Today we start our Minecraft Pokemon Modded Battledome!
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  • Cameron lloyd 2 weeks ago

    Pixelmon should have shuttet down right

  • Jolanta Valatkiene 2 weeks ago


  • Jolanta Valatkiene 2 weeks ago


  • Finally gotaname 2 weeks ago

    You should do a legendary only battledome

  • Yovanny Vasquez 2 weeks ago

    If Ben sings you should wear the glasses

  • Diego Vazquez 2 weeks ago

    How are you playing pixelmon, didn’t it get shut down?

  • Israel Rivers 2 weeks ago


  • Theo Riegel 2 weeks ago

    Go pellipper

  • Momo Legacy 2 weeks ago

    Jerome you let him win since you only use one move with peliper that did nothing

  • Zackery Gwinn 2 weeks ago


  • Eddie Crinklaw 2 weeks ago

    You should do another Crazy Craft themed battledome

  • Robert Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Check box 4

  • Eric Lee 2 weeks ago

    When Jerome doesn’t understand why he wasn’t able to kill Tewtiy, even though there are particles coming off of him………………


  • Kyle Lambert 2 weeks ago

    the drug mod battle dome

  • Marcos Fuentes 2 weeks ago

    Pokemon again

  • Pixel 2 weeks ago

    Do an Only Trade Evolution battle,and Blade,STOP. BEING. NASTY

  • Pixel 2 weeks ago


  • Mahdeen Islam 2 weeks ago

    Rival rebels guns battledome

  • Yahdilil Haq Sarifuddin 2 weeks ago

    Dude shinh magikarp ! 🙁

  • Yahdilil Haq Sarifuddin 2 weeks ago

    Use mewtwo!!

  • Dave Paneey 2 weeks ago

    Pixel mon

  • gamingninga 0505 2 weeks ago

    Over powered

  • Baller 0507 2 weeks ago

    Legend27 was my classrooms name for apex fun run fundraiser

  • Giovanni Figueroa 2 weeks ago

    There was actually a shine magikarp in the water

  • James Edwards 2 weeks ago

    Do another pixelmon series

  • Peter Mcchesney 2 weeks ago

    I loved superhero battledome!! I’d love to see another one

  • James Grzegorczyk 2 weeks ago

    My fav battledome has to be pixelmon and I agree you should do another pixelmon island

  • chicago spy 2 weeks ago

    Ben arent there but still cheats i love it

  • TheGamingRooster 2 weeks ago

    Porygon z

  • CHARLES INSEL 2 weeks ago

    #Tewity is right

  • volino 2 weeks ago


  • Quantum Plays 2 weeks ago

    Play Pokemon planet

  • Cedrick Dabney 2 weeks ago

    You walked by a shiny magicarp

  • Cedrick Dabney 2 weeks ago

    More Pokémon battledome

  • funnydeadpool120 2 weeks ago

    Can you do a dragon block c or crazier craft battle dome

  • Neil Villadolid 2 weeks ago

    I like that Jerome always puts on his discription gullible

  • KarleighVSLife 2 weeks ago


  • Harley Cosgrove 2 weeks ago

    I think i saw lugia

  • Alex Tompkins 2 weeks ago

    Tewtie is hACKERmAN

  • Madison CoolBeanz 2 weeks ago

    heres jonny!!!!!

  • Faded Blue 2 weeks ago

    Why did u call Kyle and editor is he not ur friend 🙁 #benjavid

  • Olive Karam 2 weeks ago


  • Ankfintaren Björkqvist 2 weeks ago

    PELIPPER FOR THE WIN!!! my favorite pokémon how did you know

  • Kumod Rimal 2 weeks ago

    Superhero battle dome

  • Tomtwo Unbound 2 weeks ago

    How do i download pixelmon 5.1.2

  • Baddy Official 2 weeks ago

    Mega charazard y gives sunlight bossted fire type move lol

  • Electric Blueberry 2 weeks ago


  • Gustavo Velazquez 2 weeks ago

    Jerome you should stop playing pixelmon beacuse the pokemon company maded it illegal to play pixelmon and i dont want you to get sued just like the pixelmon company.

  • darkrae2017-Gaming Morris 2 weeks ago

    Pokemon do Pokemon agen

  • Turquoise_Miner_78 2 weeks ago

    Can we always have andrew as the announcer

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