• Haothekiller 12345 6 months ago

    Oh in art lesson I am drawing hot air balloon too

  • Jimmy Han 6 months ago

    Please do not use those TnT block or daimond or ect… just make It normal and you guys are the worst builder ever

  • Dingsbum 1 6 months ago

    The froze

  • Caleb Baughman 6 months ago

    I thought the ele was micky mouse

  • CATHERINE COMPAS 6 months ago

    We stop a vid pat

  • Boon Lourvanij 6 months ago

    watch Grian pat

  • DAT BOY WHO PLAYS GAMES 6 months ago


  • elias wood 6 months ago


  • mart restimar 6 months ago

    pat do not bild with diamond and gold and emerald and tnt k

  • My- kell's real sister 2008 11 6 months ago

    Mind froze at 20:50

  • My- kell's real sister 2008 11 6 months ago

    Never mind 24:40

  • Swegg Licious 6 months ago

    ummmm stop building with diamond and gold

  • kaleigh hemopo 6 months ago

    my froze from like 24:40 to the whole vid

  • Christine Wegert 6 months ago

    It has been a day and a half

  • Brandon Malonda 6 months ago

    At the end of the move I can’t see your votes

  • furious bull 6 months ago


  • Liv Rose 6 months ago

    Yesss build battle is my favorite

  • Winter Familio 6 months ago

    It froze :0

  • Dimity Blazevski 6 months ago


  • Ayec Reyes 6 months ago

    Pat you should know why they are voting bad and you guys got last place you pat always doing gold diamond and tnt build with a normal blocks like oak planks if u did they will vote
    Legendary btw I m not a hater I m just telling u pat please no hate comments 🙁

  • Landen Fann 6 months ago


  • Joshua Schaefer 6 months ago

    It frose

  • Commander V.I.P 6 months ago

    popularmmos i have skin like you but it just like in a fire! his name is FIREKING

  • Narren Wong 6 months ago

    Pat she got 122nd not 2nd and u got 87th

  • Ninjago 20 6 months ago

    Is it just me or are there voices echoed

  • Cookie Master27 6 months ago

    I think you in a new house cuz you sound different

  • Minh Nguyen 6 months ago

    I told you dont vote jen is amazing if see build bad the 2 fist round jen build very bad Lol Bit : )

  • Just Jemma 6 months ago

    No hate but,next episode don’t use emerald,gold,diamond that’s for noobs u think its PRO but not. Thats why ur losing

  • Roshnee Roopnarine 6 months ago

    Diamonds are awful and emeralds,gold,iron

  • EnderCraft 6 months ago


  • Fluffy Puffy 6 months ago

    It froze at 24:40-30:59 😭

  • Joshua Schaefer 6 months ago

    Dang and by the way I’m a youtuber I have no vids yet but I will have I’m going to play roblox if you want to be my friend it is cuuuuuyffhf

  • SPOOKAY GAMER_YT 6 months ago

    Try answering brain teaser questions

  • Jay Silver 6 months ago

    stop using diamond,gold,tnt,emerald thats why your losing u need to try wool or etc pls no more diamonds is losing you see the peolple are using wool and any blocks except diamonds pls stop using that ok pat

  • Aboo PK 6 months ago


  • sans 2136 6 months ago

    It paused at 24:40 for me who else froze

  • DAT BOY WHO PLAYS GAMES 6 months ago

    Jen makes the cutest things

    Pat makes the *TUFF* things

  • Marko Crnkovic 6 months ago

    Your a loser pat

  • DAT BOY WHO PLAYS GAMES 6 months ago


  • EasySera gaming 6 months ago

    If I had Minecraft on pc and I joined Ur server I would vote both of you legendary (which is everything is awesome)

  • Isabella Pitts 6 months ago

    It froze at the end

  • #SPOOAY #SPOOKAY 6 months ago


  • Agentbasindee 107 6 months ago

    Did anyone think the peanut was kinda dirty….

  • jaimie stringer 6 months ago


  • Mlp and roblox Games 6 months ago


  • ElectroGaming 6 months ago

    Pat use normal block like wood wool etc do not use diamond gold and all the ore blocks

  • thomas fayne 6 months ago

    It froze at the end of the building battle

  • KamieTube 6 months ago

    mine froze too

  • popular POP 6 months ago

    Yes it frozeb

  • Kenny Swab 6 months ago

    yea it frozed from 24 thru the rear of the vid

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