• James Martin 6 months ago

    Tbh I legit jumped out of my chair

  • Korey Berry 6 months ago

    Its seth y ru so l8 thats wat i h8 cant u rel8 an if we go to the sea were shark b8 an in politics were a canid8

  • Jacob Packer 6 months ago

    you passed that shiny nick

  • Ayushma Rimal 6 months ago

    its a tapu obviously

  • hey itzfrosty 6 months ago

    Omg yes i love this series the best. You guys need to get running shoe for Jordan

  • Fire Boss 6 months ago

    Hi I’m one of the first people

  • Haydenn Webb 6 months ago

    Please like my comment please

  • Cassie Signet 6 months ago


  • Fred Whit 6 months ago

    Go Lego games effete water this

  • Mudkipgames moore 6 months ago

    AWSOME VID AND keep up the good work and Pokémon attack

  • Deividas LTU 6 months ago

    Thx for your hard work guys, your content is really good, i like it alot and also in the future(Doesn’t have to be soon) would be nice to see some pixelmon minigame videos like pixelmon random box battles, lucky dip and others (Or you could just add those to the gameshow series in the part where you compete for rare candies), it’s just a suggestion. #L8gamesisawesome

  • my user is lil_nekoghoul can u plz give me robux? 6 months ago


  • Debi Ballard 6 months ago

    That scared me so bad😁😁

  • TheBaconD ! 6 months ago

    Why are the videos so short
    all of the sudden?

    Not like I’m complaining

  • John-Michael Minczeski 6 months ago

    jerdin trade tapu fini back pls

  • Blake Witter 6 months ago

    More!!!!!!! PLZ LOL

  • epicgamer 11111 6 months ago


  • Adorabella Premium Extensions 6 months ago

    tthat jump scare

  • logan at love 6 months ago

    First commet

  • Robert Burgos 6 months ago

    Start new and get mudkip

  • Andrew Smith 6 months ago

    Ron got a big family tree

  • Kawika Anderson 6 months ago

    The bush man acctually scared me

  • Nicole Flynn 6 months ago

    Make longer episodes I enjoy your videos so much you should make them about 20 minutes long

  • Reece Kittilstad 6 months ago

    He is spiritbomb 442

  • Ana Ren 6 months ago

    am I late Jordan

  • Oliver Pooley 6 months ago

    I know this vids gonna be AMAZING already! 🙂

  • This Will Be A Channel That Uploads Later On 6 months ago

    Pun Intened??

  • Parth Loldrago 6 months ago

    Remember in episode 13 they got a reper claw thet means Dark and ghost and fiary plate so arecus look like thet because of reper claw but arceus cant harm pokemon thet has fiary plate like if I am right

  • FallOutPlayzz _Xx_PokeMon_xX_ 6 months ago

    It doesn’t like a plan bro I want to watch for longer cause it is lit!

  • MinecraftInDaBox 6 months ago

    Bad pun Jordan no more title writing for you

  • Connor Renslow 6 months ago

    When the guy appeared from the bush scared me

  • ChickenPLAYZZZ Minecraft and Roblox 6 months ago

    If nick had a army of blondes I would be In it since I’m blonde

  • shocking Pikachu 6 months ago

    That agent scared me!😭

  • Gal Ben Artsi 6 months ago

    Ron is first name for male in israel

  • Holygullofthesea M8 6 months ago

    Pokemon #442 is spiritomb

  • Chris 10 6 months ago

    What heck he come from nowhere

  • Cheyenne Van Nieuwkoop 6 months ago

    379th Lol

  • Dyque Groot 6 months ago

    love it

  • water pumps out 6 months ago

    Xoove you

  • Damarys Roman 6 months ago

    Im not trying to be a hater but can Nick please get tapu-fini until They catch another tapu?

  • Isaac Chen 6 months ago

    that was short

  • Jhericho Wade 6 months ago

    There was a shiny cacturne

  • Miki Muylaert 6 months ago

    Lol when dr.ron was talking I was turning deaf I think

  • Chane Ellis 6 months ago

    Maybe the Ron family runs the evil organization

  • Tom Howard 6 months ago

    If Jordan caught a gengar then don’t let him take it to a nuzlock

  • Anthony The Savage 6 months ago

    First time I think Nick is mea-nope nope nope

  • Chris Gonzaludo 6 months ago


  • David Shaw 6 months ago

    Get a boof at night

  • Tommie Rouwenhorst 6 months ago

    Longer episode’s

  • Titan Killer 6 months ago

    Love this series plz do more if u can 😃

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