• PopularMMOs 2 months ago

    Time to play some Sumo!! Haven’t played this in ages! I hope you all enjoy 🙂

  • Awesome cat 1 month ago

    Regardless it still seemed fun and I love your videos I am subscribed to both of your channels and I hope that you keep coming out with new hilarious content it’s great

  • EZE SPIDER 1 month ago


  • Dalton Nelson 1 month ago


  • Jolene Wahl 1 month ago


  • JazzyEmorrison10 1 month ago


  • Larry Covin 1 month ago

    Jen trash

  • Angel Reyes 1 month ago

    Angle reyes

  • chinh pham duc 1 month ago


  • Rogelio Campo 1 month ago

    You had to stay right in the middle

  • Juan Miranda 1 month ago

    where the ricegang at

  • Tiger Sam 1 month ago


  • Awsome Shadowgirl 1 month ago

    you need to actually be in the middle

  • Emmanuel Ryko Aguilar 1 month ago

    hi pat and hi jen

  • Joe/tomb raider,minecraft and more 1 month ago

    heloooooo popularmmos

  • Meowoof 1 month ago

    You do realise in competitions, King of the hill means 1st plays 2nd, 3rd plays 4th etc.

  • Christopher Leung 1 month ago

    Pat where are the the vids? U haven’t posted in two days

  • prajwal tangade 1 month ago


  • Riley Hoffer 1 month ago

    The thumb nail shows that the girl is the noob and the man is the pro. This takes the population a step back from trying to prove that women can be very successful. Please, this makes me feel bad about myself and maybe other women that want to break the stereotype.

  • Teddy Hy 1 month ago

    hi i have a question can me and my friend use your skins in our animations????

  • loan van 1 month ago


  • ThePerfectGamer ' 1 month ago

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  • David Finn 1 month ago

    Noob vs pro spleef

  • Joachim G 1 month ago

    hi im your biggest fan

  • Mo Pearson 1 month ago

    Who else saw Jen crouch

  • Screen Time 1 month ago


  • Legendary Dragon Star 1 month ago

    | • • |
    | (. .) |
    _____________ I have to always like my own comments 🙁

  • lmb leonardo 1 month ago

    *Jen*: I want to were one of those diapers!
    *Pat*: I Dont wanna be with you now

  • Rachel Amor 1 month ago

    You needed to step on the sandstone

  • Winnie Ton 1 month ago

    Hellooo pat and jen

  • Jayden Fenton 1 month ago

    I subscribes

  • Colin Maternaghan 1 month ago

    #pat pro #jen noob

  • Silka Moonen 1 month ago


  • Catsmari 1 month ago

    plz susbscribe to me

    i subscibed to popular mmos

  • Boboiboy Hepta Split 1 month ago

    Hellooooooooo patrick (pat) and jennifer (jen) :3 love u both <3

  • Samantha May 1 month ago

    It seems that Pat owns Jen at all these kinds of games. Like if you agree.

  • fazbaz daz baz 1 month ago

    Who else scratched their ear when Jen said she had an itchy ear????

  • Tyrese Gilman 1 month ago

    Hi there is a new version of MMOmonster in monster legends called pattron. Check it out

  • GXhzhhxjxhxhxi Bhzvzhahsgdx 1 month ago

    Gays I’m worried that poplurmnos sick cause there not doing vids

  • NEWbee_ STOker 1 month ago

    i injoyed

  • Kye Fraser 1 month ago

    4:28 I caught jen red handed (keep on pausing then replaying and see she’s cheating with red hands

  • Dantdm fan Macasaet 1 month ago

    I know why theres earth quake becouse of big giant fat sumo battle

  • Dantdm fan Macasaet 1 month ago

  • Dantdm fan Macasaet 1 month ago


  • Dantdm fan Macasaet 1 month ago

    Why wont you play roblox next?

  • Goalkeeper Gaming 1 month ago

    Hi pat

  • Софья Самойлова 1 month ago

    Do even sumo bro

  • Polar BBGun 1 month ago

    this was posted the day before my birthday

  • Skywolf 2525 1 month ago

    I dint watch YouTube for only 4days beacause school u know I’m from philipines and my notification is 250

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