• I am Stone 3 months ago

    And if he let 5 chances out to an impossible death run corse then give him a wooden sword and let him fight 2000 skeletons and zombie­čĹŹlike if you like the troll idea­čĹŹ

  • Alex Simpson 3 months ago

    Put like a million polar bears in his room or school and put one baby also make his spawn point there or give him OP amour!!

  • Eco Craft 3 months ago

    Make my skin dummy also

  • Eco Craft 3 months ago

    Make my skin dummy

  • 21 Futwatch 3 months ago

    Please do The Amazing Race with the Proper Dummies gang, like if you agree!

  • REVIEW LFC 3 months ago


  • JUST DARK // x_DARKASH_X 3 months ago

    Put a tnt to his house

  • Stephanie Kanyoty 3 months ago

    TNT his face

  • Cleeck YT 3 months ago

    Bow up the school and ur school free!!!!

  • Dog Gaming 3 months ago

    How do you start a live steam

  • Helena Henning 3 months ago

    make a prank day!!

  • Mincraft Creations 3 months ago


  • Wolves 3 months ago

    When you miss the stream because you were sleeping.

  • Robert Heazlewood 3 months ago

    Everyone who is reading this is amazing!

    Like if you are amazing!

  • The Great Gamer 57 3 months ago

    Burn down preschool

  • Rodimusaus 3 months ago

    trap him in a obisidan cage corved in lava with no food

  • mr scallywags-vlogs 3 months ago


  • thegamer2000 vlogger 3 months ago

    I’ll subscribe to you like if wants me to and level a comment.

  • Jesus Rangel 3 months ago

    Spawn kill him

  • AustinOur l 3 months ago

    Not everything needs to be a rp… just saying (still liked the video)

  • Ruj Kanperm 3 months ago

    Why it show only Aviatorgaming screen

  • the diamond bullet 3 months ago

    Avocado flaming

  • Sassaprus 3 months ago

    Why was the camera only on Zach?

  • Aaron Playz 3 months ago

    It happened cuz they try to go to pre school on a weekend

  • Plush Tapestry 29 3 months ago

    If I get 100 subs my crush will accept meIf I get 100 subs my crush will accept meIf I get 100 subs my crush will accept me

  • Desirae Hutton 3 months ago

    kill him with a nuke

  • Jorge Rivera 3 months ago

    destroy mr. butt house whit fire and tnt

  • Amy Tu 3 months ago

    Just watch the other stream and Megan might have cuss….

  • DragonSlayer 707 3 months ago

    blow up 1millon tnt

  • Alpha Lilith 3 months ago

    There’s something under the chest in the cave I saw it when Zach went to it

  • A Random Gamer 3 months ago

    Summon wither and ender dragon in a bedrock prison with Mr Burt

  • MoreOfAmore 3 months ago

    Just tell the principal that he used the portal while he was supposed to be “teaching”

  • Deonte Clyburn 3 months ago

    Ash and Ryan should date in preschool and pretentious to keep it a secret

  • ophelia miller jones 3 months ago

    U should trap mr butt into the map

  • Cameron & Kim 3 months ago

    Tell him his cat needs his so he’s afk and trap him in bedrock, but makes ur he can see you

  • Yandere Chan 3 months ago


  • Shadow cloak XD 3 months ago

    Deathnote! XD

  • Justin Roberts 3 months ago


  • Tan Seng yu 3 months ago

    Just kill mr butt

  • RAINBOWDASHDAKING master 3 months ago

    Break ip with megan shes a asahole

  • Taksol Animator 3 months ago

    When you ignore notifications and miss a live stream

  • karate john 3 months ago

    Destroy Mr butts daycare

  • Jake Eberly 3 months ago


  • Owen TheTuber 3 months ago

    I Think you should do stranded again

  • Jay 5616 3 months ago

    Ryan x Ash

  • Jayveon Williams 3 months ago

    prank day

  • wjl tnt 3 months ago


  • M Jeff 3 months ago

    same one but harder

  • Geselle Aguado 3 months ago

    How about you go to his house when he’s asleep and take him to a opposite universe

  • That Boss Gamer 3 months ago

    Put a lava bucket on top of a door

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