• PopularMMOs 8 months ago

    Good news guys!! You will only have to deal with the echo for 2 more days till we are recording at home again lol. We just wanted to be sure you had some videos to watch 🙂

  • Mary Joyce Nisperos 8 months ago


  • Redpanda the coolest of them all 8 months ago

    Please get mincraft story mode season 2 back

  • EddieYT 8 months ago

    Hi I love your viids I’m sick

  • De Shawn Nance 8 months ago

    i luv u guys

  • Elizabeth Cervantes 8 months ago

    Love you so much pat and jen,can you guys plz give me a shoutout?I never skip a second of your videos.Love you all<3

  • Aleigh Czerwinski 8 months ago

    Hi Pat Hi Jen. I Laugh At U Guys U Guys Make My DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I Have A lot Of Y’s Right “Cool”

  • bridgeo cabatu 8 months ago


  • Sharina Ancheta 8 months ago

    I saw stampy

  • Felicia Bates 8 months ago

    you kinda messed up on your spelling PPPPP MPOVE!!!! XD

  • uni piggy 8 months ago


  • XxiEpiczxX -Randomness 8 months ago

    Sharing is caring… right?

  • Jackie and Erin Morgan 8 months ago

    who noticed that when it said “you did NOT start as IT” it said NOT IT

  • Shelly Johnson 8 months ago

    Pat da best

  • Lily Spuller 8 months ago

    Im sad about somthing 😭 I got banned from hypixel sadly and i didnt do anything….. I miss hypixel….😭

  • yolocats 8 months ago

    Only the 90’s kids will remember lucky block hunger games

  • tina s 8 months ago

    Omg Jen Lol 😂😂

  • Victoria Jackson 8 months ago

    What did afk means

  • Rainsplash 8 months ago

    Pat i command u to do block hunt on mineplex tomorrow.. Lol

  • That_horse_ Girl 8 months ago

    Hey guys!!! Can you sub to me I will give you a shout out and sub back to the first 15 Subscribers

  • Katy Imhof 8 months ago

    Hi pat and jen keep it can u you subscride to me. sarah imhof is my channel.

    .p.s jen makes it fun. Like if agree sorry pat u r also cool. awsome.

  • Kenna Rhea 8 months ago

    Did anyone hear Jen say do not play this game with a full ballder at 18:28?

  • Did anyone notice greatchinweiners at 13:07

  • So many hackers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In Derpy We Trust 8 months ago

    Pat ur the best, been with u Since 1k

  • emojimkm love 8 months ago


  • Robot Fans 8 months ago


  • Alma Figueroa 8 months ago

    Mr. Jo okay I’ll do it

  • Springlove Hoff 8 months ago

    How rude don’t like that girl

  • furious dirt block Hatch 8 months ago

    Every time I hear the intro I dab

  • Asha Rich 8 months ago

    looks so fun !!!!!!! i <3 u guys !!!!!

  • Asha Rich 8 months ago

    more tnt tag !!!!! jen would of won, its totally not fair !!!

  • Bella S 8 months ago

    Quote of the year, “Do not play this game in a full blatter“ -Jen 2017 😂

  • Jenn Kirkland 8 months ago

    Jen:oh no you have the TNT! Pat:here, bye(jumps off )(runs away)me:haha!ha!hahaha!ha!haha!

  • Sara Boatright 8 months ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE Have another animation competition! I want to see them! (and maybe submit one). -Love You guys

  • Jomar Manalo 8 months ago

    Yooo pls play hot potato is a game that you have a potato and the guy that have the potato have to pas the potato to the ather person and when he hold it so much tge ather person explode live a like if you whant to play hot potato trust me 😉

  • Shadow gaming Alpos 8 months ago


  • Stephen Randall 8 months ago

    Why are they in a hotel room?

  • WickedMaverick3 Ponce 8 months ago

    Popularmmos try playing Money Wars

  • Candida Akita 8 months ago

    Dick heads

  • K Skbna 8 months ago

    I can’t believe jen became afk and lost #jenwasrigged XD

  • Xander 8 months ago

    Pat your outro was just a LITTLE bit weird….. just noticed that’s all

  • ike rivera 8 months ago

    (in round 2) r.i.p pat and jens fan died of explosion you will be miss

  • Long Nguyen Pham 8 months ago

    Do more of this

  • Edith Gerona 8 months ago

    36912161821242730 mawr😸🐱🦄

  • Jerome Gicoso 8 months ago

    play bed wars

  • enchantedsupergirl4 roblox,games and more 8 months ago

    Achievement earned

  • Michael Ramos 8 months ago


  • Elita Taufik 8 months ago

    I hit da bell beside on sub button

  • Cube Genius 8 months ago

    Please Murder Mystery please

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