• Suvuie Killz 2 weeks ago

    Pdawg, my friend and I are gonna try to make you a theme song for you ❤ much love, Emily

  • BlackHazert .L 2 weeks ago


  • Lauren Gardner 2 weeks ago

    He said “watch me gab on those haters” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TheakingPlayz 2 weeks ago

    Preston plz Help me start my minecraft channel

  • FilPlays 2 weeks ago


  • XxNinjaDuckxX 2 weeks ago

    Someone MAKE a map based on unsubtoshot

  • Boss2K65 2 weeks ago

    six mill!

  • DynamiX 2 weeks ago


  • derpygamer 95 2 weeks ago

    g,day g,day

  • Jhon Big shoe 2 weeks ago

    I am sooooooooooooooo glad you have 6mill

  • PokemonSavage 2167 2 weeks ago

    I Subscribed to All of your channels

  • PokemonSavage 2167 2 weeks ago

    And lIked your videos

  • janetvaleria1 2 weeks ago

    You should play more murder mystery 😀😀

  • Matthew Gilmer 2 weeks ago

    Play with grape apple sauce

  • Kiera Barnes 2 weeks ago

    Everyone who liked dislike to make Preston mad XD

  • Favorite Asian Curry 2 weeks ago

    Preston, she you play minecraft roblox or any games, take the ring off so your finger doesn’t cut off. Don’t do any finger related things or stunts if you have the ring.

  • Riley Seeger 2 weeks ago


  • Jj Playzz 2 weeks ago

    Nathan is broken 😈😈😈😈👿👿👿😎😎⚡️

  • Bailey Harbeck 2 weeks ago

    Nathan sounds like the guy from “ it’s Wednesday my dudes” PLEASE HAVE HIM SAY THAT IN A VIDEO!!!

  • Lizzy: kind and loving 2 weeks ago


  • Resno 2 weeks ago

    Amazing video and tons of fun! Can’t wait for another video😄

  • Bo3Legend758 2 weeks ago

    Kill yourself

  • Sophya WEBB 2 weeks ago

    This was a little annoying how you died everyone 5seconds

  • MyImmanuel Sanders 2 weeks ago

    Play bewars next plz

  • Lol Lol 2 weeks ago

    Hi Preston! I love ur vids and u make me laugh all the time. I’ve been watching ur vids everyday for about 2 years now. May God Bless You!

  • Captain MLG 2 weeks ago

    Lol the boss does no damage

  • Hardcore Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Who else counted the amount of deaths in the video. No? Just me? K

  • GamerLord101 thegamerlord 2 weeks ago

    preston is just roasting unspeakuble

  • THE FARMING MOOSE 2 weeks ago

    PP portal parkour yea

  • kell da coolness 2 weeks ago

    I watched Unspeakable play this map with Preston now I am watching Preston! I think Preston is way better then unspeakable! Preston is the best YouTuber in the whole world!! 😉

  • Silvia Hernandez 2 weeks ago


  • kaymen hart 2 weeks ago

    I love this

  • Piero 8k 2 weeks ago

    Chicos anthony y darick le copian a preston , pasa esto termina mal…mi novia se enfada :v/

  • Misty The Cat 2 weeks ago

    Oh, I played this map a couple weeks ago! Nice to see Preston taking it on. 😂

  • Wies5 2 weeks ago

    We need more HideNSeek with TeacherPhilip, Red, and Nick

  • Vanessa Charlie 2 weeks ago

    Preston I love your videos you are so hilarious you can be cringy but idc and no offence for the cringey part BTW😇🙂

  • Brince Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    Hahahahaha kapacha what is kapacha

  • Minion Gaming 2 weeks ago

    My name is Nathan and minion

  • Minion Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Jannatul Shahnaj 2 weeks ago

    yep it’s called Preston Parkour

  • Juls Edison Channel 2 weeks ago

    Do not mess on preston because his a parkour master

  • Alrez P 2 weeks ago

    Try this no checkpoints

  • Ultsepticeye Ultgac 2 weeks ago


  • TateBoiiis 2 weeks ago

    It always annoys me when map creators use @a instead of @s

  • Sithabile Ndlovu 2 weeks ago

    I saw this but in Nathan’s channel

  • Twin Scissors304 2 weeks ago

    Unspeakable sucks a lot at parkour!!!

  • Nolan F 2 weeks ago

    love you prest and all vids

  • Nolan F 2 weeks ago

    10 is toot

  • I AM A SUBSCRIBER 2 weeks ago

    Their really not portals its ok cause what ever you play is awwwwwsssssssooooooommmmmeeee

  • Andrei playz 2 weeks ago

    Love you preston best youtuber big love lava mob

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