• Bro Bliscious 3 weeks ago

    Do a CodyCraft survival, single player only series (like shadow Craft)

  • Elmer Gonzalez 3 weeks ago

    Cody I’m a big fan of yours my name is Angel and I’m going to be starting my own YouTube channel is just like you but instead of the Atlantis thing and yeah but I’m a big friend keep up the good work and Cody you’re the best YouTuber besides Jess and SkyDoesMinecraft

  • ZeeDerpApples 3 weeks ago

    You should make another modpack and name it like The Return or some cheesy name. Ya gotta do it man, you’re channel is dieing. Hope this is of some help.

  • Carl Parker 3 weeks ago

    I miss whos your daddy episodes

  • T H E M O U T H I S G O D 3 weeks ago

    I have aids from watching this

  • Rogue Mango 3 weeks ago

    Rogue Chopper moving out.

  • Naufal raihan 3 weeks ago

    Kau ganti cenem yaaaaaa hihihihihi

  • AwsomeGame Creatures900 2.0 3 weeks ago

    I like your new pvz minecraft video it’s so cool

  • Tess Lee 3 weeks ago

    super plants dude

  • Betty McElyea 3 weeks ago




  • Raishawn Hall 3 weeks ago

    0:30 is he naked

  • Andrew Arenas 3 weeks ago


  • Ashley King 3 weeks ago


  • Dark Destroyer 3 weeks ago

    He hides something under his frying pan

  • Jacob Star101 3 weeks ago


  • YUSRI BIN ARSHAD - 3 weeks ago

    Cody gets cocky 😥😥

  • Dark Destroyer 3 weeks ago

    Send in the reset when something dies*

  • SCORPION KNIGHT 3 weeks ago


  • Clarence Donato 3 weeks ago

    It’s sad the two goats died 😭😭😭

  • Slenderman 08711 3 weeks ago

    Cody bring back dream craft

  • Slenderman 08711 3 weeks ago

    Crazy Dave is probably keeping the queen of each type plant and he is holding them for rand some

  • ExcellGamer 3 weeks ago

    great video keep it up !!!

  • grname 12 3 weeks ago

    More more more

  • Nightmare rex 3 weeks ago

    🌱 s and zombies more like 👨‍🏫 and 🐧

  • Jack Connor Prestigiacomo 3 weeks ago


  • Peggy Cooper 3 weeks ago

    Just subbed.make halo vids please

  • 隨緣 3 weeks ago


  • Tiny King 3 weeks ago

    Cody go with Joe and all them and play crazy craft with the brothers tiny turtle and little lizzard

  • TERRY Mcfarland 3 weeks ago

    The plants are too O.P.

  • wherewolfgirl 3 weeks ago

    WAIT techinacly the zombies are vegitariens because then don’t go for crazy Dave but go for plants

  • Tristan Halsana 3 weeks ago

    Do more these are fun to watch

  • tom_345 _riddle 3 weeks ago

    Cody missed like 15 zombies he had to spawn in

  • Johnny Airsteel 3 weeks ago

    He’s hiding a chili hot dog

  • Anthony Benner 3 weeks ago

    Dave’s hiding a gun to kill y’all

  • tanyabrown26 3 weeks ago

    Me 😈

  • Black Shadow 3 weeks ago

    when are you guys gonna release the PvZ mod?

  • The Thunder Man 3 weeks ago


  • Charish Joey Salte 3 weeks ago

    crazy daves secret is his daughter died cuz of dr zomboss with his giant robot

  • Tisay Pagulayan 3 weeks ago


  • YouTube watcher 11001012 3 weeks ago

    Wanna know why u lost?u don’t learn from ya mistake last time U ASKED FOR ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME WHY DONT U LEARN?!

  • RenGEN 3 weeks ago

    The old days of star wars rp I watched every one

  • Pacmania892 Rp's and Things 3 weeks ago

    AtlanticCraft! I’m really excited for the Plants vs. Zombies mod to be finished and available! Please let us know when the next mod update is please! I’m so excited! 😀

  • Sean Rinaldi 3 weeks ago


  • Austin Drift Master 2 weeks ago

    Pickleis cheded

  • Asan Nurtaev 2 weeks ago


  • Asan Nurtaev 2 weeks ago


  • Asan Nurtaev 2 weeks ago


  • Asan Nurtaev 2 weeks ago

    TheAtlanticCraft”s vidios

  • Mary Plasabas 2 weeks ago


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