Today we are playing Mario Kart Battle Mode!
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  • PopularMMOs 1 week ago

    Mario Kart is getting epic today with battle mode!! I will be commenting to a bunch of you! Also I am aware the audio still needs a little work in the new house, and I plan to work on it this week!

  • George Chapman 1 week ago

    The one that is not a problem

  • Super_Gamer1015 1 week ago

    Do roblox

  • Riley Cronn 1 week ago


  • Rose Jackie 1 week ago

    I hate jen

  • evalynn berger 1 week ago


  • Zachary Berwaldt 1 week ago

    I love you guys

  • Aline Vasquez 1 week ago

    Bring back crafting dead

  • Paula Baron 1 week ago

    Pat please ctm

  • Miranda R. 1 week ago

    This will not be in the top comments

  • MR NIGHTMARE 1 week ago

    JEN 2018 PEOPLE😊😊

  • Jake Swider 1 week ago


  • Mikey Kongstvedt 1 week ago

    I play the battle

  • MobPlays Mcpe 1 week ago

    I’m with Jen on celestial tower sometimes I stutter and then keep repeating the word wrong until I say it right

  • Christine Chen 1 week ago

    I remember some of these maps from when I use to play Mario kart

  • Norma M Policarpo 1 week ago


  • TheFunknown Gaming 1 week ago

    Play Pixelmon and battle eachother! Like if you agree!

  • Adele Carter 1 week ago

    Not to be mean or anything but u kinda suck

  • GamingwithCarter 1 week ago


  • Reid 963 1 week ago


  • Reid 963 1 week ago


  • Reid 963 1 week ago


  • Gean Chee Tai 1 week ago


  • ZpenguencoolZgaming 1 week ago

    Pls suck ny dick it needs warmin xD

  • mlstone2007 1 week ago

    You guys missed the leaf one

  • emma billings 1 week ago

    not good

  • anti foxy girl Funtime foxy 1 week ago

    Pat: it is going down

    Me: Don’t you mean downtown

  • WFS OverpowEr 1 week ago

  • EvoCraft Games 1 week ago

    I play battle mode in Mario Kart… I feel alone 😣

  • pancake kid Camden 1 week ago

    Ok jump out the window

  • Adrianna Olson 1 week ago

    You totally owned Jen

  • Steve What 1 week ago


  • Lynette Hernandez 1 week ago

    Love your videos😎🤑🎃🤩☺️😁😀😆😝🤣😂

  • Daniel Arroyo 1 week ago

    That not in the n64 its in the DS i had one and had mario cart

  • Hide in bush Riot 1 week ago

    Jump out the window lmao

  • Sophie and Gianna 1 week ago

    At 3:51 Jen said I want to get more item

  • Minion 1 week ago

    Do Grand Prix

  • Daniel Arroyo 1 week ago

    Its not dobul dash its DS sorry

  • coolguy 123456789 1 week ago

    I subbed and liked

  • Jarrius Hill 1 week ago

    I like turrrrrtttttllllllleeeeeessssss🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

  • Jarrius Hill 1 week ago

    There playing mostly hunger games but better

  • Cool gamer 1 week ago

    pat battle mode is the most played mode dude

  • Ava Zoller 1 week ago

    Love you so much!!!!!😃😃😃

  • Gaming_900 0 1 week ago


    -JEN 2018

  • Ralph Ronniel Placio 1 week ago


  • Jaden Abeyta 1 week ago

    *in Sr Pelo Mokey voice* OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY!

  • Lightning king 1 week ago

    can anyone give me a free old account that you don’t use and that has mods plz if so sent it to

  • Daniel Soon 1 week ago

    Evil jen is here!!

  • WednesdayGazel 1 week ago

    I kinda feel like your videos are too long.

  • Gab Theweaponwar 1 week ago


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