• captian bacon 1 week ago

    groudon has been a uber since release whits measn to good for competitive play.

  • Tyler Jardine 1 week ago

    Am i the only one who had like a 5 second delay between the audio and video around the 9:00 marl

  • Maddoc Cox 1 week ago

    Digglet de best

  • Jamie Aldridge 1 week ago

    heyyyy dude

  • Klaud PvP 1 week ago

    Groudon is better than Kyogre coz of his Primal Evl Ability

  • Klaud PvP 1 week ago

    But still situational on whoever goes first

  • Jirachi cat Gaming 1 week ago


  • CR4MB0 1 week ago

    In my opinion pixelmon is the best Minecraft mod, you should do more with it. XD

  • TheFlaming Ton 1 week ago

    When I’m watching your streams in the morning my ears get fucking raped

  • Abdul rehman 1 week ago

    There are so noob

  • Gt Player 1 week ago

    what happened to crafting dead 🙁 u keep saying u will make more 🙁

  • Abdul rehman 1 week ago

    Primal groudon ability is that there could be no water type move used

  • Dagoombas ien 1 week ago

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh BBBBUUUUUDDDDDDDYYYYY

  • Emily Walsh 1 week ago

    Dasha bulbasour is the first Pokemon made

  • Liam Conlan 1 week ago

    Actually diglit is the first Pokémon actually created cause the creator of Pokémon said he sketched up diglit in high school

  • kool fan 1 week ago

    What happened to pixelmon island

  • Elliott W 1 week ago

    41:10 because mega diglet is second and salamance as first

  • Nick I 1 week ago


  • That Wierd Guy 1 week ago


  • molly 1 week ago

    What happened to the pixelmon series

  • Beetle3233 1 week ago

    Groudon has an ability which completely negates all water moves

  • ILikeTrains And Games 1 week ago

    Yay pixelmon!!!!!!

  • Dimitris Akintayo 1 week ago


    Why did you read this person that read this?

  • R45assassin Ethan rainwater 1 week ago

    Gengar is my fav Pokemon my fav legendary is heatran

  • RysterEDS 1 week ago

    groudon has three weaknesses and kyogre has 2

  • Yoboijrod Rodriguez 1 week ago

    My favorite Pokémon is salamance

  • Koenken123 1 week ago

    I play a lot of Pokemon and I cry because of how they battle

  • Cyber Dog 1 week ago

    Groundon is ground and fire and he is good against grass and some others.

  • sky the husky sky 1 week ago

    Correction ground/fighting/water only lolzzz

  • Hurricane Harvey 1 week ago

    My favourite pokemon is alakazam

  • steven hu 1 week ago

    i always wonder what jerome looks at when he is looking away at the screen accept looking at chat and what kind of things they send in they’re discord

  • Mazhar Iqbal 1 week ago

    When next battle dome

  • Loochie 1 week ago


  • nathaniel sebastian 1 week ago

    Tell Steve he’s stupid without primal its 2x water 2x grass 2x ice

  • Jeninne Lilley 1 week ago


  • Gnc Archie 1 week ago


  • Epic Stunters 1 week ago

    Jerome we mean the pixelmon series not this

  • Turtle Cat 1 week ago

    Jerome, if you ever do another pixelmon series (which you should cuz it’s great) you should try to do it on a server where you start with low level Pokemon and to get higher level ones you have to unlock other areas of the map with missions. Whether it’s defeating Pokemon to get feathers, etc. Or battling team rocket, galactic, etc. Other wise it gets boring cuz you can just catch a level 70 right off the bat with luck and the gyms are just optional.

    Just my opinion. Hope it helps. Love your vids and your personality. Thank you <3

  • Levonna Brown 1 week ago

    Dunsparce is my favorite Pokemon

  • The Challengers 1 week ago

    Who guess what I just got

    A mega dugtrio

  • mystery wei 1 week ago

    some of them are not legendary they are myticals

  • TheAlchemistMC-Roblox 1 week ago

    I’m.just curious on where pixelmon island is

  • Eliwill Ketchum-gaming 1 week ago

    Uxie use confusion or somthin i guess

  • Alexander Elderhorst 1 week ago

    7:15 why did you say diglet is dasha’s fvourite pokemon?…… OH GOD
    10:58 and that’s why Steve is my favourite nice posture member

  • wassup gang 1 week ago


  • Chance Conway 1 week ago

    Grau Don is the best Pokémon everrrrr!!!! Stephen Austin smellO-O

  • Karen Wallace 1 week ago

    no grondon is only ground his primal is ground and fire

  • Karen Wallace 1 week ago

    his weak to ice, water, grass

  • Karen Wallace 1 week ago

    kyorge is weak to grass and electric and groudon can use solar beam and with his ability solar beam damage is boosted while his primal version boost solar beam attack point by nearly doubled and automatically charges solar beam up

  • John Isaman 1 week ago

    Rayquaza is the best legendary Pokemon and it is my favorite Pokemon

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