• Damian Rebollar 3 months ago

    Do more fnaf

  • Giovani Nunez 3 months ago

    Train squirtle

  • Giovani Nunez 3 months ago


  • Jeremia Ripikoi 3 months ago

    are u guys gey or are use brothers

  • Kayler Delgado 3 months ago

    I Don’t have a laptop or pc so I can’t play with u guys😢😢😢

  • nsoolo freez 3 months ago

    Love the intro

  • Adam Nieves 3 months ago

    keep your pichi it’s your true started

  • Thomas Montgomery 3 months ago

    You guys should do the randomizer nuzlocke on project Pokemon in roblox

  • TheDoggy Craft 3 months ago

    Arcacnine is one of my favorite pokemon also L8games can you guys try ark survival pokemon mod?

  • Get the fuck out of here You dumb ass 3 months ago

    Do you know in that main character carries the sidekick so is l8jordan the sidekick and l8nick the main character lol

  • TJ Brooks 3 months ago

    I watch all ur vids
    I asks 4 a shout out u will do that 4 me that wold be a dreem come through😮

  • Abyssal Gaming 3 months ago

    Nick, try to get a torchic to replace arcanine and a ralts to replace one of the manectric. Maybe a gastly since pichu will evolve into pikachu?

  • Mudkips of all da Maudkips Pixelmon 3 months ago

    I’m so happy u got a Mudkip! U might be able to tell by my name but I love Mudkip so much

  • Nonia Magalona 3 months ago

    MudKip is Just Water Not Water Ground

  • The rainbow Glaceon 3 months ago


  • The ExplosiveEnderman 3 months ago

    I really really REALLY wish I could like and subscribe…

    But oh wait! I already have

  • Demar Mills 3 months ago

    Nick please train your treeko

  • c00ldude13 3 months ago

    XD while i was watching one of my kittens tried to eat all the potatoes at my house and the other tried to steal all the jars

  • The ExplosiveEnderman 3 months ago

    senior jiggles😊 *breaths* Oh, how I miss season 5 and 8. #BRINGBACKSENIORJIGGLES

  • Yanaicka Van Putten 3 months ago

    Nick plz nickname the Mudkip Muddy

  • Gustav Ormstrup 3 months ago

    I’m in the video

  • Callum McCabe 3 months ago

    it’s everday bro with the l8games channel flow

  • Ruthchel Saracanlao 3 months ago

    Nick and Jordan pls react to last guest pls I will leave a like pls watch it

  • Skyhill 3 months ago

    Pay to win

  • Noah Dinh 3 months ago

    I thought missile toe meant what the spelling was. I thought it was a weapon

  • Mamunur Rahman 3 months ago

    Guys join my team team valor so VALOR FOR EVER!!!!!

  • austin wiser 3 months ago

    pig dear

  • George Campos 3 months ago

    hi you been there

  • WiseSamurott 3 months ago

    Make more pixelmon ultra

  • paul janavicius 3 months ago

    L8games i tried getting on the server and it doesn’t work tell me what you had to do to get on! P.S. Your my favorite Youtubers!

  • Khurram Arshad 3 months ago


  • OmegaWolfPlays 3 months ago

    MAKE MORE FNAF 6 plzzzzzzzzz

    and I’ll like my own comment cuz I’m not popular… 🙁

  • Gabriela Mendez 3 months ago

    Do night 2 on fnaf6

  • elfame1 3 months ago

    how do u get those eggs i dont have those or did you guys buy el

  • Giovanni Mangal 3 months ago

    nick type in chat /bike and you can ride a bike

  • kitty diamond 3 months ago

    plz play more crazy craft plzz

  • Armann Latala 3 months ago

    Lachlan and vik are the owners of the sever

  • Malcolm Tarvin 3 months ago

    Do more pokecube

  • Sheila White 3 months ago

    What website do you play pixlemon on jordan

  • WILLIAM WHITCOMB 3 months ago

    Luv ur life story’s so funny sometimes

  • Jenny Palmer 3 months ago


  • Jenny Palmer 3 months ago

    100th comment 💯

  • The iron golem 3 months ago

    Do more of this PLZ

  • Christian Davies 3 months ago

    I love your Hiakus

  • Logan Klaassen 3 months ago

    I have a question

  • The Epic Rhinoclarky 3 months ago

    Did u know Ssundee helped this game in the 1st region

  • Alec Paker 3 months ago

    is it a pig or a rainder ITS A JORDAN

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