• thomas ruosh 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for your service😀😀😀😃😃😃

  • Annettw Jackson 2 weeks ago

    He said murder mystery…. At the end XD

  • Angina lee 2 weeks ago

    hey ssundee next time wen u killer u should go super syian an go super high and drop every 1

  • Juan Martinez 2 weeks ago

    Do an Overwatch theme

  • TheAdvidVenom 2 weeks ago

    Man, every time Ssundee tried to be funny by holding his breath or go quiet it makes the series seem less thought out. I liked the older videos of Ssundee playing everything and actually trying to win. Maybe I am just getting to old lmao. Oh well great time as it lasted.

  • Rage_vs_gaming - Evolution 2 weeks ago

    Try making the little evil song of the characters a bit different a bit new or something

  • AeroScorcher 2 weeks ago

    I feel that one of the murder runs should be Dead by Daylight due to the similarities this takes from it.

  • Ryan l 2 weeks ago

    So funy because i hate him

  • Colby Nease 2 weeks ago

    Try a Thanksgiving murder

  • Itsme Bruh 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee make a tmnt murder mystery

  • BrotherMaddness 2 weeks ago

    Under the starting area worked, under the stairs.

  • Games _HD 2 weeks ago

    Don’t get banned

  • lacowboys 626 2 weeks ago

    You were supposed use the fright trap first

  • Trag1c 2 weeks ago

    I didn’t know Abraham Lincoln played minecraft!!

  • lacowboys 626 2 weeks ago

    He rigged it

  • EJ Zambrano 2 weeks ago

    ssundee swears!!!

  • Shadow Reaper 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee I have an idea for a survivor weapon
    Fus ru da
    It knocks the killer unconscious for 10 secs and knocks them back 10 blocks and if the killer used a trap to see u it automatically becomes useless but all other traps still are able to work and if there in the air they come straight down unless ur kehaan he’s totally different human being
    Edit: and it’s a weapon meaning u don’t drop it

  • Legend Matter 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee get ready to get deported

  • Devin Sauls 2 weeks ago

    can yall plzzzz do dead by daylight killers plzzzzz

  • EmeraldWolf 2 weeks ago

    Survivor trap idea:
    Miners pickaxe
    Lets the survivor break blocks for 10 secs after activated

  • Elisha Rue 2 weeks ago


  • ReginaldTDM SSGSS 2 weeks ago

    Dragon ball super or dragon ball z murder sence u do have that one Super Saiyan trap

  • kint raniel 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee do some bendy and the ink machine its cool 🙂

  • ReginaldTDM SSGSS 2 weeks ago

    Your supposed to make donald trump scary he looks the same. Lol

  • ELENI KRALL 2 weeks ago

    Four score and seven years ago…

  • Fitrijujari d 2 weeks ago

    New survivor trap:

    Ear break trap:a meme that break killer ear

    extra health trap:Give extra health when used

    New killer trap:

    Zombie trap:send 5 zombies when used

    Hacker trap:makes the player can’t move and blind

    New killer item:

    Shuriken:the player get blind,slowness and take a little bit of player health

    Poisonous samurai:poisoned the player and get hit and take 5 health bar

    Like if agree

  • The emerald train 2 weeks ago

    Do the wiggles murder run

  • THEGAMINGRODENT 2 weeks ago

    Wait a minute Hillary Clinton was never president🙃😑e

  • The emerald train 2 weeks ago

    You should make a trap for the hiders that is a tree sapling and when you drop it it grows a big tree that all the hiders can go up and when they do go in the tree they go invisible also the killer can’t climb the tree

  • Ibra boy 2 weeks ago

    how about a clone trap witch makes the killer look like a survivor

  • PokemonTrainerJosh 2 weeks ago

    Do a Dragon Ball Z/Super edition

  • lel mad 2 weeks ago

    Crainer: I will be president one day
    Me: Crainer you weren’t born in America

  • Tsetsegee Sambuu 2 weeks ago

    do angry bird murder mod

  • Tsetsegee Sambuu 2 weeks ago


  • 陳伯逸 2 weeks ago

    cup head MURDER

  • Cooper King 2 weeks ago

    Hello this is the FBI and that is what I would say if I was in the FBI

  • Musab Nizam 2 weeks ago

    Graet ball

  • Rheynald Alexander Hendrawan 2 weeks ago

    The best way to use the mind control is to make them dig straight down

  • Martin Chung 2 weeks ago

    U should’ve done fright first

  • Warrior Cat 2 weeks ago

    Kill of the trumps please

  • Warrior Cat 2 weeks ago

    No one likes the trump memes

  • Cooper King 2 weeks ago

    Hey, love your vids😍

  • Ang Desmond 2 weeks ago

    Add a new trap for the killer and and for the survivor.
    For the killer:
    It is called insta kill, it costs 4 stacks and 30 nether stars (or five stacks). For example, if there is one survivor left, it can be used to instantly kill the person.

    For the survivor:
    It is called frost breath, it costs 90 nether stars and it can be used when the survivor wants to escape, basically the killer’s eyes gets frozen and cannot move (blind and stuck) for 10 seconds. (Basically it’s like a freeze trap, but the frost breath makes the killer blind too and cannot see where the survivor runs)

    Leave a like if you think it’s good or leave suggestions for better traps than mine.

  • kelvin wong 2 weeks ago

    SSundee Madeleine I wish you the best of luck that the FBI didn’t kill you or you didn’t get them from YouTube crainer and Thea copenhell the week is about you describe the steps to you know why because the ones in life life is for you piece of poop

  • Lab Dou 2 weeks ago

    i like when madie say hit the like button with her hand *cute

  • SW3G_GAM3R _801 2 weeks ago

    Everyone give ure money to ssundee so he will survive

  • Leesa Stevens 2 weeks ago

    Ssundee dirt equals life since we grow plants then we get fruit and veggies

  • SW3G_GAM3R _801 2 weeks ago

    You look like nothing like abraham lenkon

  • Johnette Hedgepet7 hu 2 weeks ago

    Do a holiday killer vedio

  • AeronGaming 2 weeks ago

    Wheres Mah Boi Barack Obama At?

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