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    Is it me or does the poke gear look like a ds

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    Hey ssundee I am your fan

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    come on my faverat team is blue

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    U never reply 🙁

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    Can you get burned garadose

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    Pls more episodes

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    I subscribed

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    Ssundee play roblox and play Pokémon brick bronze

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    I will turn your red to blue without mercy

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    Really good video Ssundee can you help me too be I YouTube

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    Please don’t open to many more eggs for this dirties will get dull and not feel like pokemon if you constantly open egggs and never catch anything

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    Play more clash royale

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    I joined team VALOR! like if you did too!

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    Hey ssundee if you go to the mythical city and go to the fighting plat form near the ocean there’s a ditto there that will keep changing into your pokemon and he is level 95 when I battled him I took it out with a level 20 so try fighting that to level up Pokémon

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    Craner Must jon tes seres

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    maney crainer will win for the first time(sarcastically)

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    First time his joke has actually made me laugh

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    Pokemon is shitty please stop with this nasty series.

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    Russell should put every time ssundee catches a Pokémon the I play Pokémon go every day 😀

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    Of course he wanted his big boy SNORLAX!!!!!!!!

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    How dare you be valor! mystic rules!

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    uhm ssundee theres a pocket pc on your inventory already….

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    Whenever I try to join it keeps disconnecting me. It says loading texture pack and then it crashes… anyone know how to fix?

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    Wat is the ip for this pokemon minecraft server

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    ssundee and maddie name the gyarados that you got now xD ketchup and mustard plezzzz

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    She got the gold one because she had a shiny magicarp

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    Yes red is my favorite color

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    Hey ssundee love your videos but you have been playing Pokemon for a long time so you should know whats what and the basics like what one type is weak to. Im not hating im just giving my thoughts. Love your work though

  • Luciel Choi 6 months ago

    Ssundee: :O!! Madelyn look at my Gyarados!!

    Maddie: Look at mine!! We’re Ketchup and Mustard!!

    omg lol.

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    Keep up playing this series ssundee ! I love it

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    Im number 6037th comment MADDIE REPLY TO ME NOW lol love u guyssssss

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    By the way crainer have a legendary

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    what did the librerian say to the children

    read more

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    Ssundee You Need To Fight With Trainer To Level Up Faster

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    ssundee im sorry but you are already ruining this series you are getting free eggs every single episode free rare candy and buffs

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    If i have to choose team I choose team intist

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    how did you get shiny and aura gary? like who helped u with it

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