Today we start our Minecraft Pokemon Modded Battledome!
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  • random dude 1 month ago

    Onix has the base attack of an oddish

  • Mary Merritt 1 month ago

    Jromasf win

  • André Noronha 1 month ago

    That letter pokemon exists and is called unown. There are a lot of forms for eeach letter

  • Stormy gamin 1 month ago


  • UmairChillz 1 month ago


  • STisBoss 1 month ago

    I thought pokemon cancelled pixelmon

  • GamingbrineMC - Minecraft & More 1 month ago


  • Tanner Spring 1 month ago

    How they shut down pixelmon

  • gage schlicht 1 month ago

    Mudkips the best

  • Mysticalplayz 1 month ago

    lel im a #nohater but why does he start with a torchic, just pointing out

  • SwHappy 1347 1 month ago

    You have to go at least 200,789 blocks away from spawn 2T

  • Max Carmen Gaming 1 month ago

    How are you still playing pixelmon?

  • DJ BURRAGE 1 month ago

    You missed a shiny and a diamond

  • nomadic fire 1 month ago

    Do more ark

  • Greg Gold 1 month ago

    Guys like so Jerome can see. Spend 5 minutes next part to find a water temple. It will have 9 gold blocks and maybe some lapis blocks. all he needs are 20 ish torches and a iron pic. The torches will give air pockets

  • Random Playz and Roleplay 1 month ago

    did anyone else see the mega X Charizard at the begininng

  • DreamTeam OP 1 month ago


  • Murrow Love 1 month ago

    I love game theory

  • ZebraGirl 333 1 month ago

    Go back to the mouwten

  • Sans from_Undertale 1 month ago

    Anybody else remember baby bacca

  • Joshua Nall 1 month ago

    You should do an original Pixelmon series and make it last like 2 years

  • אלעד אוחנה 1 month ago

    Your nose is bigger then your face

  • UntamedPotential2330 1 month ago

    Can you send me a link to the mods?? please Ive always wanted to play pixelmon

  • GAMING WITH YOAV 1 month ago

    Please do a pixelmon series

  • Pierce Howell 1 month ago

    Yes i love these!!

  • Ninja Gaming 1 month ago

    Mr. Rape im deeeeaaaaadddd

  • ItsDanny yt 1 month ago

    I’m to YouTube I was away for a week

  • Damon G 1 month ago

    thank god he still does pixelmon

  • GoldSonic Speed 1 month ago

    Who else is sad about pixelmon fading since Nintendo stopped it?

  • animatronic YT 1 month ago

    Gen6 had best starts

  • HackingK9 - 1 month ago

    tewtiy ben is the expired cupon so he need an expired card as well

  • Dan Tennant 1 month ago

    Should do a battledome with 5 on each side for a 3 part

  • Kolton Aylward 1 month ago

    #kill Andrew

  • Kolton Aylward 1 month ago

    Andrew don’t like Dr.Seuss cause he needs a dr

  • Cloud Ninja 1 month ago

    Pixelmon was shut down by Nintendo

  • Guide To Life yolo 1 month ago

    never drink while watching Jerome. it will come out your nose. it just happened to me 😂

  • Djchimp 33 1 month ago

    He missed a shiny 😏🙄🙄😏

  • Joseph Sam 1 month ago

    Jerome that’s why there was no part 3 >=(

  • Mister Meme 1 month ago

    4th gen

  • The Loneliest Rocket 1 month ago

    Gen 5 had my favorite starters. The oshawott line in particular is my favorite.

  • The Loneliest Rocket 1 month ago

    Thats one of the things that I dont like about minecraft. Once you lose your spot in the game, you might as well give up.

  • Diamond 1 month ago

    i love gen 7

  • Alex Tompkins 1 month ago

    Good new Pokemon is turtenator

  • Shehan Suraweera 1 month ago

    when Tewity said Nitrom I was literally laughing

  • Eric Her 1 month ago

    why are u putting mon after gen 5 pokemon it’s not digimon

  • Ender 6705 1 month ago

    Squishy you better take that back about doctor who

  • MsCaptainjo 1 month ago

    Just make sure Tewtiy knows that Michael scoot from the office leaves, and Dwight and Angela get maried

  • Happy jolteon 1 month ago

    Right in the beginning he missed a shiny milktank

  • Angela Chua 1 month ago

    Is pixelmon still able to play

  • Niki Ovcharov 1 month ago

    You litheraly passed like 5 machokes for a FING ONIX

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