The latest minecraft xbox / pe 1.3 beta added a new biome and a new


  • RobotZap10000 3 weeks ago

    2 quik play at .75


    So this means
    Blue Packed ICE
    Is also there well the future says
    Dark Blue ice
    Dark Blue Packed ICE

  • Mishpãré Urśhjìlk 3 weeks ago

    At the moment we have Ice, packed ice and frosted ice

  • Mushroom_hunter 3 weeks ago

    *WHAAAAT?!?!!?!* you have to tell me this is on java edition to, PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • Ibraheem650 _ 3 weeks ago

    How can I get the beta on the windows 10? I heard it’s tricky.. :/

  • Garrett Norris 3 weeks ago

    maybe fire coral will cause a damage or poison effect when you touch it like in real life

  • Nintendo gaming 3 weeks ago

    When is the update releasing???

  • Sobio night 3 weeks ago


  • bleacher333 3 weeks ago

    What is “Update Aqautic”? 🤔

  • Asbestos Fish 3 weeks ago

    I am both eagerly awaiting and wearily dreading this update.

  • Rinnosuke 3 weeks ago


  • richard343s 3 weeks ago

    I hope polar bears will spawn on the icebergs

  • Lilmanbambam 3 weeks ago

    The blue ice kinda of looks like glowstone underwater.

  • David Ryan 3 weeks ago

    They should use that to make a portal to an ice dimension that’s like all the snowy and cold biomes together

  • Kathryn Smith 3 weeks ago

    You could use tnt to easily get blue ice above water!!!

  • Christian Sarmiento 3 weeks ago

    Nice to see toycat using ice…
    nonono that’s not what I mean

  • Jake Toons 3 weeks ago

    The texture for it looks strange, I think it might just be a blue version of obsidian from jappa’s new textures v2.

  • Fapdos 3 weeks ago

    ”Update Aqautic” Better as ”Update Aquatic”

  • ツCynik 3 weeks ago

    You wrote the title as 1.3 instead of 1.13 btw

  • Brad Dawg 3 weeks ago

    Man I hate pocket edition, oh wait it’s on my Xbox One

  • AlexLXPG 3 weeks ago

    “Update Aqautic”

  • Q Turner 3 weeks ago

    Toycat will the 1.13(aquatic update) coming out to ps3?

  • The Minecraft Rockstar 3 weeks ago

    There is 4 different ice blocks 1 ice 2 packed ice 3 frosted ice 4 blue ice

  • Angel Fernando Vega 3 weeks ago

    The titanic? Build like a side project

  • Angel Fernando Vega 3 weeks ago

    Do you think they are going to ad water falls but they wouldn’t have use ?

  • erpan 1140 3 weeks ago


  • dcpinapels 3 weeks ago

    on my world I had 2 reefs!!

  • Michael Warner 3 weeks ago

    how do I sign up for the bedrock beta thing?

  • Sam Gerers 3 weeks ago

    The mining is so slow, because you have water breathing…

  • Venular 27114 3 weeks ago

    Is ps4 getting the update

  • Chua Cheephung 3 weeks ago

    you spell aquatic wrongly

  • Rage Gaming HD 3 weeks ago

    Iceberg biomes are common

  • Bryan Butler 3 weeks ago

    ibxtoycat is there something new in your inventory like dual wielding.

  • Alison Marie Sandidge 3 weeks ago

    Don’t you ever SHUT UP!!!!!!

  • Brady Fox 3 weeks ago

    How do you turn the beta on

  • Cross Blood 3 weeks ago

    Ibxtoycat can you please respond to this comment can you tell me what is coming to Xbox and what’s not because right now Im Really confused

  • The Spriggan 3 weeks ago

    I’m guessing next year they will do a animal update like with zebras and lions or A boss update That adds Dragons to the overworld and maybe new monsters like vampires or demon.

  • Chicken Soup 3 weeks ago

    your mining is slowed by underwater and not being on a solid block

  • Lip Fairilu 3 weeks ago

    Smurf ice

  • Flaze07 3 weeks ago

    The animation is still choppy

  • Luke Detering 3 weeks ago

    Can blue ice explode? If it takes the same amount of time to mine as obsidian, why wouldn’t it be immune or heavily resist explosions

  • Paul Anthony Hernandez 3 weeks ago

    Will it be in America and how did u do it I’m on the write platform and it doesn’t say use experimental gameplay

  • crinMafte LOL 3 weeks ago

    Aqua affinity on your helmet makes it easier to mine underwater. So that is another way.

  • Erika Tican 3 weeks ago


  • Dungeneer 3 weeks ago

    Pretty *cool*

  • Noah Irey 3 weeks ago

    I was checking if this video was posted on april 1st

  • NOT MY EYEBALL GAMES 3 weeks ago

    I hope they make a new portal from it, we need a new dimension in MC.

  • demonablkhrt 3 weeks ago

    IbxToyCat did you notice on bedrock edition there are these seed things can you show them to me

  • Airvin Arellano 3 weeks ago

    This update is cool i have that version and we same version

  • Rex terminate 3 weeks ago

    1.2 is the worst update 1.3 is best but 1.2 is best for pvp

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