• TashikaGenso 3 weeks ago

    use the charizard for a flying pokemon,as you can mega it which makes it even better to have in da party!

  • BlittzzzSilver 3 weeks ago


  • Poke master 9000 3 weeks ago

    Nick and Jordan a mega glalie.is a GENGALALIECORN a mix between a gengar glalie and unicorn I said it last episode

  • Adam Fawaz 3 weeks ago

    Catch regigagas like if u agree

  • Sharlene Curry 3 weeks ago

    im unsubscribing

  • Sharlene Curry 3 weeks ago

    jk no im not

  • ryan van langen 3 weeks ago

    i had trouble catching a vanillish and i did catch a lvl 48 ursaring nearby with a pokeball :/ y was the vanillish lvl 6

  • Ruzselle dela Cruz 3 weeks ago

    Toaster’s move set is really bad 🙁 My Inciniroar one shots everything xD

  • melvimacleod 3 weeks ago

    I love L8game woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love puppys🐕🐕🐶🐶

  • Jason Jensby 3 weeks ago

    socks and sandals! yeah. Yeeeaah.

  • shocking Pikachu 3 weeks ago

    You should do a series in which Jordan is recording and everything is in his perspective

  • Mrs Girl 3 weeks ago

    plss mega blastoise caught

  • N Old 3 weeks ago

    I’m the different one of my family they are always cold but I NEVER get cold my hands on  a heat thing my are pink and that is one of the hottest

  • N Old 3 weeks ago

    no lie

  • Ahmed Khierawi 3 weeks ago

    Like it and rayquaza will evolve

  • Kieran Bridges 3 weeks ago

    Nick and Jordan do a video wile watching the horror movie IT like if you agree

  • pokemon master 10 the 3rd 3 weeks ago

    Love your videos

  • Freddy Richardson 3 weeks ago


  • Vortex Gaming, vlogs and more 3 weeks ago

    L8Games I have two things to tell you

    1. — Keep a weak pokemon like lvl. 18 on your team to be able to do a bit of damage to high levels when they are in red.

    2. — another trick to do on pokemon when they are too OP for you to kill is to fet a flint and steel and burn them.

    👍😁👍 thx if you read this.

  • פוקי פוק 3 weeks ago

    amazing video I can always count on you amazing videos

  • פוקי פוק 3 weeks ago

    Why do you catch Pokémon and not use them you have a charizard use it

  • Killianplayz 3 weeks ago

    Great vid A++++++++

  • Johnathan Costantino 3 weeks ago

    I love your videos

  • Johnathan Costantino 3 weeks ago

    You guys are amazing

  • Ev Kunkel 3 weeks ago

    It evolves into a heleolisk with a sun stone

  • Ana Ren 3 weeks ago


  • Fum Fammers 3 weeks ago

    You guys should use face cam

  • Karyn McNeil 3 weeks ago

    Nick sceptile is the fastest riding pokemon in the game

  • Joshua Fox 3 weeks ago

    Whats the scary story?

  • Sultan Matar 3 weeks ago

    If you finally catch the rayquaza

    Go get the best strongest legendary and he’s name is pupitar then mega evolve the pupitar and if you are hating don’t like it or comment it

  • USAndor ツ 3 weeks ago

    Switch Toaster with charizard

  • ed cotter 3 weeks ago

    When you find a village take the stuff in the shop place

  • Damien Leon 3 weeks ago

    I don’t like scary movies either I agree with you guys

  • The legendary leader I 3 weeks ago

    On roblox you need to play pokemon brick bronze

  • Breanna Nicholas 3 weeks ago

    Lol there’s a show called (EW) XD

  • Shakira Seldenrijk 3 weeks ago

    23:45 a charizard!

  • Ryan Connelly 3 weeks ago


  • Jason Williams 3 weeks ago

    Do a video on red and green Steve

  • LuckMaster Exotic 3 weeks ago

    where is Darkrai that u caught last ep btw??? ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ok

  • Porter Gutierrez 3 weeks ago

    use your rare candy on brione so it will evolve

  • Jacnicooler Streams 3 weeks ago

    The capital of Iowa is Des Moines i would know I was born there

  • Max Diaz 3 weeks ago

    you mis a lendary

  • Jacob Enzo De La Rosa Limjoco 3 weeks ago

    Rename toaster BBQ

  • Spidey JT 3 weeks ago

    Could you guys name aegislash aegi

  • The Landon Clan 3 weeks ago

    There is like 900 Pokémon

  • Jeni14luv 3 weeks ago

    if you guys like trivia so much you should try trivia crack!! its an app on your phone…

  • Infinite Lucario 3 weeks ago

    L8Games i love youuuu and L8Nick too pls play more on play.pocketpixels.net on red im a big fan !

  • Brent Lackey 3 weeks ago

    if your scared of something just remember go is with you

  • Creator29 2 weeks ago

    you can find a mega Sceptile in the jungle biome

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