• The Elder Nugget 2 weeks ago

    It’s funny how they thought Pat’s armor was giving him buffs

  • Cathy Bennett 2 weeks ago

    Pat finally won

  • Marie Hatfield 2 weeks ago

    Hi Pat and Jen your the best I am sud on my tablet and my phone you and Jen are the first YouTubers I ever watched on YouTube.

  • Diana Lugiarto 2 weeks ago

    The news paper is that made you so powerful no joke

  • Khalid Bhatti 2 weeks ago

    I like birds

  • Godkid Gamer920194 2 weeks ago


  • _Nateyboi111 2 weeks ago

    Is Jen the devil a can

  • Alexi Goxhi 2 weeks ago

    Pat:You will not see this anywhere else
    Me:Well you can because a certain unnamed youtuber stole pats idea

  • Kathya Djalo 2 weeks ago


  • Redmaster Gaming 2 weeks ago

    you should try to play against technoblade

  • supdograinbarff 2 weeks ago

    Use obsidian area to protect bed

  • Lina Gaming 2 weeks ago

    This really shows that #PatIsBlind

  • Radcliff Luis Reyes 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t someone make an anime lucky block that has anime stuff

  • SpiralPlays -Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Pat!!!!! You put the statue in the chest nooooo!

  • Shalom NG 2 weeks ago

    Guyz, were is the OTHER bedwars series on Hypixel!!???

    I wanna see it again (who else agrees)

  • Claudiu Pintea 2 weeks ago

    if I would make a Jen’s hysterical fit would take 3 days

  • Cousin Gamers 2 weeks ago

    The amour is not op its the item you have that locks like a crystal

  • Charlotte the Fox 2 weeks ago

    Hey pat! Watch prestons Bed wars videos so You will never Did to Men unless she Goes to the middle lol!

  • little kitten minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Awesome vid like always also as soon as Jen jumps for the first time a message shud come on her screen not in the chat tho aslo PAT THE KILLER!!!!

  • The Elemental Gamer 123 2 weeks ago

    If there is a mod that adds irl pat and or jen, can you do hide n seek as irl pat and or jen?

  • Mohammed Zain 2 weeks ago

    The statue that you had from the lucky block was amazing it had so many good things in round 2 but you put it in the medal chest

  • Intro Maker 2 weeks ago

    Hello pat and Jen today I fell over and banged my tooth and when I watched you and I felt Mitch better

  • Tbnr Wolf 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you guys play *REAL* bedwars??? Or with a couple other people..I dunno

  • Alexis Jenkins 2 weeks ago


  • Daniel Guidea 2 weeks ago

    Play regular bed Wars

  • min GyUu 2 weeks ago

    im late 🙁

  • Sylvia Browne-Niles 2 weeks ago


  • MEI KI HUI 2 weeks ago

    OPNESS!! lol

  • Michelle Caberoy 2 weeks ago

    Pat I love you can you make a youtuber lucky block jen is so crazy popularmos lucky block and I have my own channel to james martin caberoy

  • Herculanus Jahja 2 weeks ago

    make more

  • caelan ruby 2 weeks ago

    pat 2nd round footage now the wicarimia thing made you OP

  • eric sengchanh 2 weeks ago

    I think that Jen is cursed

  • LightingGaming_123 !!! 2 weeks ago

    Pat why did you put the statue away it the one who made you nearly invinsible

  • Curtis Inniss Jr 2 weeks ago

    Play granny please I love you

  • Jimin’s _Booty BTS Forever 2 weeks ago

    The ending is the best part!

  • Emilia Anderson 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry I haven’t been watching i have been not able to watch y’all BTW YOUR AWESOME

  • ob1fun 2 weeks ago

    Pat remember the lucky block reflects on the person who is using it i got that from the lucky block book no one is going to read this

  • Zoey Leavitt 2 weeks ago

    Feel better I missed your vids

  • becky brown 2 weeks ago

    The thumbnail was jen saying *I like birds* I was kind of laughing

  • Jose Ramos 2 weeks ago

    Hello pat

  • Golden-Lucario 2 weeks ago

    13:11 i facepalmed so hard

  • Kim LaHaye 2 weeks ago

    U guys should have ur bases farther away from each other, so that it’s more of a challenge. 😊

  • FunTimeGirls23 LOVE FOR LIFE 2 weeks ago

    I’m sick😳😩😰😟😝😭😔😖😪

  • Nick Killinger 2 weeks ago

    U should do the Hunger Games with this block

  • popularmmos im your big big fan and im playing roblox my name is growblox_youtubetv but mydream is to play welcome to bloxburg but i dont have i needed 25robux pls check y account and giveme robux pls i dont say give me just i said if you had extra i will cry if you giveme because its my dream and yourmy dream tobe my friend i always said in all of your vid but you dont add me but its ok but if you promiss to give me i like all of your vid ty

  • Florida Beats 2 weeks ago

    Every time I watch Jen forgets to record I think it’s cause she knows pat going to win

  • AlwaysGame Forever 2 weeks ago

    Pat I’m pretty sure the Angel is on the left and devil on the right so Jen is actually an angel

  • Theodore Vang 2 weeks ago

    Pat the statu is good k

  • Justin H 2 weeks ago

    Today its my b-day keep up the amazing work:)

  • Destyn Anderson 2 weeks ago

    Pat you dropped most overpowerd thing in the mod not the weapon not the newspaper the Inca statue

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