Today we start our Minecraft Pokemon Modded Battledome!
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  • Alexander Elderhorst 7 months ago

    stahp buying great balls! They are useless, worse than a bloody pokeball! Not kidding I have caught more legendaries with pokeballs than great balls. Plus, you need a master ball and ultra balls.

  • SW BLAZE 7 months ago

    You pasted a level 47 infernape

  • Daniel Lio 7 months ago


  • Mishael Dormido 7 months ago

    Jerome you should do pixelmon egglocke it’s very fun 🙂 😉

  • Maverick Da Savage 7 months ago

    R.I.P Pixelmon

  • Declyn-James Fourie 7 months ago

    It was a shiny venesaur because it had the star and if you reply no it’s a boss it’s not shiny then you obviously know nothing about Pokémon and it is actually possible to get a shiny boss

  • Leaderaur 1558 7 months ago

    There’s Gold blocks at the sea temple

  • amina ali 7 months ago

    latias can sweep the first of the elite four

  • David Christy 7 months ago

    jerome you don’t go for a legendary with 4 great balls

  • Susan Mercedes 7 months ago

    Pixilmon is not dead yet guys

  • Anti Assassination Master 12 7 months ago

    how do u get the pixelmon mod for minecraft?

  • Flutter pinkie pony shy 7 months ago

    bring back 1 hour streams

  • daniel forman 7 months ago

    Why not wonder trade his starter

  • Julian Daniel 7 months ago

    Why didn’t Jerome catch all the full evolved starters he passed by

  • Grandee DeGuzman 7 months ago

    Do anybody notice him cursing while he was catching the rapidash,”Don’t encourage this nig** “

  • Unknown Gamer 7 months ago

    did jerome just call latias weak

  • Ollie Howlett 7 months ago


  • Sirfartsalot19 Awesome 7 months ago

    The mega venusaur was shiny

  • ReemEpicMiner Gaming 7 months ago

    voldermort has the nose of a snake not no nose

  • Springy Lord 7 months ago

    did jerome just fucking call latios and latias weak they are some of the strongest legendarys yet he goes and calls them weak that’s just sad Edit: then he goes and calls lapras strong lapras is a weakling it has so many weaknesses and has a pretty shallow move pool

  • HotrodTallus 7 months ago

    you missed a ditto at 30:11 it was the legendary that spawned in the river biome. (the bright purple blob on the mountain)

  • Maria Bojte 7 months ago

    Én a filmet szeretném meg nézni a Díla

  • Elijahggchap X 7 months ago

    Lol u passed a shiny o hip hops ev

  • Jonathan Truong-brown 7 months ago

    Umm Jerome preston is beating u in subs

  • NOAH Rossignoli 7 months ago

    Boldumor has no nose because Jerome stole itThats why jerome has a big nose XD jk

  • Liam Jamison 7 months ago

    Dont know if he’ll see this, but Jerome, you should do a battle dome, where you start with like 10 pokeballs, 5 great balls, 2 ultra balls, and a master ball. The twist is that you can’t mine resources, you instead trade the drops from pokemon.

  • Springy Lord 7 months ago

    and then blade calls swift decent

  • Mason Caton 7 months ago

    Who else yelled at the screen when Jerome passed a lvl 47 Infernape

  • Comedy Kids 7 months ago

    Da shiny doe. It’s a great Pokemon with the mega ability thick fat. Which means fire and ice type move are nothing to worry about. Wish bosses are catchable.

  • chris drago 7 months ago

    Voldermort chose the slight resemblance to a snake.

  • DaDerpasaurusRex 7 months ago

    Due to a request from the pokemon company pixelmon has been discontinued, no more pixelmon updates…

  • Tomas Rauba 7 months ago

    This chanel was popular befor and now its dead

  • Niki Ovcharov 7 months ago

    “I havent seen any good pokemon” – You litelary just passed like 15 kadabras and alakazams!?!?

  • Connor Thompson 7 months ago

    I thought pixelmon ended

  • Connor Thompson 7 months ago

    Cause of Lachlan vid

  • Giant Cheeseball 7 months ago

    Go into the water temple and take the 8 blocks of gold (like comment so Jerome doesn’t have to go mining again)

  • Ardi Gaming 7 months ago


  • Rick And Morty 7 months ago


  • McShizzleman900 7 months ago

    start a pokemon go series jerome. bring friends as well

  • Trickyotroy 7 months ago

    Jerome Get a Tyranitar 😀

  • Antonio Ala 7 months ago


  • TEETSMAN 7 months ago

    Jerome u should catch mareep or avatar to train it and be mostly unstoppable MUCH LUV BUD

  • TEETSMAN 7 months ago

    Been watching for years on different accounts

  • TEETSMAN 7 months ago

    Jumpluff is good eith solar beam and poison attacks

  • TEETSMAN 7 months ago

    Jerome i think u past legendary

  • Death Watch 7 months ago

    I’m the kind of Pokémon player that has one lvl 70 and the rest lvl 20 but I have tons of full revives😂

  • Pokedrawer 7 months ago

    What happened to bashur 🙁

  • David Osunde 7 months ago

    So are we gonna ignore that Jerome passed a level 47 infernape

  • GOH daredevil99 7 months ago


  • Tiernan Forde 7 months ago

    Jerome said the n word at 24:55

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