• Benjamin Payton 8 months ago

    Ur so bad at that parkour pe

  • TrIbEmAn ComPanU 8 months ago

    Preston lemme challenge u on PE

  • Berty Ponto 8 months ago

    Omg seeing a master mcpc doing mcpe IS SO FUNNY 😂😂😂 I play and I’m really good at it but I’m a noob for mcpc 😂😂😂

  • Angel Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Preston needs that blutooth computer.

  • Jr Inferno 8 months ago

    OMG I’ve played this map before it’s called The White but the glass is supposed to be invisible
    Like if you’ve played map before

  • Cutest Pikachu 8 months ago

    I’m Pro at Parkour. PVP. Building. Archery at Mcpe I can teach u but I don’t have your version my mcpe version is

  • -AceAndy- Minecraft 8 months ago

    I just realised Preston is an old trend. At 6:14 he dabbed, no one does that anymore.

  • Aaron Photos 8 months ago

    preston for minecraft pe im a god at parkour but i want you to know that you can switch the controls around to where your jump is on the right and sneak is on left if you go to settings and go to touch controls it will say switch jump and sneak it is amazing for parkour

  • Sagan Valle 8 months ago

    No more calll of duty Preston ? Damm I didn’t think I’ll see the days u would stop playing cod

  • yoboi xxdyingmeatballxx 8 months ago

    u said bitch before an lied about it

  • Gummy yummy 8 months ago

    preston switch the jump button with the cruch buuton it will make parkour more easier

  • Dino PING 8 months ago

    TBH I bet I’m better than rage at parkour

  • b mac 8 months ago

    can you sub.i want to do a stream

  • SwagPlays Gaming 8 months ago

    i didnt realize preston is lit when he plays pocket edition

  • TheBlueSlimeBoy 8 months ago

    MCPE parkour for me is easy..(not bragging)

  • Charlie Wilson 8 months ago

    I don’t see what his problem was I can do parkour easy on a 5C

  • Connor Gilbert 8 months ago

    Can’t wait to see you at Main Event!!

  • Cj Sey 8 months ago

    Preston didn’t put the map info

  • Mr Minecraft2005 8 months ago

    Preston if you don’t like playing with the buttons then you can play on your keyboard and controller by getting a otg cable and a Pc remote thing

  • Steve Hashimoto 8 months ago

    Preston try consol edition. It is sooooo fricking hard do basiclly any jump.

  • Noe Gutierrez 8 months ago

    Ay estos Mamones!😂

  • Muhammad Taylor 8 months ago

    love you Preston keep on playing minecraft and I think you should play some more death tag and lava run and… bye.

  • Mark Blanchard 8 months ago

    give a shout out to Waffle_Dude

  • Mattheze 8 months ago

    Not this 3am shithead…

  • Cristobal Rubio 8 months ago

    preston het mcpe and then free maps for free plis im on my dads phone

  • Sedric Thomes 8 months ago

    Do you have xbox

  • UnDeaD Gamer 8 months ago

    the new mcpe parkour player. PrestonPlayz. the gamer on android not in window 10 edition. #preston the best

  • Sedric Thomes 8 months ago

    If you do what it your gamertag

  • spiderman956 gaming 8 months ago

    Fugue I like the Minecraft try muiltplayer master is 10 for awesome wifi

  • Tan Dianne 8 months ago

    Stupid preston

  • Tan Dianne 8 months ago

    Don’t even know how to parkour!

  • undefeatable king 8 months ago

    Preston to get more maps mod and texters in mcpe use add-ons the app

  • Dylan Williams 8 months ago

    These jumps must be so hard for people who play computer minecraft as their main 😂…

  • Preston Jacobs 8 months ago

    Rage elixir!!!!!!!

  • Lightning fire525 8 months ago

    create your own minecraft pe chanel

  • ERIC CRUZ 8 months ago

    preston omg i kown you have pixel gin 3d and you play you lose over there but i survived but i like you

  • Nikki Lin 8 months ago

    Can u do a Minecraft pe series

  • AWSOMEBOY321 GAMER 8 months ago


  • Patricia Zapf 8 months ago

    I have that map

  • Suryasuryono Hussein 8 months ago

    intro song elektronomia limitless

  • RedSlime690 - Minecraft/ More 8 months ago

    Preston u can connect a keyboard and mouse or any controller to play Mcpe

  • ShadowDetective 8 months ago

    I can parkour better on mcpe than them X,D

  • ShadowDetective 8 months ago

    Preston swap your jump and sneak from the setting you are on now, its easier to parkour and momentum like that

  • ICE_BEAR25 GAMING 8 months ago

    Are they bad or I’m just better ?

  • LightningCreeper -Minecraft Half-Life 8 months ago

    well i guess preston needs more practice on PE MC
    Preston this is an advice= ur still the best in PC MC parkour u just need more time in PE just like those old days u still a noob parkourer

  • Diamondby Smasher 8 months ago

    Preston one tip please put jump button on right

  • ICE_BEAR25 GAMING 8 months ago

    Go to the settings for easy controls
    Settings-Controls-Swap jump and sneak

  • ICE_BEAR25 GAMING 8 months ago

    pls the map link 🙁

  • ZEEP_ 15 8 months ago

    Try doing parkour or pvp on the console version! That’ll be cool to see 😀

  • Wenze “Robin” Zhong 8 months ago

    U know u can switch the jump button and sneak one right

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