• Maahin Ahmed 10 months ago

    Ender cristle

  • enderdestroyer 102 10 months ago

    hey stampy if you put the game on peaceful then all the endermen will be gone but the enderdragon won’t

  • Future horse 10 months ago

    My friend Harley higley she told me that she plays with you!!!

  • Yixue Pan 10 months ago

    Even in hungers game when I place a block it disappears

  • Jared Kinz 10 months ago

    Stampy is a quitter…
    I think you just have to try harder!
    Although it angers me so much that you barely know how to do any remote parkour…

  • Wallawam SG 10 months ago

    I love pocket edition why did you have to end it early!

  • DavidPlayz// The YouTuber Gamer TV 10 months ago

    It’s a ender cryistal not beacons ps your one of my favorite youtubers

  • StripedVase4104 10 months ago

    There is a lot of bugs in the game for now but there are supposed to be multiple bug fixes in 1.0.5 and 1.2 aka the better together update

  • StripedVase4104 10 months ago

    What version do you have ?

  • StripedVase4104 10 months ago

    A lot of bug fixed in 1.0.5

  • Apach Indian 10 months ago

    Stampy you should never give up, well if your not having fun then maybe but even if it’s so hard only if you never give up you will make it

  • Jesse K 10 months ago

    Pocket edition is usually really nice

  • Jesse K 10 months ago

    Make another series on mcpe

  • Jesse K 10 months ago


  • ocean sharky 10 months ago


    Me:let’s play soft ball

    Friend : sure

    Me: nice shot

    Freind : ohh unlucky

    **gets hit be a soft ball**

    Me: AUUGHHHHHH this thing isn’t soft ITS AS HARD AS A ROCK

  • Emily Lynne 10 months ago

    All I can do I sigh… Minecraft PE is the only version of Minecraft I have access to and it’s broken… When ever I play it sometimes won’t save (even though I do save it), everything glitched and I just can’t have any fun. I really really do enjoy playing Minecraft but I just can’t

  • TIMTIM danger 10 months ago

    stampy on i pad it is hard

  • Hazel Mears 10 months ago

    Seriously – you need some kind of medal for putting up with it for so long. I’ve played the pocket edition since it came out and to start with, it was pretty stable. Since they’ve added more into it, it is just a nightmare. Playing on the newest iPad, so loads of resource and bits don’t load in, progress doesn’t save – its a nightmare. Well done for 25 episodes without smashing your iPad to pieces!

  • Glitter Destiny 10 months ago

    That was anticlimactic lol

  • Bob Hagerman 10 months ago

    Stampy I love you more than anything literally omg you are so good at mincraft and guess what I have watched every video every book you make and I watch you all day every day your books and videos are so good I could faint

  • Bob Hagerman 10 months ago


  • TheGreatMiner90 10 months ago

    stampy make a water bucket

  • Mayte.Estrada Estrada 10 months ago


  • Mayte.Estrada Estrada 10 months ago


  • Mayte.Estrada Estrada 10 months ago

    Can you come too little rock

  • Mayte.Estrada Estrada 10 months ago


  • Baxter Cat! 10 months ago

    World seed

  • COOKIES FO' RHONDA 10 months ago

    The Ender Dragon is the mom of all of the endermen. Wish she could have daughters tho, some enderwomen would be nice.

  • Chicckening Masters 10 months ago

    also console is dead now its the bedrock engine ypu can only play ps4 mc if you wanna play cause ps3 will be discontinued next year wii u will soon amd xbox 360 i saw in toycats vid it will discontinue as long as people play it

  • Abigail Hdz 10 months ago

    Stampy, can u invite me to your world, also I’m using my uncle’s account but I’m sorry, I forgot what’s my uncle’s account.

  • JoEn Rivas 10 months ago

    Its ok stamps ive been playing pocket edition for so long and i havent even beaten the dragon once and they made it even harder now

  • HeyItsSam 10 months ago

    Can’t wait for the new console series :))

  • B Holley 10 months ago

    What about the seed?

  • Zachariah Lukavich 10 months ago

    You should restart the no home challenge on console, stampy.

  • Penguin Sniper FTW 10 months ago

    What does he use to record

  • Johnky D 10 months ago

    What happened to terraria

  • Johnky D 10 months ago

    Bring terraria nack pls

  • PinkWolfyGamer 10 months ago

    The end crystals are healing the ender dragon

  • ROCKSTAR3K 10 months ago

    /kill @e

  • Brady Phillips 10 months ago

    You should have keep inventory on

  • Gamergirl2468 Frye 10 months ago

    Why didn’t he just enderpearl on top of the tower?

  • Mary B 10 months ago

    What was the seed???

  • Dream dragon 10 months ago

    Hello Stampy I don’t know if you’re ever going to do a different series on Minecraft Pocket Edition but I want you to know acute wolf trick if you spawn a boat near a wolf the wolf well hop on to the boat and you can ride with your dog so I thought that was going to be a trick for you

  • aidan krushinsky 10 months ago

    Hey Stampy! Will you go back to pocket edition or will you stay with console?

  • Gail Adkins 10 months ago

    You forgot the seed

  • Markus Bane 10 months ago

    Feather falling would have helped, building a two high platform to hide under would have saved you from the ender ender, rushing the dragon when it land would have helped you do more damage then it can recover, when the ender men take damage from the dragon they will agro you.

    I’d love to try to finish the dragon and see how badly glitches your map is. It may have been a bad map. I can see no reason you should have had so much trouble. Is there any way you can do a map download?

  • Alan Smith 10 months ago

    Go on creative

  • NZ Sales 10 months ago

    sooooooo dumb

  • Mapleshy 527 10 months ago

    You could have used ender pearls maybe…meh doesn’t matter…

  • Arish Kumar 10 months ago


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