• Crazy Bear 2 weeks ago

    Good because this is a channel to be L8 and I’m L8

  • Noah C Davis 2 weeks ago

    It helps them not get hurt if they didn’t have the suits they would died

  • Ginger Hutt 2 weeks ago

    Its because their self conscious about their body’s

  • Jeromasf Fan do life 2 weeks ago

    They were hiding there identities

  • Георги Марков 2 weeks ago

    Jorden u can even get shiny mega Pigiot

  • Creaper Reaper 2 weeks ago

    Jordan they want to fight in style and in skin tight suits they would be able to jump high and duck down low and not be comfortable and they need all dem morpheroers

  • Willem Askew Bolanos 2 weeks ago

    Hey l8jordan and l8nick do you guys have freand

  • Willem Askew Bolanos 2 weeks ago

    #teamgreen and #bluesuck

  • Joy Hayden 2 weeks ago

    Cause they look cool

  • Joaquin Umali 2 weeks ago

    LOL they have suits cause it gives them super streagth and defence

  • Eric De Peuter 2 weeks ago

    I don’t think Pixelmon generations is asking for money but I think pokemon Reborn is but I’m not sure.

  • L2tank89 Gamer 2 weeks ago

    If a pokemon is named drago if it has a mega would the mega stone be called dragonite

  • Aaryan The gamer 2 weeks ago

    Why it is because when they are in battle they could get hurt really bad with out them

  • Lucas Dolan 2 weeks ago

    Hallowen baby

  • Ana Ren 2 weeks ago


  • L8Jacob TDM 2 weeks ago

    L8 plants I want one

  • L8Jacob TDM 2 weeks ago

    How much 4 da plant do

  • L8Jacob TDM 2 weeks ago

    When the power up the go naked plus 2 hide identity

  • Harlie 2 weeks ago

    i think they have suits because they have a secret identity

  • Blaze the Dragon Miraculous User 2 weeks ago

    I recommend having sacred sword on your agislash.  It would be very useful.  having sacred sword, shadow sneak iron head and I guess king sheild

  • Quan Pham 2 weeks ago

    You minecraft pixemon block 13

  • Aaliyah Purvis 2 weeks ago

    You passed a shinny

  • Shadow squad 12 2 weeks ago

    They don’t own any clothes

  • veselina veselina 2 weeks ago

    I love you guys!!!

  • Mikey christophi 2 weeks ago

    so when the power rangers poop there pants it doesnt smell

  • Eric Mace 2 weeks ago

    They wear the power suit because it looks cool

  • Poke master 9000 2 weeks ago

    That animal power rangers was wild force

  • book store 2 weeks ago

    They wanted to hide there hands

  • Roquelme Jomena 2 weeks ago

    Put hydreigon in your team please

  • Thomas Theboss 2 weeks ago

    Because the look cool

  • Mohamed Hussain Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    For the sheld

  • Jabari Superville 2 weeks ago

    They use the power suit to control the elements like red is fire blue is water etc

  • Aidan Pick 2 weeks ago

    Because the Eower Rangers are scared of the ground so they need to were the suit to not touch the ground with their bare feetseas

  • KaliyanTheAlien 2 weeks ago


  • Zack River games 2 weeks ago

    Hey you should do a Mario oddessey thing

  • Zach morgan 2 weeks ago

    They don’t want them to know that there peiguin

  • Nathan Stroman 2 weeks ago

    I love ur videos so much

  • king zaya99 99 2 weeks ago

    To hold in pooop

  • GIOVANNI DEPINA 2 weeks ago

    To himd who they are from people because they wanna seem normal.

  • Ethan Aird 2 weeks ago

    So that they don’t give away their identity

  • 1st godzilla fighter 2 weeks ago

    It gives there powers

  • ROBLOX Gamer 2 weeks ago

    cuz magic ‘o’

  • BigMeme Clips 2 weeks ago


  • Rykers Major 2 weeks ago

    SeaKing for nedoking

  • Charles Holdom 2 weeks ago

    can u plaz friend luckyduck313 in roblox

  • Philippa Waller 2 weeks ago

    Because they are fat

  • The Pokémon Gamer 2 weeks ago

    What version are you playing on

  • The Pokémon Gamer 2 weeks ago

    QOTD: because there mutant and there scared of the dark………….yeah🤘

  • Jayden Smith 2 weeks ago

    Nick and jorden are so cool with the videos and L8jorden and L8nick are cool

  • Jayden Ong 2 weeks ago


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