• The original gaming channel 1 week ago

    Amazing video

  • ToxicGhostMinecraft 1 week ago


  • احمد الملك المصري 1 week ago

    I wish you get 1M subscribers

  • احمد الملك المصري 1 week ago

    I Love You best YouTube Naveed

  • live animations 1 week ago

    I remember the guns

  • Jarieth Senoron 1 week ago

    Cars mod pls

  • The Minecraft Gaming 2 1 week ago

    You cant take rival rebals u already did a video about this mod and also take one neuclear weapon and call it the neuclear weapons mod.at least u took the IBCN mod
    Unlike from me 😉

  • mona nashar 1 week ago


  • name h 1 week ago

    First love u best mate

  • Eeli Forsman 1 week ago


  • Humaira Amir 1 week ago

    This is much fun too I love your videos

  • Naveed Usmani 1 week ago

    I sub and I liked all of your videos

  • Lenart Ceka 1 week ago

    Good job bro your videos are much better than moose mods video

  • Albakri Family 1 week ago

    The 1 that destroyed your house

  • matys3004 1 week ago

    Remember: Zombies are immune to radioactive damage.

  • Helena Marcok 1 week ago

    I subscribe to you and you rock I love you 😍

  • darcy felusch 1 week ago

    marks house gets destroyed so much, mark must have lots of money to repair it.

  • Agnes Owogowog 1 week ago

    That’s my v weapon to NOVEED like it don’t matter how much

  • Crystal White 1 week ago

    hey Navi those mods are so amazing can you sent me one they are so awesome that’s why you are my biggest fan and Mark is the person who gives you all of these items and missions tell him thank you.

  • Adrian Cunanan 1 week ago

    The plasma gun is my favor one

  • Reese Regala 1 week ago

    Naveed pls do a mod for phones in android minecraft pe

  • Kelly Cruz 1 week ago


  • Renz Tuboro 1 week ago

    hay naveed am your i dol

  • Rebecca Miller 1 week ago


  • Zulma Ochoa 1 week ago

    I like the I sean

  • kankan muring 1 week ago

    i thivk

  • gamer 557 1 week ago

    I laughed so hard when you blew up your house with the m2-hack

  • Saad Abdulcarem 1 week ago

    Hello naveed

  • Kurt Fuentes 1 week ago

    i love is plasma cannon

  • Julius Ceasar Marquez 1 week ago

    the plasma cannon was used by bumblebee in transformers so that’s why i like it! plasma cannons rule

  • lueqcar omotsosirc 1 week ago


  • Aida Jabilles 1 week ago

    Mc naveed what is your first video

  • atasha jewelraine 1 week ago

    the ein – stine is for unspeakable daycre in minecraft

  • Thee Best 1 week ago

    I know those zombies those are from dayz mod i have

  • Sandra New 1 week ago


  • ARMAN DIONISIO 1 week ago

    i like all

  • Alexander Ito 1 week ago

    I want to go to you in sponsor but can you please buy PS3 Naveed

  • Alexander Ito 1 week ago

    Can you do it at may 26th please

  • Alexander Ito 1 week ago

    or l will meet you at Roblox


    Naveed i like you so much can we play together you are one cool and gigantic perfect and 1 more thing you are funny

  • Harkirat Singh 1 week ago

    ein-stine is mine


    Guys sub to 1818817162727828282762K

  • Qayyum K 1 week ago

    I love the ein sten too

  • Jimmi Salim 1 week ago

    For roblox obby i dare you to play mega fun obby from start to end

  • Aim Kimmielle Canlas 1 week ago

    dath wan is my favorite too

  • Fawziya Fayaz 1 week ago

    I had call your mother she said you are a Best YouTuber

  • Becky Srarkey 1 week ago

    Don’t get Papa zombies

  • AMEER herro king 1 week ago

    hostsel MOD Natural suprnatural smords And MOD Steve The Savage AND MOD Dinosaurs And MOD Mondertul Houses

  • Hans Roble 1 week ago

    i like your videos

  • Khin May 1 week ago

    I like the plasma cannon
    And the ein sten

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