• scu6a74 6 months ago

    If nothing else works just pump the item you want into a chest the pull those other out into the machine.

  • Ethan 6 months ago

    Wow. Has it actually been 8 months with this series?? ❤

  • Niuzao 6 months ago

    I laughed so hard at 9:50, the best things are completely unexpected.

  • Moose Frenzy 6 months ago

    There’s a master copy of the book to fix that reset glitch, you would need to either remember the ones you completed or use previous videos to make sure

  • Artanis215 6 months ago

    If you have the translocators mod that works extremely well, one translocator on the interface, one on the crafter push the button on the one on the crafter, and then right click a glowstone onto the interfaces translocator

  • Joe Stafford 6 months ago

    yes, modded minecraft has so many problems that i don’t even notice when something’s wrong anymore, sort of like looking at a light until you go blind, but i like 1.7 more than 1.10 because i get to play for more than 10 minutes before a crash

  • Brandon Tran 6 months ago

    Etho you should start using reactors for power.

  • Harm Jan Harm Jan 6 months ago

    Translocators with glowstone

  • My first name My last name 6 months ago

    Charging a jetpack is bugged, you need to change it to hover mode or back, and it’s instantly charged

  • poocrafter2 6 months ago

    Does anyone else find the humor in the fact that Ethos skin is Kakashi but he’s wearing big eyebrows, so he’s bushy brow? No. Just me?

  • Damian Smith 6 months ago

    Use Translocators with glowstone applied to them.

  • iztok lah 6 months ago

    is this mod for windows or apple

  • MrMonsterHunter 808 6 months ago

    M I N I C I O M I N I C I O M I N I C I O

  • Nerd With an Opinion 6 months ago

    more interfaces to pull more stacks at a time?

  • Flam [Flaming Ice] 6 months ago

    #ripethopc2k17 SO MUCH MINICIO

  • Sjoerd Hidde Kuperus 6 months ago

    What about export busses?

  • fpdhs0610 6 months ago

    9:52 lol

  • daniel fitz 6 months ago

    u can put the minicio in a quantum storage or a big storage chest and then pull from it

  • Koala Mango 6 months ago


    i miss sky factory w/ beef’s minicio obsession so much 🙁

    foolcraft beef with inferium or something just isnt the same 🙁

  • Bassen Tassen 6 months ago

    Which version of the modpack are you playing on? I’m trying to find one with hardcore questing mod, but they have another questing mod and other maps.

  • MeepMu 6 months ago

    Hey Etho, the wireless charger *does* charge your jetpack in your armor slot

  • D.V.D-Entertainment 6 months ago

    you could use multiple ME interfaces instead of multiple pipes

  • xXTheRedGamerXx 6 months ago

    ETHO send the items into a chest then set up all your conduits to take out the items

  • harrypod27 6 months ago

    Use translocators with a glowstone upgrade on it (cheapest), or a transfer node with a stack upgrade and four stacks of speed upgrades (expensive, fastest, & unpractical)

  • Darth Lloyd 6 months ago

    @Ethoslab Was the way you said ULTAMATE a reference to Killer Instinct? or just a coincidence?

  • Guilherme Souza 6 months ago

    The wireless charger is really funky. You don’t even have to put the item in the inventory, just double clicking the jetpack charges it.

  • Nickname34 6 months ago

    set interface to PUSH into the thing, the interface will try to unload its inventory, as far as i know thats a LOT superfast

  • PasJong Moua 6 months ago

    *I see how fast the pipe transfers minicio*
    Etho:There is also a mark 5.

  • Cody Davis 6 months ago

    “I think, ergo I am.” -me 2017

  • Cody Davis 6 months ago

    that sign lol

  • Cody Davis 6 months ago

    Etho: So to finish up the episode…
    Me: What about the satellite quests?

  • Zach Zimmer 6 months ago

    in yoursingle player find a woodland house and make an evoker cow farm

  • Brayden Thompson 6 months ago


  • Nicholas Burske 6 months ago

    It keeps making me un-sub!

  • Aaron White 6 months ago

    Etho for the love of all that is holy. Build better armor. With the Zivicio armor you can make you’ll get creative flight. It even builds out of your jetpack!
    You can also toggle hover mode off and on to charge your jetpack while it’s equipped with the wireless charger

  • The DOD 6 months ago

    ummmmmmm is the curse launcher just twitch now or is it just me?

  • CitrycAcid 6 months ago

    dont molecular assemblers and interfaces take up all possible channels then?

  • Matt Jones 6 months ago

    A kinda faster method would be just to make 4-6 interfaces, all with their own piping to allow for a 4-6 stack per second input.

  • Brian Hope 6 months ago

    Dang it, Etho. Ya’ just gotta’ click the button that says “All” on the Temperio Essence crafting recipe in the Crafter. That’ll change it to something like “All But 1”, and it won’t take out the stone. No Essence -> Blocks -> Essence required.

  • Anonymous Mokona 6 months ago

    almost thought it was time for… COOKING WITH ETHO! But it wasn’t :C

  • Anus Ficker 6 months ago

    Item Translocator?

  • Fronko 6 months ago

    Etho when I wanted to play this pack I loaded it up and I had a different quest book you may not run into that issue if you update the pack but with mods you may corrupt the world so be careful if you go that root.

  • Jason Ewton 6 months ago

    Etho, make a flux capacitor and keep it in your inventory.

  • TheSpig Ma 6 months ago

    Still my favourite series!

  • Ruben De Brauwer 6 months ago

    Etho, I love the machines but I would much rather see the base to look just a tad more tidy!

  • Atm2222 6 months ago

    Use glowstone upgraded item translocators going from the interface to the crafter for the minicio.

  • CornChipsAreYummy 6 months ago

    hey etho, I tried your mcedit fix to fix my world and it didnt fix my world, when i join the world it crashes my minecraft, is there another way to fix my world? it only crashes when i join it, when i join it singleplayer it crashes and when i start it on my server, the server doesnt crash but when i join it it still crashes

  • burke lizzie 6 months ago

    Out of curiosity, are the nian zhus available in kappa? If you could make a creeper one it’d prevent the john cena issue.

  • Hunter Rewis 6 months ago

    A couple of things:
    1) in the crafter, instead of crafting/uncrafting into blocks, hit the button labeled all once or twice until it mentions buckets. Then you can have more accio recipies
    2) replace your conduits with cryo-stabilized fluxducts from thermal dynamics. They have unlimited power transfer rates
    3) where is Battle Bane?!?

  • MotoKoko 6 months ago

    “okay so ill just put this ME interface here, nothing should go wrong”
    *300,000 minicio explodes onto the floor*

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