• Tauni Duncan 3 weeks ago

    And groudon you for got

  • Dragon boy 123 3 weeks ago

    I Liked and subscribed

  • Linh Trantuan 3 weeks ago

    Im early but not first

  • Kari Judson 3 weeks ago


  • Sajjad Alkarawi 3 weeks ago

    But nick got yavalta

  • tmpokemaster 3 weeks ago

    Use the team Tapu Bulu, Darkrai, Dialga, Rayquaza, Genesect and Kyurem. Not that I think that is the best team I just like all those pokemon and I think they are all pretty decent 🙂

  • stjohns42 3 weeks ago


  • stjohns42 3 weeks ago

    #tapu coco the pokemon

  • Terraria Player 017e 3 weeks ago

    what was that intro? XD

  • Deleted Account :'D 3 weeks ago

    Who wants some Tapu Cocoa?

    And lmfao I just liked all the comments (well not all, the ones that are here when this was released 3 hours ago)

  • Sally Delane 3 weeks ago

    One hour ago I fractured my wrist

  • BlazeEmporer 417 3 weeks ago

    Do a battle where you battle with you best legendaries plz

  • Smile For Me 3 weeks ago

    Being a fellow emo I don’t like you guys bullying my fellow emo and emo furfroo’s we are all special in are own way and it’s not a phase my scars are internal so mhph baka

  • Marwan Ziyadeh 3 weeks ago

    What about zekrom episode?

  • A Cookie 3 weeks ago

    There wasn’t volcanion 🙁

  • battle ghost 3 weeks ago

    To be honest I unsubscribed twice because I was trying to install pixelmon in 3, months and I played it for a week and ya I was angry and I felt that I’m a bomb

  • Xx Draig xX 3 weeks ago

    We need yveltal now plz and make a episode the person who win wins all the mythical pokes

  • alven valentino 3 weeks ago

    Stopid l8nick why you dont open lucky block

  • raven 1968 3 weeks ago

    you forgot groudon

  • Per Magne Solli Holgersen 3 weeks ago

    Where is groudon

  • Dale manning 3 weeks ago

    You should do an ultra beast one but u can’t anymore

  • Dale manning 3 weeks ago

    Today’s the finale

  • Michael Butler 3 weeks ago

    Question, how did you get the mod?? Because for me it says pixel mon has shut down and that it can’t be downloaded anymore so how are you doing this? Has some one continued it? If so plz send me a link to download it

  • caesar T. quiamhor 3 weeks ago

    mew is acually a legendary

  • Ron Diaz 3 weeks ago

    How did you get pixelmon

  • Foxy 748 3 weeks ago

    Do Lunala”s Shadow Dungeon or Solgaleo”s Sun Dungeon please

  • elfame1 3 weeks ago

    how could u say brussels is in germany i live in belgium no hate do XD

  • Yulia Susanti 3 weeks ago

    Plz do more vid and good job nick and jordan

  • Yulia Susanti 3 weeks ago

    I see on google translet in indonesia lele is cat fish

  • Thanhhai 125 3 weeks ago

    Pokemon sun and moon tapu koko

  • Connor Hinkle 3 weeks ago

    You need groundon

  • William Howard 3 weeks ago

    Nick=Tapu NiNi Jordan=Tapu JoJo

  • Duck Master 3 weeks ago

    Nick won

  • Thuong Nguyen 3 weeks ago

    you guys didn’t do Zekrom!

  • Craige Brown 3 weeks ago

    My fave tapu is tapu koko

  • Thuong Nguyen 3 weeks ago

    and you guys didn’t do groudon!

  • Mudkipgames moore 3 weeks ago

    Guys play Pokémon brick bronze then click more adventure then there’s a randamizer and you still have your data for both 😀

  • Gabriel Truman 3 weeks ago


    Like the if you think the same

  • jay Jones 3 weeks ago

    Is pixeldip your cousin

  • Ethan Fell 3 weeks ago

    What about silvally

  • matildafilms 3 weeks ago


  • Alfredo Prieto 3 weeks ago

    Why aren’t you doing mega moon

  • Popplio/rich/yt Water 3 weeks ago

    I can name all of the tapus tapu koko tapu bulu tapu lele and tapu fini

  • Nathan Waits 3 weeks ago

    How do I send fan art?

  • malk b 3 weeks ago

    Can you please play roblox again they made randomizer in pokemon brick bronze

  • Deborah Tbz 3 weeks ago

    do shiny meloetta next pls

  • Nathan Murphy 3 weeks ago


  • Kho Lung Ling 3 weeks ago


  • Kho Lung Ling 3 weeks ago


  • Kho Lung Ling 3 weeks ago


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