Today we are back for more fan made Mario Kart races! Jen has been


  • Tina Quinn 1 week ago

    Hi pat

  • Ziggee Zew 1 week ago

    Have the hunger games in a Mario Kart map

  • Jose Alvarez 1 week ago

    jen you suck and f### you

  • Levi M 1 week ago

    On the 1st one she got a head start

  • Erika Robuck 1 week ago

    Hi Pat and Jen I love you so much

  • Erika Robuck 1 week ago

    I will like and sub

  • Mr. squishy 1 week ago

    The more you jump the slower you go

  • Barrett Kiburz 1 week ago

    Jen stop hacking already

  • cateye kittyeye 1 week ago

    Also when Jen got the tnt out of her there was a creeper there too!

  • Velma Solis 1 week ago


  • Desiree Curry 1 week ago

    Jen is a,noon😑

  • Sylbreon eevee 1 week ago

    Jen hax. Just kidding

  • Chona Gagarin 1 week ago


  • Girls or Boys 1 week ago

    Pat just got owned !!!!!

  • x3DwAnY / 67N ClAN 1 week ago


  • Delilah Ramirez 1 week ago

    Jen can be so cute sometimes 13:01 she sounded adorable 💚

  • Wurzerss 1 week ago

    hi hi

  • Jackson Lennox 1 week ago

    i love ur vids

  • rebeca lovaas 1 week ago

    i love Your noob vs pro

  • Banana Cake 1 week ago

    I’m playing Mario Kart 8 on my switch right now

  • gian carlos 1 week ago


  • KenoZzZ 1 week ago

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  • Mattey Boy 1 week ago

    How is this noob vs pro when it’s a tie

  • Sherelle Benjamin 1 week ago

    Pat Jen is not good at park or

  • Courtney Carroll 1 week ago

    Hey pat and Jen I love your vidssssssss

  • Little bites 1 week ago

    Ur awsome!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Abraham sevilla 1 week ago

    Jen hacker!

  • Faded Apricot 1 week ago

    ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaahahhahaha chicken mom

  • Aaron Colachagua 1 week ago

    The little ducks throw you in the air like how do you not know that pat: what I did know that you need to learn how to Mario kart

  • Miner girl3D 1 week ago


  • robotpower 44 1 week ago


  • William Crozier 1 week ago

    Jen using hacks

  • Christopher Guo 1 week ago

    I call Jen hacking

  • Ventrishero 1 week ago

    The most satisfying moment at 17:24

  • CD ronaldomg 1 week ago

    I subb and turn on your notifications

  • Gregory Abernathy 1 week ago


  • THE_JEDI_ CAT 1 week ago

    On the rainbow road why did you follow the track you can skip the track

  • Lars Root 1 week ago

    Pat acts like a jerk when he wins

  • Ron Calvillo 1 week ago


  • Satara Vasa 1 week ago

    Is anyone watching this in 2018

  • Aquasparkelz Ocean girl 1 week ago

    Oml finally! Jen had a total #winstreak lol

  • iPolar HD 1 week ago

    GREAT VID!!! 😀😀😀

  • Mhilen Barnido 1 week ago

    How you failed that game

  • Almahirah Zaini 1 week ago

    I always have faith in Jen in these Mario races

  • Kyana Gabriel 1 week ago

    Pat your going slow cuz ur jumping

  • MichaeLemon 1 week ago

    Why does pat keep jumping

  • Zach Hughes 1 week ago


  • Elshafira fatika Wanaputri 1 week ago

    #CheerForJenThewinner #Sorrypatyoualoser Put You Still a 2th my Favorite Youtuber 1th is itsfunneh and the krew Krew : PaintingRainbows LunarEclipse DraconiteDragon and GoldenGlare leader : ItsFunneh

  • Shannan Wotherspoon 1 week ago

    ᎠᎡᎬ ᎦᎧ

  • Hiep Van 1 week ago

    If your loseing then shutup AND JEN IT’S SO ANNOYING

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