• Benjamin Sun 3 months ago

    Moon blast is one of the most op moves in Pokémon

  • SalmanPlayz 3 months ago

    Ssundee, byheart all the type weaknesses

  • justin skwazaiski 3 months ago

    Who thinks that SSundee should start another prison wars 😀

  • ArzXnic - Gaming 3 months ago

    Ssundee you do know that you can’t put more than 2 status effect like sleep or poison or paralyze on a Pokemon right? -.- I’m starting to get the impression that everyone on that server is a pokenoob.

  • Prestoxx Thecoolguy 3 months ago

    You know… i wish ssundee would use some common sense because he sends out a grass type against a fire type…

  • Kyler Sen 3 months ago


  • Suha alnobani 3 months ago

    Where is Marshadow?

  • Quick Get The Camera 3 months ago

    I suggest ssundee to learn about types or google it lol. like to let him see it…

  • Xedrick Buccat 3 months ago


  • nidhi gupta 3 months ago

    U can’t put the Pokémon to sleep and poison at the same time

  • Devox_ Yt 3 months ago

    Why do u keep saying when this attack miss ill die even the accuracy is 100% … -_-

  • Jonas Petersen 3 months ago

    Ssundee how can you not know the Pokémon type basics?

  • The one and only Jorsus #LITFAM #FAMLIT LOL 3 months ago

    thank you Russell for adding the Cuphead finish sound

  • Lukas Magđinski 3 months ago

    Ssundee said I’m gonna send moonblast xd

  • ankgra cute 3 months ago

    i hate cobbleston

  • Dr. Awesome ness 3 months ago

    Maddie wut happened to your account guyz search in youtube maddiejoi guyz trust me

  • Kumudumalee Ratnayake 3 months ago

    Was that you’re kid that made that noise

  • Gaming WithDavor 3 months ago

    make turtleneck sweater bunch mrch

  • YoSquid/Sacsquid 3 months ago

    Ssundee I don’t recommend having a move “sleep powder” to venusaur, It cant have 2 effects in a pokemon (meaning it cant have poison,sleep,paralysis,burn and other stuff at the same time) but you can use “effects + confuse” at the same time

  • Gold Fox 3 months ago

    Michael is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haku -sama 3 months ago

    Maybe u want to use giulitine its an K.O. attack
    usa it with a low Level Geodude because he has an ability that he can’t die from One Hit if he is full healt
    and give him the Item that heals him every turn so he is full Health er again ^^

  • Orvala Prabowo 3 months ago

    Wait a Sekk i need to go to the bathroom

  • Kumudumalee Ratnayake 3 months ago

    (. . )

  • Duy Lê Công 3 months ago

    Dude use moonblast stop using dream eater

  • Kratos Plays & Reacts 3 months ago


  • ABOODXD 3 months ago

    Ian:When you are in the bathroom were there

  • ABOODXD 3 months ago


  • Pokemon and challenge 3 months ago

    dragon claw is your most powerful move because of something called STAB which stands for same type attack boost

  • Kumudumalee Ratnayake 3 months ago

    Ssundee say: blastoies is water type sooooo uhhh Maddie says:uhhm physical psychic uhm Ground

  • Yuenny Zhang 3 months ago

    my mum told me to clean the vacuum so am I a vacuum cleaner?

  • Mary Ann Rodriguez 3 months ago

    SSUNDEE 2k17 Woooww shadow kim kardashian😂😂😂

  • Damir Vucic 3 months ago

    do the endeavor,focus sash,quick attack

  • Mary Ann Rodriguez 3 months ago

    SSUNDEE 2k17 ver.2 Who ever find nags first gets a taco from…..??? MCDONALDS

  • ShadowMaster58 3 months ago

    For anyone who doesn’t know, which I’m sure is a good chunk of people watching the video, Pokefind didn’t come up with the idea of shadow pokemon.

  • Martin Berghoff 3 months ago

    u cant do 2 status things at the same time ssunde

  • Wolf In The Light 3 months ago

    Rhydon me

  • AssassinStar102 star 3 months ago

    does sekk look like xxxtentacion

  • Mega Chyle 3 months ago

    I don’t like this series cuz he sucks playing playing pokemon

  • Force 3 months ago

    Im satisfied

    Don’t judge me

  • Read more 3 months ago

    It’s pronounced as KEEIOTO

  • Dynoxic Gamer 3 months ago

    Awesome series

  • רוי רפאל פרינטה 3 months ago

    you cant poison and put a pokemon asleep at the same time

  • The An1m3Boy 3 months ago

    U should change sleep powder on venusaur Cuz u can’t stack statics.

  • AylwinPlayzGames 3 months ago

    nice pronounsation ssundee

  • Likeable Lester 3 months ago


  • shadow gamer 3 months ago

    You cant have two status effects on one pokemon

  • VeReX 3 months ago

    Can i get a like if i trick you?

    Read more

  • GamingKiller Saif 3 months ago

    Respect your teacher. You’re able to read this because of them😎

  • Mr Regan 3 months ago

    Ssundee you can’t stack 2 debuffs at the pokemon!

  • BrozYow GaMing 3 months ago

    i love this series

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