• Duck Master 2 weeks ago


  • Bionic 2 weeks ago

    How do you download this?

  • Falling Meteor 2 weeks ago

    Which version of Minecraft is this?

  • David Shaw 2 weeks ago

    Do pokemon🏥🌏⛰with tostr and boof boof😎🤣😁😉

  • Mist Wolf 2 weeks ago

    You need more subs!!

  • XN GAMERS 265 2 weeks ago

    no another cliff-hanger for a season finale its been like this forever nooo

  • elfame1 2 weeks ago

    maybe the levels where so low becouse u set a spawn point at the destructed village i love the vid do and plz dont end this serie its my favorite from ma favorite youtubers #teamblueandgreenunite

  • Ukelele_YT Ukelele_YT 2 weeks ago

    you should play on the pokefind server. like if you agree.

  • Erica Ahalt-Carter 2 weeks ago

    Your the best pokemon master ever I now even better then me and I have a new and mewto and hoopa and arces

  • Diny Norman 2 weeks ago

    Sonic is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wolf master 2 weeks ago

    You are my favorite youtuber ever

  • Winter Gardner 2 weeks ago


  • Gudzy 666 2 weeks ago

    Im so Hype for the next episode

  • Joshua Peters 2 weeks ago


  • Joshua Peters 2 weeks ago

    U are best youtoubers ever

  • Bryon Haugabook 2 weeks ago

    What are you going to do at 300k likes

  • Mudkipgames moore 2 weeks ago

    Did hey take poke frome PC ????????!

  • Reed Kids 2 weeks ago

    LOL 😐 😄

  • Bryon Haugabook 2 weeks ago

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so long

  • Reed Kids 2 weeks ago

    Y IS IT FINAL 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 😊 U have to be joking

  • This is what happened in season 6

  • goku the legend Minecraft,roblox,Pokemon,and more 2 weeks ago

  • George Ruiz 2 weeks ago

    You guys are the best it would break my heart and i will drown

  • Isaiah Peralta 2 weeks ago

    My foot broke

  • Kara Rinnander 2 weeks ago


  • Kara Rinnander 2 weeks ago

    i love your vids make a new series of pixelmon plz!

  • freddyparrafrog 2 weeks ago


  • Chris Gonzaludo 2 weeks ago

    Probably there gonna pick eevees evolution so pick jolteon

  • Ultimate Bladers 2 weeks ago

    Nooooooooooooooo how could it end like this i don’t like this ending like if you agree

  • Morris Hayden 2 weeks ago

    Love this vid like them all keep up the good work and plz make more series like this one pLLZZZ I like turtles 😛

  • victor zetterlund 2 weeks ago

    On My birhtday

  • Noor Aldin Mekkawi 2 weeks ago

    Nick the gardivoir u killed wis shiny

  • Torres Gabriel 2 weeks ago

    I bet the society of H8 curoppted Arecus

  • William Howard 2 weeks ago

    It starts on my brothers b-day lol

  • Nikola_Cola10 Pl 2 weeks ago

    Intro song?

  • Leroy Shand 2 weeks ago

    L8games the video is so cool

  • Antonio Tale 2 weeks ago

    Yes gourgiest can be lv 14 it can even be lv1

  • DeAnna Williams 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys hope you read this on my compuer I can’t download up to Kalos startes so can you do a let’s play on the older versions plz like if you agrre

  • Nateplays Games 2 weeks ago


  • Esmee de Jong 1 week ago

    What pixelom are you guys playing?
    Techniclauncher or?

  • freshmarco21 PRO 1 week ago

    Good job guys can wait into December 1st Omg

  • freshmarco21 PRO 1 week ago

    Best you tubers of the year

  • Krista Mayo 1 week ago

    I would put a new arm on my forehead

  • Moopie Koopoo 1 week ago

    The beds are black and u guys are the best youterbers on the earth

  • PixelRider 1 week ago


  • chesnut #chhespin army 1 week ago

    Sonic did not die in sonic forces he fainted and Eggman captured him

  • chesnut #chhespin army 1 week ago

    This happens all the time

  • Mildred Avila-Aguilar 1 week ago

    you guy’s missed a poke loot.i think you didn’t see it because you where looking at the lava?.

  • TBuilder2017 1 week ago

    Yep… DEFINATELY the finalle… lol but I’m kindof glad it’s not

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