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  • Skynet007 2 weeks ago

    The reason that you had to /kill is because the missingno glitch used to break the games programming so you couldn’t play it anymore that reason why.

  • tiganiarmy 2 weeks ago

    Lv 6 lol you checked your inventory the first second you spawned

  • Fuu Ya 2 weeks ago

    This series of maps is good at bamboozling him

  • Exotic Slayer 2 weeks ago

    ppl take inspiration from the hardcore parkour and make a map that uses this mechanism to make cap rage. Anyone intrested in cap parkour skillz ?

  • Recep Cihat 2 weeks ago


  • Serenagirl905 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jordan I have a fellow kids for you! Can I send it to you by email? Otherwise I don’t know how I would show you the video

  • Seth Attun 2 weeks ago

    Lol, I love the ‘this level is not bugged’ as a response to people thinking other levels have been bugged.

  • For me spring break ended about 3 weeks ago…

  • No-OneIsLegit 2 weeks ago

    ded channel

  • Triacontagon 2 weeks ago

    Jordan, had the button of UNDYING.. wich made you unable to die…. drop the button and you are normal/dying.

  • Trace Hagemeier 2 weeks ago

    I’m on spring break!

  • Sebbe2003 2 weeks ago

    The spring break started for me.

  • RandomDude 56 2 weeks ago

    Who’s here before 💯 K views? I am!

    Also Jordan I’ve been on spring break since the 28th of march.

  • TheUltraHelix 2 weeks ago

    The look of pain or Jordans face after level 7. Was laughing so hard

  • Pugz4Life 2 weeks ago

    If you stand on the shulker box an HOLD it open (don’t close it) until you drop through. You don’t have to spam it.

  • Ale Kastitch 2 weeks ago

    I’m half way through my spring break 😭

  • DylanFTWmc 2 weeks ago

    Ok so Ive been searching your vids for hours cause i remembered one of these you mentioned the protein shake thing powder that you use. Id love to know what sparklez uses for protein shakes as I myself am trying to get into a better workout routine. If anyone know what he uses or remembers the video he mentioned it please link it to me! Please and thankyou.

  • Mister Tomatoes 2 weeks ago

    You need to do this map with Xeen! That would be AWESOME!

  • Samuel Ares 2 weeks ago

    The vingette on the camera is horrible

  • TheDarkMaze 2 weeks ago

    I thought 2plus2is4.. Idk cuz i jus learned it from a song

  • David Cortés DaFailboatFan 2 weeks ago

    I’m in spring break

  • DaHolyUnicorn 2 weeks ago

    What happened to “EVIL COOKIE MONSTER – TRIALS”? Why you deletay?

  • Mudkip M 2 weeks ago

    level: “die” button called “button of undying” hmmmmm should you really keep the button of undying if you need to die Jardon?

  • little hoovy man 2 weeks ago

    im watching on computer

  • Summer Hull 2 weeks ago

    2+2=Fish 🐟

  • Star Wars fan 50000000 2 weeks ago

    No in Wisconsin it is not a spring break why is popular emos he’d there

  • Awesomeness 369 2 weeks ago

    i’ve been off of spring break for a while 3 weeks well I almost didn’t have a break thanks to hurricane Irma

  • Gamer Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Oh *JARDON* uploaded a video!

  • Nile Peoples 2 weeks ago

    Spring break ended two weeks ago for me jardon…

  • Brandon Newman 2 weeks ago

    Logdotzip tells you about Minecraft updates

  • TheFireOcean 2 weeks ago

    Spring break started Friday before easter

  • SSB NugRun 2 weeks ago

    Playing this game over the age of 21 should be a felony

  • Teabee 2 weeks ago

    Jordan playing Minecraft? What universe is this?

  • Theflyingslowbro 2 weeks ago

    Spring break starts next weekend

  • hunter barbecho 2 weeks ago

    While dying proceeds to plug his volg & stuff channel. 👌 nice

  • Carum Sarene 2 weeks ago

    3 + 3 ÷ 3 = 4

  • warningssur Warning 2 weeks ago

    U r the best

  • Yux2314 Olsen 2 weeks ago

    Spring break starts in two days for me. It doesn’t start or end on Easter weekend, unlike most places.

  • Nickolas German 2 weeks ago

    I did not exist in ur World until u read this comment

  • Fernando Briones 2 weeks ago

    Unspeakable plyad this as well

  • Lmao get rekt Bish 2 weeks ago

    Rip facecam syncing with the audio

  • Superairdog 10 2 weeks ago

    Spring break was the week of March 11 to March 17. School started again on the 19th.

  • Daystar 2 weeks ago

    I love how obvious it was to drop the button but his dumb youtuber brain wouldn’t let him lol

  • Sherita Nipper 2 weeks ago

    Anti chamber Minecraft

  • Shaun Saldana 2 weeks ago

    you know, this is a symbol that life is meaningless until you die

  • AmazingSalad 2 weeks ago

    Still waiting for new survival serious, Mianite 3 or playing adventure maps with Mark and Nick. Despite that, you do you Jardarn

  • CB LS 2 weeks ago

    worst map ever?

  • stumpeenkidd 2 2 weeks ago

    In the UK our spring break ends on the weekend after Easter and starts the weekend before Easter.

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