! Been watching for… wow it’s been at least 6 or 7 years

  • Is thaumcraft in this? If it is, you should make 100 transvector interfaces and have 100 power flowers 😉

  • Heptan 3 months ago

    *How to “cheese” Guardian fight:*
    1.: Make a Draconic Staff of Power, and upgrade it’s aoe range, and RF capacity.
    2.: Place down a mana pool and put a spark above it.
    3.: Spawn in any number of guardians you want.
    4.: Smash the soul out of the spark with the staff.
    5.: ???
    6.: Profit.
    Optional addons: Tectonic Girdle (eliminates knockback effect), the shelter you built

  • Kasper Kjelleberg 3 months ago

    If you place two levels of carpet the gaia spirit cant teleport!

  • Kasper Kjelleberg 3 months ago

    If you use a mob spawner for ender io you can set it to capture so u can use it to get enderman soul vials

  • D.V.D-Entertainment 3 months ago

    check for the dice that the gaia guardians drop!

  • pasta 3 months ago

    Chance cubes would be fun to open in another dimension

  • Joshua Elmore 3 months ago

    Etho, have you tried the other colors of grass from Botania? Works like the pasture seeds, but colored. I remember using them in Regrowth and some of them looked very pretty

  • AngerAndScience 3 months ago

    You can replace the water with vanilla carpets. That will still restrict the teleportation, and it allows you to move around and you can make a colorful pattern.

  • storm rutte 3 months ago

    Moar projecr ozone please

  • captn niveau 3 months ago

    @ethoslab i have build your mob farm with the cat and dogs in my singleplayer world. the cats and dogs are in minecarts, but somehow the minecarts keep getting destroyed by something. i noticed some bats spawning in the farm, maybe they somehow break the minecarts. Do you encounter the same issue and/or do you have a solotion for my problem?

  • Christian Westlin 3 months ago

    Rftools shields can cheese the guardian fight, make 1 layer at purple stuff, ground layer, players can stand on that mobs cant, that dmg mobs with playerdmg

  • MellyWilly Killa 3 months ago

    Come on guys he needs a little over 66k Subs till 2 mill let’s try to get it done in the next couple months if you have multiple accounts make sure to sub on them we need to get him as many subs as possible he deserves it

  • top songs 3 months ago

    the download link does not work please make it work i really want to play project ozone

  • misu11 3 months ago


  • Stefan Strauch 3 months ago

    Etho, make what’s called an EMC farm. An old way of doing this was to macerate blaze rods and craft the blaze power back into rods. It has to be a macerator from IC2 because the recipe for some reason gives more blaze powder. Essentially infinite EMC.

  • meaka XI 3 months ago

    Etho play Ylands Please?

  • Kristian D. Hansen 3 months ago

    So, etho, you have had the same skin for so very long. Are you trying to break a record or something?

  • NordicFox_ 3 months ago

    make a transmutation table they are awesome and are much quicker than condensers although you cant get passive emc like with the energy collectors on a condenser.. put energy collectors and antimatter relays on a condenser making cobble and then make the octuple stuff it will be quicker than your current system.

  • Beanysprouts 3 months ago


  • Jerry Ftt 3 months ago

    Can you make an episode where you just open the chance cubes?

  • Cody Rosseau 3 months ago

    More project ozone please and more often can’t can’t enough of this series

  • Joshosh 34 3 months ago

    Are you going to open all of your chance cubes at the end of the series?

  • Me ME 3 months ago

    Make the mk2 version of the Energy Condenser. It is your next quest and it is better!

  • Sid Kelavkar 3 months ago

    Why don’t you use that water walking wand when you farm the Gaia Guardian. I went back to watch the your older episodes and I think it’ll make that a lot easier.

  • Imber 3 months ago

    Hey Etho, do you like Deadmau5?

  • skylerockspecial 3 months ago

    Pff I got unsubscribed from you again and missed this video by 2days. Youtube sucks…

  • Dream Vigil 3 months ago

    Etho, you should do a series for Age of Engineering. It’s a great modpack!

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