• Wolftiger Gaming 7 months ago

    what is this the same map for the umm….. i forgot

  • King James 7 months ago

    Early macaroni

  • Julian /pokemonpredatorlover 7 months ago

    You’re my favorite channel

  • Mister_TAB 7 months ago

    32nd! AGAIN!

  • Axl Calderon 7 months ago

    Mega Dergon vs Baby Dergon

  • DeAnton Wheeler 7 months ago

    You should use this idea; Volcanion’s Vague Volcano!!

  • Spark Gaming 7 months ago

    Darkrai looks so tired XD

  • Arun Roopani 7 months ago

    It’s my moms birthday today YAY

  • Amber Stephenson 7 months ago

    I would be a Gengar bc it’s my fav Pokemon and it has really good strat and do volcanion next plz

  • Marvin 7 months ago

    Hey l8games, it’s my birthday today and you really made it great. Thanks for making great content!

    EDIT: Did you know that Lopunny is not fighting type, just Mega Lopunny? Edit: Pixelmon must be glitched lol

  • Irene Gonzalez 7 months ago

    you should do mega diancie

  • Slash Monster1234 7 months ago


  • Niel Erwen Mayor 7 months ago


  • o kinggoking 7 months ago

    Jordan open more blocks

  • Popular Ptera 7 months ago

    Zekrom Zapping Palace!!

  • olivia ngo 7 months ago

    What about turkey sweaters?

  • Col. Moises Morales 7 months ago

    when will the battle of legends be O-O

  • Courageous 7 months ago

    I have an idea for the Xmas skins : Jordan is a present except for his head, and nick is santa or a reindeer with a red nose 🙂 love your vids l8games!

  • genjisan545 7 months ago

    Do melowetast stage of popstrars

  • Lil Ali 7 months ago

    A ban 10

  • Salinas Bro's Vlogs 7 months ago

    it is my birthday November 29 and I would like it if you make a pixelmon lucky block challenge please that would make me so happy

  • Salinas Bro's Vlogs 7 months ago

    I would be Mega Lucario

  • I th of a novel of L8 Games it is Maximums the leader of hate society ghost stantler evil grodon and regiggigas and mewtwo take over the world and the L8 Team which is blue ninja pixldip with his partners rowlet and sentret with L8 Games and power suit logan which is a mewtwo super sut. And they defeat him by trapping him in a book but in 2056 he escapes and 5 billion times stronger then pennywise. With moon celiby and the rest and they still stop him with nurse Jonathan. Like it enyone???

  • Hussam Al Hazzouri 7 months ago


  • L8Jacob TDM 7 months ago

    Hi late games!!!

  • Assad SAFDARI 7 months ago

    l8 games plz do thunderous.hope u see this ps good work love ur channel

  • NORSIATI BT CHE M. NASIR - 7 months ago

    guzzlord monster house

  • BlazeEmporer 417 7 months ago

    Suicunes forbidden sea

  • David Garner 7 months ago

    plz respond back

  • David Garner 7 months ago

    keep up your funny and hard work green team for life and jordan how do you edit

  • Pro Creeper 7 months ago

    A US

  • Brady Canada 7 months ago

    Do Necrozma

  • Blake Belladonn 7 months ago

    Meletic is a mythical

  • shocking Pikachu 7 months ago

    The final will be when jordan will still have 2 legendaries….LOL

  • Jayden Ong 7 months ago

    Do meloeatta

  • julius Lahtinen 7 months ago

    Do pokemon survival island

  • Harry Gavilanes 7 months ago

    bewear evolves from stufull

  • ItzShadowCraft 7 months ago

    Lucky block survivle

  • Tammie Mayer 7 months ago

    On pokemongo can you give me a muk

  • pokemon and more 7 months ago

    christmas special delibird

  • L8 Dan! 7 months ago

    Again I say nick should wear orange shirt with brown tie
    And blue paints

  • L8 Dan! 7 months ago

    And Jordan you need yellow shirt with red shoulders and orange pants

  • Jasmin Solórzano-Dove 7 months ago

    i love you I’m a boy  I’m on my ionts computer

  • Isaac Gamez 7 months ago

    change your skin to a pilgrim or indian fo thanksgiving. PLEASE

  • Shades YTG 7 months ago

    Early 😀

  • Robin Dino 7 months ago

    ummm lopunny is type normal not fighting but it okay and I HAVE FINALLY CAME BACK

  • Grayson Watson 7 months ago

    Teen green

  • spakleunicorn1 7 months ago

    Suicunes swamp

  • Altercation Growtopia 7 months ago

    When are you guys going to post the next sword burst 2 vid? Rlly looking forward to it. <3

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