All the changes in 1.2.10 for Minecraft Xbox / Pe / Bedrock, and an


  • LuckyTheDiamond 4 months ago

    I am very disappointed.

  • 72 72 4 months ago

    Toycat i have a survival world and after 20 or so mobs spawn from a spawner the spawner goes blank

  • supersmasher13 :-P 4 months ago

    Started watching then get a notification saying updating Minecraft pocket edition

  • dylangierke516 4 months ago

    What about ps4,ps3,and ps vita? When is the new update coming out for them?

  • Examinedcat669 4 months ago

    When are trials starting?

  • will love to see a video on the ticking area editing to see how well it works and lags

  • Creep mcCreeps 4 months ago

    Is it out for switch

  • Brady H 4 months ago

    Mine isn’t updated

  • Thatpersonsolar 4 months ago

    but its Wednesday..

  • JakeIsBoss116 4 months ago

    Now my xbox account doesn’t crash the game!!!:)

  • Heather Kimel 4 months ago

    Why can’t I download it

  • Heather Kimel 4 months ago

    Please respond I play on iOS

  • Heather Kimel 4 months ago

    I just can’t

  • Nate S 4 months ago

    Question: Why do you title your videos PE/XBOX when they’re the same and both called bedrock edition?

  • swag Master 4 months ago

    I zoned out and watched u build I didn’t hear anything lol

  • Ellie Jackson 4 months ago

    Ok 74 seconds in Is this also for Xbox. 360

  • Timmie Shepherd 4 months ago

    Why is it never on windows 10 right away. 🙁

  • XPool da Meme Lord 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for Switch better together

  • KawaiiNoodleRama Art 4 months ago

    You talk far too fast. There were many times where I couldn’t understand a word you said

  • Daniel Clark 4 months ago

    Where are shader’s

  • Themariominecraft159 4 months ago


  • Uncausd_ NUKE 4 months ago


  • Ivan Liukin 4 months ago


  • Endermanparty57 4 months ago

    Also on console the default concrete powder in different. The dye in now in the top left slot.

  • Luis Diaz 4 months ago

    Nice video

  • Technical Tentacle 4 months ago

    There’s a bug when break a tree in the swamp the vines stays

  • Julian Turner 4 months ago

    So, when does 1.3 release? Is it still happening?

  • Transmedal2 4 months ago

    It’s a white guy from Scandinavia that controls all this Minecraft stuff so white people aren’t bad bringing us Minecraft Joy there’s a better race for a reason

  • Jacom m 4 months ago

    Quit YouTube

    and become a rapper

  • InfinityMaster01 4 months ago


  • Random Videos 4 months ago

    Its okay if its in may
    But not ok in june

  • Bronkonator Xd 4 months ago

    Lepsze filmy ma skk

  • Clayton Gay 4 months ago

    What about ps4

  • DekuKid 4 months ago

    i swear that basically everyone has forgotten that Minecraft Switch Still hasnt gotten better together

  • OMG ZOZO PLAYZ 4 months ago

    Toycat I am

  • Ricky Thomas 4 months ago

    Still waiting for Switch better together update………

  • sean ginger 4 months ago

    Dude stop talking so fast

  • Yukari Neko Oken 4 months ago

    I love love watching this guy but he talks to fast. SLOW DOWN AND SPEAK ENGLISH DAMN IT!!!!!!

  • Grandpa Grandpa 4 months ago

    When is there going to be Shields!!!!

  • Joshua Kressingrülntög 4 months ago

    Seems a Scotsman has invaded your realm

  • Nathan Bader 4 months ago

    They NEED to fix the vines!

  • - XxJake0506xX - 4 months ago

    No! This update made PE edition way too bad! 1. Realms are not available 2. You can’t play any other server!

  • Elijah Worley 4 months ago

    I have a question will aquatic biomes generate in undiscovered parts of an old world?

  • ELITE SNIPER 4 months ago

    Yay I can’t wait to update it 😀

  • GamingNight Slacker213 4 months ago

    Minecraft 1.2.10 is out of everyone butts

  • Hey im Aiden 4 months ago

    So me or my friends can’t invite anyone to either of our games

  • Rminerman 427 4 months ago

    So I just got Minecraft for my Xbox one and I need to transfer one of my big big worlds from 360 to the one and it won’t let me because it doesn’t have that option anymore in the big update what should I do

  • Jukez 671 4 months ago

    Anyone having a problem with mob grinders not spawning monsters in realms?? If anyone can help me it would be great! I’m on xbox1

  • S-SoccerEditz 4 months ago

    Toycat is the update coming for ps3/xbox360?

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