An Update on the hypixel situation, and the lifeboat situation


  • Its xCr4zy 2 weeks ago

    Lifeboat is where little kids role play

  • Ravenclaw01 Aj 2 weeks ago

    no this is rlly bad.. console pvp is terrible they’ll be an easy kill on skywars, but a big pain in the lag

  • Zorbslayer 2 weeks ago

    Too bad that hypixel will not be coming over to the other edition. But thanks for the news and for helping improve lifeboat and inPvp! 🙂

  • King Carterico 2 weeks ago

    I play Hypixel on PC and they are CERTAINLY not hurting for money and Hypixel is so good on pc and they probably wont do it soon at all and they have amazing features and they dont probably want to do it and they can devolop so many good features

  • HASNAIN GAMER 2 weeks ago

    Hypixel server IP in mcpe ?

  • HASNAIN GAMER 2 weeks ago

    Anyways I just subbed

  • Jblitz 15 2 weeks ago

    This is pretty good, almost always great when devs listen to fans.

  • KBSimmer 2 weeks ago

    do you have to have Xbox gold?

  • TheYayWay 2 weeks ago

    I get that this is an informational video and not meant to be very entertaining, but nobody wants to see you placing chest. Have some interesting background gameplay please!

  • Glitchy 2 weeks ago

    Really, Really Great and Awesome video, ibxtoycat!!! Great job!!!!!

  • JOSHISBOSS 1O1 2 weeks ago

    Oh no!!! Your controller has lost connection!!!

  • CoffeeBox 2 weeks ago


    Admit it, your a Maverick

  • The legend 27 2 weeks ago

    What about the hive

  • BombyBooms 2 weeks ago

    Do you need to have Xbox live to play on servers (mobile)?

    Sorry if I wasted your time

  • K Kaiser 2 weeks ago

    I need lifeboat to stop their prison pass thing prison is one of the few things I like

  • Dubstep Bros 2 weeks ago

    more server videos

  • HeroKyetheGamer Yo 2 weeks ago

    Sub to my channel for me

  • Specture liptic 2 weeks ago

    With command blocks, putting @s doesn’t work

  • TheRainingIranian 2 weeks ago

    How come every time I start up Minecraft and it says “Please try again” every time.

  • BigBanjoPlays 2 weeks ago

    What a dick move Hypixel.

    MINEPLEX 4 Life

  • Dark DeathLord 2 weeks ago

    The grammar of the chat hurts me

    Know the difference between your and you’re
    Know when to put “an” not “a”
    There, their, and they’re (these haven’t been much of a problem)
    You might not be in school anymore or not at the moment but still

  • ItzLayne 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft is great and all but to be honest I quit playing it, it’s dumb what Sony did and it doesn’t feel that fun when you play it anymore. It’s sad because I loved this game. 😢

  • LeoThe1Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe ps4 is getting this but not having Xbox live but if the players want to play servers they would have to sign in Xbox live in the game and not the system

  • Mcv Master 2 weeks ago


  • Jaap Tettelaar 2 weeks ago

    Where is cubecraft pe iT was in the first better together update

  • GamingLewpi75 2 weeks ago

    Ibxtoycat can you give Minecraft request to fix Minecraft because mine is broken whenever I try to start the game it tells me to turn my Xbox off for 10 seconds and I did it twice never worked I uninstalled the game twice the installed it twice and still didn’t work there’s hundreds of people are having the same problems as me when it did work I loved the game but now it really annoys me now please helps Minecraft (Microsoft)

  • Hev22- Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I can’t explain how much i miss that server 🙁

  • 9nether 2 weeks ago


  • 37384738 1 week ago

    No way toycat is gonna reply

  • theDragnSlayr 1 1 week ago

    Toycat about a year or 2 ago kit we’re really easy to get on lifeboat

  • NgX Origins 1 week ago

    Wait so they are adding more servers to the new version?

  • SniperGames 1 week ago

    Go Toycat!!!

  • Nico Carter 1 week ago

    I went to a convention a few months ago and Hypixel had an area there where you could play on their server

  • Scrambled Eggs 1 week ago

    Quite ironic I was playing on hypixel while watching this

  • Jeff quickmin 1 week ago

    How can I join you toycat?

  • SeattleSleeper 1 week ago

    I’m lost.. why isn’t the update on ps4

  • EpicTP 590 1 week ago

    @ToyCat Xbox refunded me for mc for no reason n I try to renown load after repurchasing

  • Darth Sawlex 1 week ago

    I play console but PC is still the best

  • Trailman 05 1 week ago

    I wish Hypixel comes to Xbox

  • reduced2ash 1 week ago

    am i the only one where life boat is the only server that wirks for me

  • reduced2ash 1 week ago

    why do british people talk faster than american people

  • Edward 1 week ago

    I wish we had survival servers

  • Alexander 4523 1 week ago

    I’m sad because I am a ps4 player😭😭😭

  • TheGameing ModzPlays 1 week ago

    That’s old thing that’s always been there

  • Comet gaming 1 week ago

    hope that hypixel comes

  • Pushey - Minecraft 1 week ago

    Aw dang it I can’t rek kids on there moms phones while I’m on my PC

  • Tobi Farnsworth 1 week ago

    this is a problem, Minecraft isn’t iconic anymore

  • MR.SCRIBBLEJELLO 1 week ago

    What about hive

  • Lack Hape Luis 1 week ago

    LOL console/better together minecraft is a bag of crap…

  • Jesse Endermen Slayer 1 week ago

    Say goodbye to mineplex and lifeboat!say hello to hypixel again!

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