I’m liking the new stuffs quite a bit woooo
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  • Kisenth Mat 1 week ago

    What did the ocean say to the other ocean

    I sea youre salty from being soaked

  • Overwatch Widowmaker 1 week ago

    If Jams is watching this I love your videos

  • Liam 2 1 week ago

    Do hunger games pls

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf 1 week ago

    If you were to build an underwater base with coral blocks, would the ones that are half against the water, half against the air, die?

  • Not W 1 week ago

    I havent watched mincraft videos in years and i thought this was a modded world. Holy crap minecraft changed a lot.

  • Amy Kittycat 1 week ago

    No u

  • Gboy Content 1 week ago

    They should add some clear glass

  • Hadius 1 week ago

    Dark headphones… reverse jardon has arrived

  • Nord Kitten 1 week ago

    I have a feeling red stone guys will be a little annoyed at the new water stuff, but in general i like all the new changes.

  • crystal_wolfy 217 1 week ago

    Can you pick up the water with a bucket after it’s already on a stair or slab

  • Michelle Garcia 1 week ago

    The signs will affect peoples builds. This is how: If they build an underwater build like a water elevator I don’t think it will work. Please try it in a future video. <3 Love your videos! <3

  • MrQwefty 1 week ago

    That’s the most confusing it’s ever been though…..

  • Minecraft TV - Minecraft Videos 1 week ago

    I can’t wait for this update! 😄

  • KKay 000 1 week ago

    Rick Grimes : *CORRRAAALL!!!*

  • Galaxiez 1 week ago

    You can actually make bath tubs now!!

  • Novali Black 1 week ago

    For farming, I’m pretty sure you could just place a water source, then an upper half slab in it, if you’re not looking for the channel effect

  • Casual_Sneke 1 week ago


  • The Majastic Creature 1 week ago

    relese the yesterday video

  • insane blacksmith 1 week ago

    I kinda want them to do that with lava too

  • Brandon Pettit 1 week ago

    Do an upgraded vanilla survival

  • KatFartz 1 week ago

    People will still say (even I do) that 1.7.10 is the best version. Mostly because it is easy to mod and stuff. It’s that good middle ground. Also, the versions after 1.7.10 are either horribly unoptimized or have way too much stuff in them to run well.

  • Rosaria Wellman 1 week ago

    Got a mine craft ad before this.


  • captain Cosmo 1 week ago

    Cause I play on console

  • diamond02 1 week ago

    Dude. Minecraft is dead. Stop playing it. No one cares about new updates anymore.

  • Collinscomments 1 week ago

    Are these updates just for PC or also console

  • Garrett Hayes 1 week ago

    If you have riptide on a trident and you use it in the rain, you can fly forever.

  • Yuuki Kang 1 week ago

    “you still here after this one” no im pretty sure everyone just left

  • Beck Bro Jack Modes 1 week ago

    Good idea we can make a half water pool all right

  • Fireemily 2006 1 week ago


  • [GD] ottothegamer 1 week ago

    Amazing, now the sea look more colorful n more life 😀

  • Vision 1 week ago

    Damn fish AI… Call of Duty Ghosts is jealous.

  • P.C Playz 1 week ago

    I just thought of this cause of the aquatic update Mojang should allow players to dye water

  • Kalen Ramirez 1 week ago

    But is water wet

  • cuzicouldyay 1 week ago

    Do glass panes act the same way as iron bars in water as well? And how many sides of the coral blocks have to be exposed to air for them to die? I’m wondering if you can have, say, a primarly glass and coral underwater base. If having air reach the underside of a coral block is enough to kill it, that’d put a damper on that idea. 😮

  • Snerd Fonebone 1 week ago

    I feel like if this could be done with hoppers, auto farming would be just blow up in popularity

  • L. Lawliet 1 week ago

    That’s some interesting dihydrogen monoxide.

  • E6stars 1 week ago

    Am I the only one who wants a vanilla lets play series or??

  • Josh of the Zombies 1 week ago

    oh man mumbo’s gonna be so disappointed that the corals die out of water…. Aquarium V7.0 at this point.

  • Jnaejnae 1 week ago

    All of these inconsistencies are a result of sloppy programing, because Minecraft can only recognize one block existing in one area at a time, to program water to go through certain blocks, they literally have to program a water variant of every block they want water to go through. This is why they weren’t able to make water go through all of these blocks simutanously, and instead have to methodically add water compatibility one block at a time.

  • Vicamu 1 week ago

    Can mobs spawn in a halfblock with water?

  • Lone Crusader 1 week ago


  • Elite BViper 1 week ago


  • Harry Kelsall 1 week ago

    instead of stairs for sugar cane farming ive been using lilly pads for years now and works 100% of the time

  • Just Sayin' 1 week ago

    bro, what do you mean ‘are you still here after that one?” dad jokes are the best! the worse the pun the better! thats what i say…. thats why i dont have friends…

  • Goldninja100gn 1 week ago

    +1 Like Congrats

  • Luke Devlin 1 week ago

    nothing he just waved

  • Thomas Humphreys 1 week ago

    When is the full update available?

  • Anthony Del toros 1 week ago

    I wonder what would happen to glass pains. How would they work

  • Christopher Howe 1 week ago

    Does the glass panes work with water now?

  • Neve Cudby 1 week ago

    H2 woah – captain sparkles 2018

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