• Savage Mode 6 months ago


  • Chase Henry 6 months ago


  • Neel Jeure 6 months ago

    Ssundee please play tera teck once more

  • Tyler Xia 6 months ago

    Anyone else triggered by the way he said Kyoto…

  • Carlos Garcia 6 months ago

    Play Pokemon go

  • Pepene Eketone 6 months ago

    Keep going plz

  • B Williams 6 months ago

    Get pixel on on the technic launcher it is on there

  • _*A Random Lemon*_ 6 months ago


  • Zero Rumble Gaming 6 months ago

    do you know what, this is the only episode I have re-watched in 3/4 years

  • OMGitsChRiStO :0 6 months ago

    Guys if you’re wondering how to get pixelmon (just saying its a mod not a modpack)
    1. Download and Install Mc Forge 1.10.2 (after installing play mc for 5 secs so it creates a mods folder ; remember to use the forge 1.10.2 profile, not latest release.
    2. Download pixelmon 1.10.2 (try and find a mod website which goes to media fire when clicking download)
    3. For Windows – Go to run, type in %appdata% go to .minecraft, then the mods folder. Drag the pixelmon download into mods folder ( you don’t have to download optifine)
    For Mac – go to “go” and hold down the option key. Whilst holding option click on library. Then go to application support. Scroll down to minecraft, click on it then go to mods. Minimise your browser with pixelmon on it. Then drag it into mods ( if y don’t see your pixelmon download go to the downloads folder)
    4. For both Mac and Windows, open minecraft, use the 1.10.2 forge profile, then click play.
    5. Make a world or join a multiplayer server, and say hello to the world of Pokemon in minecraft!
    This has taken a while so please like if it helped for you new guys and girls. 🙂

  • _*A Random Lemon*_ 6 months ago

    Ssundee u wasted so much stufffff

  • Adam Speiser 6 months ago

    Also you have to get the strongest pokemon


  • Adam Speiser 6 months ago

    Finally, who wants SSundee to say for example “This just like the actual pokemon” instead of “This is like pokemon Go?” I love the actual pokemon games.

  • Kiwee Games 6 months ago

    You should do the battle of the gangs, Crainer and Thea make a gang and you and Maddie make a gang and then you guys fight to become a better trainer.

  • Carsten Hyld 6 months ago

    Do more

  • zaida chavez 6 months ago


  • antonio orellana 6 months ago

    What’s server name and ip

  • BALKANAC DRAGAN 6 months ago

    I subscribed and liked

  • RamsYT-_- Gaming 6 months ago

    SSundee do /hat and /bike
    Like so Ssundee can see this

  • DJPlays Random Games & Vlogs 6 months ago

    Im so close to getting a Charizard im at lvl 34

  • DJPlays Random Games & Vlogs 6 months ago

    Nooooooo I remember this server being so quiet now so many ppl are gonna be playing just cus of Ssundee

  • Yah boi Malickarp 6 months ago

    Ssundee try catch a dratini or houndour

  • Ian Nation 6 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Alimant 6 months ago

    Am I allowed to collaborate with you ssundee and be your rival plz cuz I have a YouTube channel and i think it would be fun (if you want to collab contact me on my latest overwatch video and I have discord btw)

  • Sohail Bukhari 6 months ago

    How do we go in this mod

  • Homie Wolfie 6 months ago

    Ssundee i subbed!i never thought you would start replying but plz reply

  • earthy plays 6 months ago

    want more pokemon in MC

  • Homie Wolfie 6 months ago

    Theres also a server like this one
    But its modded like the pixelmon series
    Maybe its WAY better for the Viewers i like this too though
    Like if you want the pixelmon mod

  • Sohail Bukhari 6 months ago

    I subscribeid

  • Emerson Urbano 6 months ago

    Yehey pixelmon

  • Jack Aboy 6 months ago

    Do more pls😸

  • Pokemari64 123 6 months ago

    I sub

  • Jason Patrick 6 months ago

    You should do two seties with the fans and crainer and maddie and thea ,in pokefind and the other with crainer and maddie and thea, Pixelmon Reborn

  • MartinTheGamer Pro 6 months ago

    I thought it’s Pixelmon

  • eevee gaming 6 months ago


  • creeping fox 6 months ago

    When’s episode 2 coming out I can’t wait for it

  • Kuala_Kool_Guy v.2.0 6 months ago

    Do what Jerome did hours ago

  • happy dino gaming 6 months ago

    When I see this I say fuc NY life I so good POKEMON

  • Steven Xu 6 months ago

    Pixelmon is not shutdowned i have proof that it is not shutdown go to jeromeasf and check his pixelmon series

  • Kuala_Kool_Guy v.2.0 6 months ago

    This series is ok now that i watched it

  • Hwiseop shin 6 months ago


  • Big patato 6 months ago

    Want more of these!😀

  • simen kleru 6 months ago

    Do pokefind with crainer madelyn and thea

  • StormSteal 6 months ago

    Continue this NOWWWW
    Like so he sees this and posts this more

  • Oskarizard Gaming 6 months ago

    MORE please

  • asha singh 6 months ago


  • Oskarizard Gaming 6 months ago

    Please Do More With Madelin

  • jay pagay 6 months ago

    get off cam sause its good

  • yll ymeri 6 months ago


  • Nielsoboy1 6 months ago

    Ssundee? After this (series) can ya do another prison server? Like if ya agree

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