• Brayden Sumrall 6 months ago

    A Pokémon can only be affected by one status effect at a time

  • Dark Devastator 6 months ago

    Ssundee I will tell you this if it is already poison you can’t make it sleep and if it is sleeping you can’t make it poison

  • Therealsavageyoutuber 6 months ago

    Ssundee you could use destiny bond which takes down your opponent with you

  • Andrei Cruz 6 months ago

    Can you guys bring back pokewars????

  • Draggo Chaser 6 months ago

    Ssundee!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot freaking us effect moves when theres alreay a status effect on the pokemon you need to do research about polemon !!!!!!!!

  • Mr Hustle42 6 months ago

    Ssundee!!! You can only affect one main status on each Pokémon. It can’t be burned and poisoned, or asleep and poisoned. Something can be asleep and confused though. Replace sleep powder with giga drain

  • Anthony Tlachi 6 months ago

    U can’t have two affects on a Pokemon

  • M Bharath 6 months ago

    A Pokemon can only have one negative debuff

  • Desmont 6 months ago

    Ssundee you can’t poison and sleep at the same time only 1 status effects lol XD

  • Kid Gaming/ Roblox,Minecraft and More! 6 months ago


  • Yanxun Long 6 months ago

    Erm do u know shadow Pokémon’s don’t have a weakness and u can’t use toxic with sleep powder and because the snorlax used rest he fell asleep and toxic was removed . And pls remove toxic with Giga drain

  • TheNovaGuardianEX 6 months ago

    when i saw this i was like : SSundee did you do even more p2w in this video

  • Demons Death 6 months ago

    ssundee you can’t use toxic on a sleeping pokemon

  • BuriedPython30 6 months ago

    You can’t stack affects

  • blackdragon1007 shadow 6 months ago

    I just wanted to comment something…..

  • Cheska Foz 6 months ago

    when ssundee doesn’t realize that he cant do two status effects on one pokemon

  • Conbot 360 6 months ago

    You can poison sleep Pokemon

  • Carter Jaquette 6 months ago


  • Wali Syed 6 months ago


  • venerando medrano 6 months ago

    People dislike this vid cause of how SSundee’s Logic in pokemon is so STUPID No offense guys.

  • Nicholas Gautama 6 months ago

    SSundee you cant debuff a pokemon twice

  • M3M3 LORD 6 months ago

    Ssundee uses a dragon attack against dragonite *mindblown*

  • Aidan Wakefielf 6 months ago

    You can’t have two status effects at the same time

  • SlayerZPrime 6 months ago

    You can’t poison and have them asleep at the same time

  • Deegan Larson 6 months ago

    He can’t put to sleep or poison a Pokemon if it already has a status condition like sleep paralysis burn poison Exedra

  • Damon 6 months ago

    ssundee toxic doesnt work on sleeping pokes and if a poke has a status effect like paralyze or toxic and uses rest it removes the status.

  • Dagaminpie -_- 6 months ago

    Level 69 lapras

  • FelixDa Sucker 6 months ago

    Tip:You cant have 2 Pokemon Effect At The Same Time

  • Donghwan Lim 6 months ago

    crainer had a shadow lugia too

  • sreng lim 6 months ago

    I dare you to catch a eveve Pokemon in 10 minuets

  • Michael Johnson 6 months ago

    Ssundee is noob you can’t have multiple statis conditions

  • 23665sgs 6 months ago

    Ssundee, you know you can only have one status effect at any given time, don’t you.

  • Michael Johnson 6 months ago

    So you can’t be asleep and be poisoned

  • MehBit GT 6 months ago

    I love ur vid….

    Only that

  • MehBit GT 6 months ago

    39k punch him wow

  • Justine Clark 6 months ago

    pay to win

  • DAN seeyou 6 months ago

    you idiot you can only have one effect on a pokemon for example toxic then use sleep powder it will not work

  • GamingWith MB 6 months ago

    My names Michael!

  • USJ 4 dayz 6 months ago

    you cant do sleep powder and toxic

  • Dra6onsnake 6 months ago

    If a pokemon has a status effect (burn, paralysis or sleep) it cannot get another status effect

  • Alex Her 6 months ago

    You can only have on effect or whatever on a pokemon

  • Tiger Playz 6 months ago

    you cant givea pokemon 2 special effects, so poison doesn’t work on a sleeping target

  • Gerwyn Tan 6 months ago

    Doent he know that shadow pokemon arnt weak to anything and super effective against all outherd

  • Crowboy101 6 months ago

    Asunder, Pokemon cabinet have one major status problem at a time.(sleep, burn, ect)

  • Karim Zeinal 6 months ago


  • red_ diamond2018 6 months ago


  • Prehistoric Gaming 6 months ago

    poor michael 39K punches to the face…

  • The Cat Players 6 months ago

    Ssundee you can’t put him to sleep and toxic him at the same time like so ssundee can see this comment

  • TheBroGamers YT 6 months ago

    How many times does it take to tell Ssundee that a pokemon cam only have one negative affect status. Exceptions go to moves like Rest which makes the user asleep and removes all negative affects.

  • Mr.Doughnut panda 6 months ago

    i love this series

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