• DragonAlley64 8 months ago

    Whtas veatneese? What type of language and from where?

  • pvppanda 8 months ago

    RYAN where is day care or life episode tonight are you doing one

  • Me the Youtuber 8 months ago


  • Gaming With Jace 8 months ago

    Look at this part of the video LOL 4:23 what in the world did ryan say

  • kristopher barker 8 months ago

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and this is like a gift. If you guys (and girls) see this, keep up the great work, especially on the Minecraft End of the World role play.

  • Robert Wade 8 months ago

    Build battle

  • Hackers Suck 8 months ago

    YAAAAASSSS RYAN KNOWS VIETNAMESE PEOPLE!!!!!!! (*Screaming so loudly in the background*)

  • Walker Hoskins 8 months ago


  • Lokela Durant 8 months ago

    Wheres arrama 3

  • Ladybugluv 8 months ago

    I did a manic the like button change color magic

  • Thunder TornadoDude 8 months ago

    Can you at lease have one daycare or preschool role play that does not involve servers because it’s not even much of a role play

  • King Fire 8 months ago

    Welcome to a day of day pre school

  • Mob4express Minecraft4life 8 months ago

    Give me a Like cause I have no friends 🙁

  • PinkDragon112 The Lone Howling Wolf 8 months ago

    152 comment. Love the channel! ❤❤❤

  • Keneth Crotty 8 months ago

    Guys can you not use the portal as often it’s not really a role play it’s more play games guys plz consider this

  • M Spence 8 months ago

    Everyone’s saying they are Vietnamese does that mean they were born during the veit nam war and speak a secret language

  • Unicorn Blox 8 months ago

    Cool Burt looks weird in the title

  • Fancy Country Photographer 8 months ago

    I like ryguyrocky

  • Amelie Phan 8 months ago

    Wait, Ryan is vietnamesse? Hey, if you are, IM VIETNAMESSE TOOOO!!!

  • blueflamin-gaming 8 months ago

    i know ash is tina but seriousky bruuuh

  • GamerSans 6894 8 months ago

    i- ya i got nothing to say, oh well!

  • knight bat52 8 months ago

    Who is ash ?

  • Madalyn Harbin 8 months ago

    My papal

  • Shouto Todoroki 8 months ago

    Avocado’s motto “Ryan thinks hes so cool” xd

  • BatBoyJay 8 months ago


  • Hunter deVries 8 months ago

    Maybe you should invite Preston plays into the proper dummies

  • DE50SRMMB 8 months ago

    Psst… Psst….
    Hey Guys! Anyone want a intro for your channel?? Comment/reply here or on my channel 🙂 ( i am not bot, This is special, as i hit 13 subs in my channel 🙂 ) Check your intro on your channel, Please be patient 😀

  • Maggie Luong 8 months ago

    Im vietamies

  • BaccaPlayz MCPE and More 8 months ago

    You should add Ash as a ProperDummies

  • C Hickman 8 months ago

    Is a guy named will help you edit

  • coolboy gaming 8 months ago

    pls. subscribe me properdummies i subscribe you

  • rok lesnikar 8 months ago

    Rayen use hacks

  • jovy raniel 8 months ago

    ashes are ryan aviators are megan burt loves dirt but dirt does not love burt

  • Karim Shadi Abou Bakr 8 months ago

    ryan is a hacker because he can’t play the real game

  • James Tajonera 8 months ago

    wheres the others?

  • DarkenedSkull 8 months ago

    i think matt should be the principle

  • SpicyGamingTV 8 months ago

    why did the other’s leave???

  • Eric Schenimann 8 months ago

    I’m so mad bring back the other proper dummies I’m getting tired of only these five

  • Stylish 2 8 months ago


  • Thegamingpro Jay 8 months ago


  • DizzyRhino77086 8 months ago

    Hi butt. ahhh your naked!

  • jaiigoingbeast 8 months ago

    I love how Ryan is the only one with the resource/texture pack

  • Evan Parham 8 months ago

    I don’t really like this I really want y’all to play inside the school not gonna lie

  • Shadow Knight 8 months ago

    Please sub to me really helps me <3_<3!

  • Typsley Gaming 8 months ago

    Who is the Principal anyways?

  • Queen_ IB 8 months ago

    I AM THE 313th SUBSCRIBER ON “ProperLife”!


  • Aidan Everett 8 months ago

    Proper dummies has two channels it is unspeakablegaming

  • Joce1575 Plays 8 months ago

    burt I agree , bath is fun

  • Orange Vampire 8 months ago

    There are no OP kits. Only OP people, aka Ryan XD

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