Minecraft Building with BdoubleO is my minecraft lets play series


  • Erose 4 weeks ago

    Best episode of Building with BdoubleO EVER!! We need a Paw Patrol Minecraft Series stat!

  • nate bauer 3 weeks ago

    I agree this is one of the best episodes ever, I pray for you and your family. Even seeing this I can tell there is a stronger connections with your daughters, and as some people say some things happen for a reason. At the end of the day it is still a tragedy regardless but at the same time to see you so close with your daughter, its a good thing. You are a great father, and have a fantastic family. We are all here for you, and continue to do what you are doing. It is wonderful. Not just for you, but for your wife and daughters, let alone everyone else, as of you fan base.

  • ZinTyPhoon 3 weeks ago

    Poor Bdubs. XD
    Don’t worry, in 20 years they’ll look back on this and realize what an awesome dad you are for doing these kinds of things with/for them.

  • bob nob 3 weeks ago

    YES, I WAITED 5 YEARS to hear this into again! 😀

  • Brock Desmond 3 weeks ago

    “But seriously dad where’s rider?”

  • Garxzi 3 weeks ago

    Want to see it but im in clas now 😕

  • brucewelbrock 3 weeks ago

    Just wonderful Bdubs such a brilliant episode. Wish my daughter would play Minecraft with me lol. You are a fantastic Dad and Ari is wonderful. Take care All of your wonderful family:) XX

  • ThunderTorii 3 weeks ago

    So cute!

  • Andrew Goodsell 3 weeks ago

    very cute episode B.

  • TheAmerthyst 3 weeks ago

    The faces when they dogs went on the dragons like “.oO ohhhh o.o dont fall!” hehe, this was adroable to watch ^^

  • Reba 353 3 weeks ago

    Liked the video before I even watched it

  • Dr.MorningWood 3 weeks ago

    Dw bdubs i think your castle is awesome and your forests beautiful<3

  • Tom Cook 3 weeks ago

    The pain on Johns face every time he says “daddy made all this” and gets “okay” in response 😂

  • Clockwork Angel 3 weeks ago

    when she gets older it’s going to be building with Ari right?

  • crmitch 3 weeks ago

    Ari got so biggggg

  • Magik Shard 3 weeks ago

    description is wrong

  • ConvexSpy 8335 3 weeks ago

    This is the cutest thing ever. I wonder what would happen if the dogs died your daughter would be so upset.

  • Josiah Schaefer 3 weeks ago

    This is awesome. I’m going to watch it with my kids. They’ll love it! If you make a series like this I guarantee you’ll get a hundred views on each episode just from my kids watching them over and over.

  • Ryan Carter 3 weeks ago

    Super cute

  • The Mayan Guy 3 weeks ago

    How thats too cute !
    I think some episode like this sometime can be good !
    (Also i love your face when a dog get hurt and yourm scared he died)

  • Bold Eagle 3 weeks ago

    Your facial expressions are the best xD

  • Samantha Suhan 3 weeks ago

    My heart is melting. God bless you and your family Bdubs. ❤

  • Lilplayer 3 weeks ago

    his face when they all got on the dragon hahaha the UH OH I DIDNT PLAN FOR THIS hahaha

  • RED REX 2003 3 weeks ago

    Poor bdubs just trying to get a compliment from his kid

  • WOFLz 3 weeks ago

    Bdubs: Look at all this cool stuff Dad made.
    Ari: Do you even realize Chase is in danger right now?!?!

  • RED REX 2003 3 weeks ago

    but srs I Wish My dad was like u bdubs

  • SirHalagad 3 weeks ago

    Love the inclusion of your kids Bdubs! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown. Ari is speaking so much and so well since the last vlog!
    So special to be able to spend that time with dad at work.

    Keep doing what you’re doing man. I love what you’ve been doing over the past 6 or more years I’ve watched you and I look forward to watching you in whatever you do in the future!

  • Hyper Squared 3 weeks ago

    One of the sweetest videos you’ve ever made <3

  • Hyper Squared 3 weeks ago

    Why does it seem that bdubs know more about paw patrol

  • Tozfu 3 weeks ago

    Honestly had a sucky day at work, to come home and watch this, thanks for cheering me up 😌 such an awesome dad!

  • Jimbo Holo 3 weeks ago

    Bdubs, dad of the year ^^

  • Stefan 3 weeks ago

    7:50 best moment

  • CocoGaming 3 weeks ago


  • Randal Johnson 3 weeks ago

    Best Episode ever!!

  • Dilly Dally 3 weeks ago

    This is the cutest thing in the world.

  • Christabel Heymans 3 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness I missed them so much. Has it really been that long that we haven’t seen them. Eden is already walking? What!? Love them so much. This video made me so happy for you and your family.

  • Grant P 3 weeks ago

    This was the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flamingo 3 weeks ago

    Made my day! Cutest thing ever!

  • FinnleyThePotatoMaster 3 weeks ago

    Awwwwwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Omg cutest video ever!!!!!!

  • Kayla Dingess 3 weeks ago

    Omg! I love this so much. Good job Bdubs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Thievsly 3 weeks ago

    The speed at which Bdubz covered that lava was hysterical. Like he saw the potentially awful situation and immediately solved it. Like, nope!

  • ThatOneGuy101 3 weeks ago

    you know i kind of wondered what autism(13:00) looked like and i was gonna say this but nah i feel like i should not lie to people instead i will be honest it is very down syndrome

  • Adayics 3 weeks ago

    oml this is sooo adorable! ahh ^ – ^

  • gawgreg2448 3 weeks ago

    It was great watching you and your little ones spending time together. They may not notice your effort now,but years from now they will be able to look back on this and appreciate their father. You are a great dad. My fiancé and I enjoyed watching this. God bless you and your entire family,especially after such a hard time recently.

  • Carter Weigel 3 weeks ago

    Man, I’ve been watching your videos for five years or so, and your kids are so adorable.

  • Vinnick 3 weeks ago

    I couldnt stop smiling. You are a great dad. I dont know where you get the energy to be so creative with your kids.

  • JS Ruers 3 weeks ago


    (I mean… ya do kinda look like a grown-up version of Rider… lol)

  • Wolfheart738 3 weeks ago

    This video made me cry. This was so adorable Bdubs. You are amazing. If I ever have kids, I doubt I will ever be able to do something as sweet as this for them. This was so heartwarming! My face hurts from smiling so much!

  • Nail Face 3 weeks ago

    the awesome thing about this episode… pops wants to show off his builds to baby girl but she just wants to play with the pups. In 5 or more years she will watch this video with pops and say oh wow, look at all that my dad built, good memories.

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