• M Jeff 2 months ago

    for now mr butt

  • Gameingbejacob Petro 2 months ago

    Kick sack

  • PinkDragon112 The Lone Howling Wolf 2 months ago

    Ryan is OP:)

  • Tkc Gaming 2 months ago

    We really need more uhc

  • MineRabbit Craft 2 months ago

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Buts buts gone noooooooo 😡

  • MineRabbit Craft 2 months ago

    Bad preschoolers dislike

  • Heartless Monster 2 months ago

    Bye aveator

  • Glitter Gamer21 2 months ago

    Avacado Butt and Ryan all deserve to stay especially Ryan and Avacado my two most fave utubers

  • Neil Gibson 2 months ago

    Why is zack still here Ryan won

  • BobWhoNeedsAJob Bobert 2 months ago

    This is old were is everyone else at

  • Toheed Ahmad 2 months ago

    Harry Potter’s sons in is albums and I forgot the other 1 he gets 1 in 7movie part 2 end

  • Makaylee Sanchez 2 months ago

    No!Ryan wins

  • Makaylee Sanchez 2 months ago

    RIP Butt

  • Patrick May (STUDENT) 2 months ago

    meow meow meow (ryan’s awesome)

  • Patrick May (STUDENT) 2 months ago

    come on #NotificationSquad

  • Spideysgaming 3.0 2 months ago

    Aviator should have been kicked out. Burt is an innocent idiot

  • rime chakour 2 months ago

    Mr bud😍❤❤❤❤😍💪💪💪💪

  • Daniel Shawyer 2 months ago

    Go home aviator

  • Michele Fritz 2 months ago

    It was Aviator to leave

  • Ayub Mohamed 2 months ago

    Try to kick mr.butt out it will happen soon ryguyrockey I’m not trying to be wired or anything

  • Artsy Girl 2 months ago

    I love how Zach died first every practice game. 😂

  • ULTRAOVER9000 GOKU 2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure 90% was that Ryan won and 10% Avaitor won sooooo AVAITOR GET OUTTA HERE

  • Tony Anselmo 2 months ago

    Poor burt

  • Harrison Tynan 2 months ago

    This is now so boring

  • Moose Milk 2 months ago

    Bye mr BUTT

  • Keven Blanco 2 months ago

    0:44 a burts wild screech can be heard millions of miles away, it is there way if declaring there dominance

  • Jameson Koppelman 2 months ago

    Ryan and avicodo be friends

  • xXEvil_QueenXx 2 months ago


  • Xhris.thegoat 2 months ago

    I still voted aviator to leave

  • Logan Rodriquez 2 months ago

    I’m glad butt won

  • Joel Coke 2 months ago

    Aviator YOUR CRULE

  • Haydoss 45912 2 months ago

    I wanted Zac to leave Burts ok Ryan is tha best and aviator sucks and lost so he should leav3

  • ModernGamer 903 2 months ago

    #mr.butt cry baby

  • MeLaNie azucena 2 months ago


  • MeLaNie azucena 2 months ago


  • Tara Vandergrift 2 months ago

    # bring Mr. butt back

  • henryskat 2 months ago

    get rid of zack

  • Abdul Rafai Javed 2 months ago

    I don’t think any should p because if one leaves the whole thing will fall apart so plz none of u leave we love u all and u are all good actors 🙂

  • flamez blaze 2 months ago

    mr butt come back aviator go you mean ryan and ash yous shud go on a date ;D

  • Halla Mackesy 2 months ago

    How about he can stay, only if he allows you guys to call him Mr. Butt😏

  • Paul David Dyer 2 months ago


  • Laurence Jackson 1 month ago

    i cried

  • Midnight Anime 1 month ago


  • Chica's magic Rainbow 1 month ago

    I’m gonna miss that butt

  • Holt Swecker 1 month ago


  • Myron Hayden 1 month ago

    hello hello big boy

  • Gamer 1014 1 month ago

    I thought everyone voted ryguy

  • javier godoy 1 month ago

    Ryan won

  • Rylie Taa 1 month ago

    Lol, voting Burt is a joke from a Netflix TV show called total drama island

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