• Gaming Master 3 months ago

    Wait how do you have pokemon Nintendo banned the mod ?????

  • lanfon Moulton 3 months ago

    WHAT HAPPENED TO TAPU BULU!!!!!??????????

  • ninja pikachu 3 months ago

    what you call a goodra that moos moodra

  • Krista Mayo 3 months ago

    Nick you have 5 lendradary’s so you need one more to make your whole team lendradary’s

  • ImJesus_ _TheGod27 3 months ago


  • Matt James 3 months ago

    Put your legendarys in your party

  • Kenadee Garrelts 3 months ago

    why didnt they upload the drgin yesterday and today Hng! DID THEY QUIT TH SERIS DID THEY THEY DO IT DAILY WHY NOT YESTERDAY AND TODAY I LUV THAT SERIS

  • Juha Park 3 months ago

    Nick: Catch a Charizard, how about that?
    Me: Cash me outside, how about that?

  • Zachary Sandman 3 months ago

    Im not sure but i think u missed a shiny dustox while fighting goodra

  • Zachary Sandman 3 months ago

    Give rocky helmet to darmanitan so that flare blitz has no recoil

  • Isaac Lin 3 months ago

    Dragons pls (i went to play it for 20mins timed it killed a dragon and got a fire dragon egg already died 3 times solo run) how is it this hard for you guys u have 2 and im 1

  • Banana Snipes 3 months ago

    Noice #teampurple

  • Kenji Lim 3 months ago


  • Cool_flamingo 3 months ago

    thx l8games but i have one request WHAT HAPPENED TO 3 VIDEOS A DAY ???????!!!!!!!!
    btw i have been watching ur channel from the beginning and u r amazing thanks for my cure of laughter all these years ur the best guys

  • CrazyCatChris 1YT 3 months ago


    Jk im frogoten about this

  • Flexparl 3 months ago

    i want to be ur cyan between blue and green


  • chaosreaper2260 3 months ago

    when ever im sad i can count on u to cheer me up

  • Kat McGuyer 3 months ago

    436 like

  • JACKYGH and2 3 months ago

    Old man tom!!!COME BACK !

  • Hanny Teng 3 months ago


  • Hanny Teng 3 months ago

    its been a long dayyy with out me watching your videos let me tell u when i watch your video OHH OHH OHH OHH XD LOL

  • Anila Hasan 3 months ago

    Do a fnaf role play I love fnaf and your vids so please so a fnaf roleplay

  • theblader balder 3 months ago

    Nick: don’t fail school. Me: too latr

  • Jennifer Hosler 3 months ago

    Next time you should start at a lake and say hey guys welcome back to another lakegames video

  • theblader balder 3 months ago

    L8games: we have the l8gardeands. Me: Wich one l8 or lake

  • Blaise Mackenzie 3 months ago

    You need to use your mega stone and find the right Pokémon!!!!!!

  • johnny bee 3 months ago

    Great now you can guard the lakes!

  • Shanti Huggins 3 months ago

    catch a bounsweet and evolve it

  • Cathal Doyle 3 months ago


  • Oliwier Piekut 3 months ago

    I am asking for a link to this game my e-mail oliwierpiekut05@wp.pl

  • Alexandra Gough 3 months ago

    I love this series please make more

  • beyblade warriors 3 months ago

    Accept my request on Roblox pleadr

  • George Yu 3 months ago

    can u make the series like 50 ep pls or 30

  • Michelle Kelley 3 months ago

    Keep it up

  • Justin Comley 3 months ago

    They should make a mega feralagater

  • jade jamerson 3 months ago

    What happened to episode 24 of poke wars with the nick and Jordan as ditto

  • SpartaPros 3 months ago

    I subbed

  • Matt C 3 months ago

    Pls ark pokemon

  • Martin Hernandez III 3 months ago

    Do some more Roblox

  • Justin Gomez 3 months ago

    Ihave mewtoo and a mew

  • Justin Gomez 3 months ago

    Team Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  • Justin Gomez 3 months ago

    # l8nick

  • Justin Gomez 3 months ago

    Go Team Blue jk go Team green

  • Teysean Davis 3 months ago

    If you throw the pokeball and then standed on it you got a higher chance to get the pokemon😂

  • Hunter Kanazaki 3 months ago

    You guys are the best you make me laugh even at my darkest times keep making videos and make others happy 😀

  • Hunter Kanazaki 3 months ago

    #TeamGreen #TeamBlue

  • sylva ortiz 3 months ago

    You are amaze yo

  • CrAzY LoL 3 months ago

    Isnt pixelmon deleted as a mod?

  • Shadow Espeon 3 months ago

    YO this series so far is AMAZING like… RAY-MAZING (I’m bad at Pokémon puns like the rayquaza one I just made)

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