• PixelDip 2 weeks ago

    Yayyy! New Side video :3 Hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to check out Yo-Kai High and pixelmon Randomizer nuzlocke if you haven’t already!

  • WolfyGamer 2 weeks ago


  • Kendall Odom 2 weeks ago

    I’am so excited!!!!

  • MightyKnowledge Gaming 2 weeks ago

    First comment nice series pixeldip please do more please please I’m begging you and begging you and begging you please

  • Sonic Craft 2 weeks ago

    Pixel are you still doing The pixel mon Anime and Pixelmon Manga????????

  • MightyKnowledge Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Make Ash’s alola team plz senpai

  • rolando rivera 2 weeks ago

    where is Steven universe

  • Ethan Riddick 2 weeks ago

    Good job

  • Alex Burgess 2 weeks ago

    :^/ annnd im not watching

  • King 99 2 weeks ago


  • May samurai / DxD CLAN 2 weeks ago

    Hey go sub to me I do Pokemon as well and other random things

  • khanh le 2 weeks ago

    kanto ash vs lance from joto

  • GARNET UNIVERSE 2 weeks ago


  • Pixel Beek 2 weeks ago

    Hehe do Brock with mega steelix or misty with mega garydos

  • Kirby Ninja 2 weeks ago

    Seems legit

  • LaurenForRealz Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Brady Guins 2 weeks ago

    Make more Pixelmon dark videos

  • Demon umbreon EX 2 weeks ago


  • Brady Guins 2 weeks ago

    I pick you

  • Brady Guins 2 weeks ago

    Make more Pixelmon legendary Quest videos please please

  • brian estrella 2 weeks ago

    Pixelmon dark ?

  • YourFriendBubble 2 weeks ago


  • Rajiv Chhetry 2 weeks ago


  • Pratibha Sachdeva 2 weeks ago


  • SkepticGamers 2 weeks ago

    do a theme of all the pokemon ash released: Greninja, Charizard, Goodra, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Lapras

  • Donavin Widner 2 weeks ago

    Pixel dip may you please bring back yo-kai watch

  • Toni Troxclair 2 weeks ago


  • Ikechi M 2 weeks ago

    paul vs ash from Dimond and perl

  • shahzad malik 2 weeks ago

    Pixeldip do midday Licanroc vs midnight Lycanroc and
    Ash’s Alolan team vs Ash’s Kalos team. Please

  • theshadowtemmie 2 weeks ago

    you should do a wattpadd book theme team find a pokemon book and use the pokemon they use

  • AboveGryphon YT 2 weeks ago

    Can u play pokemon Brick bronze

  • mford6687 2 weeks ago


  • Deysi Cruz 2 weeks ago

    Pixel plx plz plz go back and upload more yoki hie school plz plz plz

  • Flaming GalaxyWolf 2 weeks ago

    Hey pixel! Plz repley

  • TLB Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Idk if I missed something but where is pikachu?

  • Flaming GalaxyWolf 2 weeks ago

    Hey Pixel! Please repley,OH can maybe can me and you do a pokemon Brick bronze vid?

  • Slimedude The slime man 2 weeks ago


  • Eva Shannon 2 weeks ago

    Red vs gold

  • deoxycraft anonymous 2 weeks ago

    hey pixel can i suggest some role plays for you? i will tell you them in the comments the only thing you have to do to accept is reply the code kresnox to my comment that’s all 😛

  • Death Reveals 2 weeks ago

    Is ash greninja in game or did you make it that way?

  • Rocket Tuber 2 weeks ago

    Hey Pixeldip did you know in the anime, Brock and Misty are coming back?

  • JoeJoe vs Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Competitive Pixeldip logs: Day 20: Pikachu Fly, Surf, Thunder Bolt, Iron Tail.
    Legendary move set right there

  • LSpy's World 2 weeks ago



  • TheOreMinecart //Myles 2 weeks ago

    Lol most of the video was the set up but I like when people include this stuff for people who don’t know, and don’t want to Google XD

  • TheOreMinecart //Myles 2 weeks ago

    Do mistic / light / holy next

  • marvin hernandez 1 week ago

    pixeldaper is a good name for pixeldip l8games is thw bes

  • sam gan 1 week ago

    do paul against cyntia

  • RollTheDice 1 week ago

    Skip Team building session: 8:22

  • xBreezyBlue 1 week ago

    Cynthia vs Red o.O

  • epicgamer 11111 1 week ago

    Dp ash vs Paul

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