• PixelDip 7 months ago

    Who do you think won? Idk man Sharpedo is pretty OP!!!

  • foxyfan100 fanffan 7 months ago

    Pixel dip won

  • Jr. Troopa 7 months ago

    I heard music from Pokepark 2 near the start of the video

  • dragonclaw487 7 months ago

    pixeldip wins sharkpedo to op

  • TheOreMinecart //Myles 7 months ago

    Would this not get the original pixelmon people in trouble

  • Zaido Lacson 7 months ago

    Pixeldip won 👑

  • Ka0skid 5 7 months ago

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood vid 😉

  • Joe Huang 7 months ago

    Yo should of roost

  • Edna Gilbert 7 months ago

    how did you get the megas, i downloaded pixelmon reborn off Technic Launcher and it didnt have the stones

  • OHGaming 7 months ago

    play seri pixelmon mega adventure please

  • TheOreMinecart //Myles 7 months ago

    Yo dipping sauce your avatar needs a small touch just to indicate your a dude because when I just came to your channel back in the day I thought you were a girl because of your avatar

  • 360 gamingization 7 months ago

    do mega starters next

  • John Cena 7 months ago

    Pixle dip you won

  • Joystick Jojo 7 months ago

    How do you get the mega stones bc I’m in the mod and I can’t get the mega stones

  • Elias Ayala 7 months ago


  • SpiderEyeGames vlogs 7 months ago

    wait is this still main pixelmon or different pixelmon mod

  • ft foxy Roblox 7 months ago

    What happend to pixelswitch

  • theshadowgible 7 months ago

    how do i download this? i dont know how to download mods

  • Sukh samra 7 months ago

    pixel dip

  • Sparky Poodle 7 months ago

    # boocario

  • Digirec 546 7 months ago

    I watch thery channel

  • Tex Hodge 7 months ago

    what pixelmon mod is this

  • Adam Marshall stephenadam 7 months ago

    Pixel dip team name

  • Riley Taylor 7 months ago

    I got it but I cant get girantina or any additional megas apart from kanto starters

  • charming loopy v2 7 months ago

    Do the roleplay like if you agree

  • hunter snipes 7 months ago

    Pixel dip

  • Manniv 7 months ago

    how do u get the mega evolutions i have only chariardite y n x venusaurite and blatoisenite [i am using technic launcher]

  • Ace Vergel Felizardo 7 months ago

    I think is pixeldip

  • Hadiza Mohammed 7 months ago

    pixeldip i got a new roleplaying series you can do pixelmon dimensions

  • Ultra Ninja tv 7 months ago


  • Dragonslayerneos 25 7 months ago

    can you do a showcase?

  • XxAwesomePlayzxX Minecraft 7 months ago

    I can’t get the other Mega Stones?

  • AwesomeAbra Gaming 7 months ago


  • MR.WEEDLE 7 months ago

    peanut butter wins that mean me rusty and logan

  • ashok gurung 7 months ago


  • Dravin Who 7 months ago

    Hey pixel I love your videos so much but I have two questions so I can start my own pixelmon series that will start probably in like september. 1. How did you get those mega stones I have pixelmon reborn and cant find them. 2. how do you clear your pixelmon party completely, Thanks

  • Alex64 T.V 7 months ago

    You can do a tutorial where to show how to import pokemon ??? plss

  • Aero -Roblox & More! 7 months ago

    how could you get all those mega stones if there not even out?!!?!

  • Aero -Roblox & More! 7 months ago

    Normal Houndoom is so small but when it M evolves its so big
    like omg

  • Aero -Roblox & More! 7 months ago


  • Dolapo Adedoyin 7 months ago


  • Penny Butterell 7 months ago

    where are the mega stones I cant find them

  • Ash Greninja 7 months ago


  • Hey dude, do you know how to contact the developers from this mod ? I was the French translator from Pixelmon, and I’d like to help again

  • Hollow Ichigo 7 months ago


  • BigBadBatch 7 months ago


  • jeboysevo 7 months ago

    Make a series of this

  • SlimeRancherPro 7 months ago

    Umm pixel there is not Megas besides the starters in kanto and no girantina plus no new eevee model and it is the exact same mod pack

  • xLucarioh [LoL] 7 months ago

    What server do you play on

  • Marwan Gaming 7 months ago

    how do you get all the mega stones

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