• Marisela Guevara 7 months ago

    Nick and jordan please play pixelmon shiny edition but live stream

  • Marisela Guevara 7 months ago

    That is so high like big foot

  • Ryland Russell 7 months ago

    o my

  • MikeTheQuick 7 months ago

    I know what put those absolite there…. IT WAS A MEGA DITTO. Now before you start telling me “that’s crazy!!” Let me explain. Mega ditto transformed into mega absol. And mega ditto’s friend (Mew) kept destroying him for the mega stone. Then had to get rid of the evidence (because they were basically duplicating) so they put them in the closest spot…… L8GAMES HOME

  • L8Jacob TDM 7 months ago

    Hi L8games!!

  • Carmen moke 7 months ago

    You have a Lucarioyit so yea

  • L8Jacob TDM 7 months ago

    Ya both!!

  • Ava dah Tacocat 7 months ago

    I just relooked at the thumbnail and ooooooooo my gawd

  • asbjoern hanssen 7 months ago

    I think it’s king kingler!!

  • Borislav Georgiev 7 months ago

    im sory to tell you guys maybe its ghost stantlern

  • Evelyn Cho 7 months ago

    could it be the society of H8 is back

  • Jayme Fuller 7 months ago

    You know my son’s name????

  • Jaiven Silva 7 months ago

    Dab on dat intro

  • Ramdhani Sampulawa 7 months ago

    Old mantom said you guys are a bad youtubers its not me its old mantom

  • Robin McDowell 7 months ago

    WRONGA absawl is not the devister pokemon it comes be for a dasaster beaus it cums be for it it’s blamed for it

  • Siaka Bah 7 months ago


  • Mason Fagan 7 months ago


  • water pumps out 7 months ago


  • Barbers Borders 7 months ago

    what about the sasiade of hate

  • Arno Wijnants 7 months ago

    Dont you have a shiny pidgeot Jordan ?

  • Reacting Ghost 7 months ago

    hmm the claw evolves dusclops to DuskSNORE It either means death or sleep fairy plate on a good day and absolite means disaster a natural disaster. SO BOOM I FIGURED IT OUT I think pls read this like or reply thx                                                                    -ReactingGhost

  • Pokemon Master Z 7 months ago

    the funny thing about this intro is that the mega tyranitar was actually a girl

  • Joe Craig 7 months ago

    There’s an extreme hills + at 15:48

  • Thedragongamer11 7 months ago

    “My vast knowledge mind” remember 😂👍

  • Landen Metzger 7 months ago

    is this the society of h8

  • Krelle143 7 months ago

    How to make pokemons and bosses spawn that fast an D how to spawn Thise pokemons instant?

  • Jefferson 003 7 months ago

    Did mini tyranitar just asume the big tyranitar’s gender

  • Jennifer Nguyen 7 months ago


  • joshua Presas 7 months ago


  • [MCPE] lemonhead154 7 months ago

    The intro always funny

  • Max Jskfkkf 7 months ago

    Fred was his name

  • THE GAMER123 7 months ago

    IT’S PIXELDIP HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW????!?!??!!!?!??!?!??!?!??!??!?!??!

  • Will Draper 7 months ago

    A little after 15:45 he was in an extreme hills+

  • David Akinrele 7 months ago

    Do you know moose craft uh ok whos your daddy

  • A Cookie 7 months ago

    Noooooo dont turn this series into a role play plsssss!!!!!!

  • J Danger 7 months ago

    Nick can you NICKname your priamaria Ariel and maria pls

  • Eda Suzana 7 months ago

    Wat happen to roblox

  • Quep 207 7 months ago

    At 15:54 he passed an extreme hills+

  • Noah Olsen 7 months ago

    The suciety of H8 is back

  • Cheeseachu 7 months ago

    at the intro is was just like what the.u crazy dude

  • Sooubway KingYT 7 months ago

    When’s ep 14 coming

  • Sooubway KingYT 7 months ago

    There’s not been a vid for 2 days

  • cnguyenvo 7 months ago

    When I saw The intro I fell off my bed I’m not kidding half my body was off the bed

  • Jay Partodongso 7 months ago

    15:54 was extreme hils + not kidding

  • JadeKnight XD 7 months ago

    lol im playing brick bronze as im watching this and im on the part where u find the absol with the mega stone. LOL

  • JadeKnight XD 7 months ago

    reaper cloth+ pixie plate+Absolite= Mimikyu

  • Zernand Afalla 7 months ago

    Maybe the riolu force palms the bags over to there house and they landed in the same spot and they have full absolites in them

  • Ivan Chavez 7 months ago

    Can y’all make a crazy craft series?Please I really want one

  • Cool kid 2005 7 months ago

    Wait fairy plate =arceus dark cloth =darkrie and absoulite =absoul what next?

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